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If you watched the shows Alaskan Bush People and the North Pole to North Star, Snowbird Brown might be familiar to you. On those shows, she belongs to the Bush clan. You will now learn everything about Snowbird Brown and her unique family. These include Snowbird Brown’s biography, family, net worth, and current job.

Snowbird Brown’s biography

On November 18, 1994, the Brown family welcomed Amora Jean Snowbird into the world. She was born in Alaska, the northernmost state in the Union. Her parents are named Billy and Ami.

Snowbirds would grow up in one of the most peculiar households in the United States. Their family keeps themselves away from the outside world, so they only live like a “wolf pack.” They hunt and gather resources from the wilderness.

Because this is the environment where she grew up, Snowbird Brown has an active lifestyle. Her hobbies are farming, swimming, and trekking rough terrain. The show also shows how she loves to hunt, fish, read classical books, and listen to Chapman and Sinatra. These activities serve as her bonding time with her parents and siblings too. She did not attend school or college.

Snowbird Brown endured intense challenges as she grew up. For example, their home got destroyed by fire. They also stay alert, given how hostile nature and wildlife can become. Hence, these experiences turned her into a strong survivor.

According to metrics on the Internet, Snowbird Brown is five feet and five inches. Her weight is 50 kilograms. Based on these data, she is borderline underweight.

Snowbird Brown’s family

As stated earlier, her parents are Billy and Ami Brown. Snowbird Brown has five older brothers. They are Matthew Jeremiah, Joshua, Solomon, Gabriel, and Noah. Then, she has a younger sister named Merry.

In her family, Snowbird Brown is called Birdie. The shows that feature the Browns portray Snowbird as a sensitive yet assertive family member. While they isolate themselves in the forest, Snowbird makes their lives exciting and appealing to the viewers participating in their daily lives.

Because they live in seclusion, they do not have social media accounts. There is no evidence that Snowbird Brown has a boyfriend or husband. Before, some speculated that she was pregnant because she looked fatter one time. But it was only a silly rumor that quickly got dispelled.

The Brown family started to develop a peculiar accent because of their detachment from society. Most importantly, they learned to adapt and harmonize with nature. Snowbird and her brethren practice their crafts and study to stay productive

Snowbird Brown’s net worth

According to estimates online, Snowbird Brown’s family gained up to five million dollars because of their reality show. Hence, her monthly cut might range from $40,000 to $60,000.

Snowbird Brown’s job

Snowbird Brown’s career as a television star started on May 6, 2014, when the Discovery Channel released the Alaskan Bush People series. They lived as they typically would while getting recorded by video cameras. Millions of Americans watched how they lived in an Alaskan forest.

The Discovery Channel learned about the Brown family when they accessed documents about their household’s experiences. The producer approached Billy, and he approved of making a reality show about them.

Snowbird Brown is famous for her teeth as well. What’s left of her front teeth is crooked, twisted, and damaged. Even though they earned millions of dollars because of the Alaskan Bush People, Snowbird Brown refuses dental care.

How is Snowbird Brown on Alaskan Bush People?

Snowbird Brown has a quiet and private personality. But even though she is not as lively and outgoing as her brethren, she is strong and confident. In an interview, Billy Brown narrated that his sons wanted a sister to protect and nurture. However, when Snowbird grew up, she became adventurous and courageous. She joined her father in fishing. Snowbird Brown even climbed mountains and trekked meadows to hunt deer.

Throughout the dozen seasons of Alaskan Bush People, Snowbird Brown became outspoken and tough on her convictions. She would fight her brothers when they violate her beliefs, like when Gabe killed the roosters that Snowbird Brown fed. Snowbird Brown is passionate about taking care of animals. She has at least twenty cats!

How does Snowbird Brown help her family?

Snowbird Brown strengthens and inspires her family during hardships. For example, in April 2017, her mother Ami got lung cancer. Snowbird coped by supporting her brethren and encouraging them. In an interview, she said she tried to hide her emotions to give them confidence and resolve. (Fortunately, Ami Brown defeated her lung cancer. She has been in remission since January 2019.)

Matt Brown described Snowbird Brown as a maternal figure. She is even more resilient than the men in the house! She makes her brethren brave by inspiring them to work and find solutions. Furthermore, she is a caring and reliable sister and godmother. Snowbird Brown takes care of her brother Noah’s newborn son despite her quarrels with her sister-in-law. During an interview, Noah Brown said that Snowbird would help their infant feel stability and care.

How does Snowbird Brown take care of her pets?

In the show, Snowbird Brown loves her cats. But her fancy gourmet dish for her pets became trending in September 2020. She caught rats and prepared them with fish-stuffed chicken, chicken feet, cat food, and milk. Snowbird Brown said she wanted to celebrate with her cats who “deserved” this.

In the same video clip, her sister Rain Brown joked that Snowbird needs a boyfriend so she can spend her time in a better way.

What are the controversies of the Alaskan Bush People?

This documentary show on Discovery presents the daily life of the Brown family. They call their household a “wolf pack” as they reside in a remote valley in Alaska. They barely communicate with outside people and talk with a peculiar dialect. They live in a cabin since their old house got burned down because of its mistaken public location.

Given the unique background of this family, millions enjoy watching how they survive and adapt to their isolated lifestyle. Many people have grown tired of watching the Kardashians or other reality stars splurge on their wealth and luxury. Instead, the Browns seem at peace with the hostile Alaskan wilderness. However, the Brown family and this show have several controversies, allegations, and issues that may spoil your viewing experience.

Some claim that the Brown family is not as isolated as they portray.

The Alaskan Bush People is exciting and captivating because the Brown family lives on their own without gadgets, phones, and a taste of city life. The Discovery Channel further claims that they lived this way for over three decades.

However, some locals claim that the household stayed and ate at Icy Strait Lodge, a local hotel and restaurant in Hoonah, Alaska. Insiders further say that their male family members had individual rooms in this lodge. Some viewers feel betrayed thinking that the Brown family supposedly survived in the wilderness consistently.

Allegedly, their Browntown compound is only a reality show front.

The show’s setting, Browntown, gets claimed to be in the middle of the wilderness where they barely interact with other people. But some local journalists in Anchorage, Alaska, say that there is a pizza shop close to their isolated rural compound.

The show portrays Browntown as something that their patriarch Billy built by himself. Such a narrative emphasizes their strength and determination to establish their family despite nature’s hostility. But interviews with locals tell a contrary tale. The owner of the nearby pizza shop claims that construction workers and the show’s production crew helped build Browntown.

Some critics even say that the Brown family has another permanent home, claiming that Browntown is merely a setting for the documentary.

Some Brown family members have scandals on social media.

In 2017, Rain Brown said that a woman claimed to be his brother Gabe’s partner. She told the public to ignore these and that she was the one who posted them since Gabe did not have his phone at that time. Skeptics online speculate that Gabe only wanted sympathy as their family suffers from their matriarch’s cancer treatment.

But that is not the only Instagram outrage the family had that year. As Ami Brown endured her severe illness, the Browns had to stay in California, near the UCLA Medical Center. Rain Brown then uploaded selfies that offended some fans. The posts seemed selfish and insensitive to her mother’s pain. But many supporters defended her since she was only trying to stay happy during those troubled times. Furthermore, she was just 14.

In July 2018, their Instagram page said that Bear Brown already passed away. They removed this disturbing announcement, but the fans who immediately saw the post got worried. Bear Brown later apologized for this trouble, clarifying that it was a part of his movie project while he stayed in Los Angeles.

Some extra characters only got paid as actors for the show.

Alaskan Bush People presents how the Brown children explore romantic relationships despite their isolation from society. The boys in the family had girlfriends with backstories. For example, Noah dated a brunette lady he met by chance outside Alaska. But the online community quickly identified her as an actress and a pageant contestant named Karryna Kauffman. She even appeared in short movies elsewhere. Hence, many viewers believe that Discovery only hired her for the show. This issue compromises the authenticity of the program.

Raiven Adams accuses Bear Brown of domestic violence and drug addiction.

Bear Brown and Raiven Adams met at Noah Brown’s wedding. (He did not marry Karryna Kauffman.) They quickly fell in love. Bear Brown declared how he “adores” his girlfriend during several interviews. Likewise, Raiven said that Bear’s love is unconditional as he selflessly makes others happy. 

But two weeks after they got engaged, Bear Brown and Raiven Adams split. But it does not end there. Raiven turned out to be pregnant, and she applied for a restraining order against her boyfriend. In this lawsuit, she said that Bear Brown was abusive. He also trapped her in rooms at times. This behavior, she claims, is caused by Bear Brown’s cocaine addiction. Moreover, Raiven Adams said that Bear Brown brandished his gun to intimidate her. He even left their propane burner open as a joke.

Raiven Adams sought legal protection through the restraining order because their baby was soon due. But the two got reconciled after River, their child, got born. They separated once more after Billy, the clan’s patriarch, died.

The show might be mostly fake.

Raiven Adams further said that she does not want to put herself and her son on the show because only ten percent of Alaskan Bush People are true. None of the boys are close; only Snowbird and Rain genuinely share a bond.

She confirmed that the family does not live how the show presents them. Only the two sisters resided in the mountains, while the rest of the family stayed in trailers.

Even Matt Brown himself confirmed that the show is a sham. On Instagram, one of the Brown sons declared in 2021 that Billy Brown took most of the money they earned from Alaskan Bush People. They also stopped living in isolation years before the show began.

Matt Brown said he loved working on the show, but he got tired of lying about their lifestyle.

Matt Brown got accused of rape.

In 2018, two female production staff in Alaskan Bush People charged Matt Brown with rape. They reported this to the Los Angeles Police Department. The Discovery Channel described this lawsuit as disturbing. But the district attorney refused to prosecute Matt Brown after a thorough investigation by the police.

Billy and Joshua Brown got failed for fraud.

In 2016, these two Brown men got imprisoned for fund dividend falsification. They claimed to reside in Alaska from 2010 to 2013, illegally claiming oil money for Alaskan residents. They pled guilty and hot jailed for thirty days.

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