Hazel Krasinski Information

Who is Hazel Krasinski?

Hazel Krasinski is the daughter of actors John Krasinski and Emily Krasinski. She was born on 16 February 2014. She was born in California, United States.


Hazel Krasinski was born as the first daughter of actors John Krasinski and Emily Blunt. John Krasinski is a very famous American actor and Emily Blunt is an acclaimed English actor. She also has a sibling, a younger sister named Violet Krasinski. Violet is two years younger than Hazel.

Her grandparents on her mother’s side are Oliver Peter Blunt and Janice. M. Dixon. Her grandparents on her father’s side are Ron Krasinski and Mary Claire Krasinski.

John Krasinski

John Krasinski is a popular American actor. He is most noted for his role as Jim Halpert on the NBC television show, ‘The Office’.

The Office is a television series that shows the daily lives of the workers of ‘Dunder Mifflin’, a paper company in Pennsylvania.  It is based on the British (original) version of The Office. The show stretches for 9 seasons and a total of 201 episodes.

 It aired from 2005-2013 and even after eight years, it is one of the most popular shows. The Office US was the most streamed show of 2020.

In the US alone, viewers streamed more than 57 billion minutes of The Office US in 2020.

He is a versatile actor, director, screenwriter, and producer. He has acted in the famous series ‘The Office’, played the central character in the series ‘Jack Ryan.

He has won two Screen Actors Guild awards. He has also been nominated four times for the Prime-Time Emmy Awards.

Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt is the mother of Hazel Krasinski. She is a critically acclaimed British actress. She has starred in famous films such as The Devil Wears Prada, A Quiet Place, Wild Mountain Thyme, etc. She has won several awards such as a Golden Globe award, a Critics Choice award, etc. She has also been nominated for three British Academy Film Awards. 

Net Worth

Hazel Krasinski is only seven years old and does not earn. She doesn’t have a career yet even though she has made an appearance in a movie. Since she doesn’t have a job, she doesn’t earn at all. Her parents, however, have a combined net worth of about 80 million US Dollars.

She is a celebrity kid and maybe it is safe to assume that she might get whatever she asks for. But Hazel is not a spoiled kid at all, contrary to a trend among celebrity kids.


She is Caucasian, of white ethnicity. She holds American citizenship even though her mother is a British citizen.


Hazel Krasinski has blonde hair and blue eyes. She has long hair, small lips, and large eyes. She enjoys playing with her sister Violet.

She shares some features of her parents, John Krasinski and Emily Blunt.

Her parents met at a restaurant when Emily was there with a mutual friend. This friend introduced them, saying ‘this is my friend John’. It took John a while to convince Emily to go on a date with him. But once she went, there was no looking back. The couple has been together for 11 years.

Where does Hazel Krasinski live?

Hazel Krasinski used to live with her father John, mother Emily Blunt, and sister Violet Krasinski at their home in Brooklyn, New York. This home cost them almost 11 million US dollars.

They left their home in LA to ensure that they got enough break from work. Emily revealed that they left LA because it was very smothering to always be immersed in work, always talk about work.

So, in 2020, they moved to London.


Emily Blunt and John Krasinski are rigidly private about their private lives. The insides of their home have never been revealed even through social media, but we have snippets from Blunt’s appearance in Jimmy Kimmel via video conferencing. It only featured her home office.

Emily talks very happy about their move to London. She said that her kids Hazel and Violet are going to a proper school, with uniforms and all. But to Emily, the most attractive feature of their move to London is that Hazel and Violet have begun to pick up some British accent.

Her current status in education is unknown, but she might be possibly in elementary school. The name of her school is not revealed, nor her sister’s. Her mother, Emily went to a boarding school from 1999 to 2001, called Hurtwood House. She studied and excelled at the theater studies course at Hurtwood house.

John Krasinski has a strong theater background as well. Krasinski pursued his education at Brown University and studied theatre arts as well.

John Krasinski talks about Hazel

In his Ellen show appearance, John Krasinski claimed that Hazel is a very funny kid. On the occasion of his tenth year with his wife, Emily Blunt, John got to put up a photo wall. As he was unwrapping the photo frames, Hazel exclaimed that he was doing a good job, but sarcastically. She puts in a pause and then asked him if he shouldn’t put their pictures up. Because, it was all the fake families in the pictures, that came with the frames.

We have to agree, she has good timing and good joke delivery. Who knows, maybe we’ll see Hazel grow up to be a stand-up comedian!

Emily Blunt about Hazel and John

In her Ellen show appearance, after three months of giving birth, Emily Recounted how a nurse at the hospital thought Hazel was a cute newborn baby. She said Hazel came out looking like she was ready for a photo shoot.

She also said that John was a great dad. He would take great care of her, burp her and she’d give out a very big burp to her surprise. Emily is glad when she picked up the British accent. She is also very happy that her daughters are unaware of her parent’s career and fame.

She wants her daughters to grow up to be blissful, grateful, and down to earth. From what we know, Hazel is already all of these!

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