5 Ways to Jumpstart Your Business Organically

Growing a business from scratch takes a ton of work, and not every startup will make it into the market. Unfortunately, the majority of new businesses end up closing by their second year in operations, and even more fail to surpass their fifth business year.

Remove yourself from the statistics, and grow your business the organic way! Organic growth is what ensures that your business is doing well, and that your consumers are loving your offerings. However, organic marketing, engagement, and brand awareness are much more difficult to achieve, as it relies on you building a loyal customer base for your brand.

If you are able to jumpstart your business organically, then you are already on the right track to keeping your business self-sustainable as the years go by. Continuous improvement is a must when it comes to business expansion, but for now, focus on creating a terrific first step to kick off your business.

Here are six ways you can achieve organic marketing. These will not force potential customers to buy from your business, but rather, gather a loyal fan base for your brand. Test them out, and launch your company with confidence!

1.   Promotional and Custom Label Products

Custom label products may sound expensive, but they present your business as professional and well-established. Promotional products, on the other hand, increase your brand awareness as you present your business to potential customers.

When you label your products with your logo, whether those products are free or paid, you are associating yourself with these products. You ingrain your branding into the minds of your target audience, and consumers tend to remember brands that provided them with functional and practical products for their everyday consumption.

One ideal product is a simple water bottle. Bottled water is sanitary, safe, and essential – plus water is great for any market demographic! Bottled water is also customizable, as with the case of My Own Water bottles, and you can associate your brand with this essential, fluid, and transparent beverage!

2.   Online Engagement

Organic online engagement is probably the most difficult part of establishing your online presence. Consumers online are generally finicky, and with the amount of information and data they see everyday, your brand can easily get drowned out by your competitors’ ads.

As with most digital marketing, your online presence should grow along with your promotions. Build your online engagement with your followers by creating supportive and encouraging content, inclusive groups, and informational promotions about your products and services. Be an active member of your community, and keep a consistent vibe throughout.

3.   Community-building

As with your online engagement, you will need to build up your community in and out of the digital space. Take note of the interests of your target audience, and integrate their preferences to your brand. Keep online discussions going with topics relevant to your brand, and be a fair moderator in groups to keep members polite and cooperative.

Consider physical activities and events when community-building as well. Create events where your followers can meet up and try out your products, or collaborate with a known influencer for virtual events that expands your consumer base. Once you get a feel of your community, community-building should come naturally to you.

4.   Fairs and Bazaars

Fairs and bazaars are great ways to showcase your brand in the physical market, and to your local community. While bazaars are often scrutinized for not guaranteeing an ROI on their shops, they are still high-traffic events where consumers can see your brand and take note of it.

Bazaars are generally good for brands to break into the market, especially for industries monopolized by corporate players. This way, you can start building from the ground up, with your local community as your initial audience.

5.   Sponsorships in Events

Sponsorships are relatively expensive, and businesses starting out may not have the budget to go into sponsorship packages for major events. However, sponsorships can put your brand out there as you advertise your business to your exact audience.

Choose to sponsor local events that share the same audience as you. If you can get back even just one web of connections from sponsoring that event, then your investment is already worth it! Some events also have packages where you can provide products instead of cash for promotional giveaways.

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