What to do in autumn?

It’s the off season, summer is over, your swimsuit is back in his drawer, with your sun dresses and your little ballerinas … But the more you dig, the more you come across these famous pieces ideal for the season who is coming, autumn! The colors are not so dull with a little red jacket! In addition, it will be ideal to go pick up pumpkins and for small steps in the wood!

meilleur activités à faire a l'automne

Fall is smiling and you should smile at him too!

To enjoy the autumn, we made a list of the best activities to do with your man, your friends, and even alone (because it feels good too many times)!

Your last weekend of camping

Eh yes! It’s still possible in September and October to go camping! In addition, the land is cheaper since we are no longer in the tourist season! It is clear that your clothes will be warmer, but still, have you ever experienced camping in the fall? The trees are full of colors, the fire is good and it gives a good excuse to put on the big cotton hoodie of your boyfriend!

We advise you all the same a good sleeping bag since the nights can go down under 5 degrees in some places. The coffee on the fire in the morning, in a big woolen sweater, it’s great.

Try a park of the SÉPAQ, I have never been disappointed and you can even book online.

camping à l'automne

Go fishing

I am not particularly fond of fishing, on the other hand, my spouse yes, so fishing in autumn is a “must” to please him! On my side, I really appreciate the landscape, the lakes are calm and quiet and we often find ourselves alone, in the boat as on the docks!

peche et camping a l'automne

A road trip

Popular destination or just a “nowhere”, the road trip is always a winner! But in autumn, when you choose a quieter road, in the mountains or in the countryside, there is something even more magical. I particularly have a weakness for Estrie when I want to make beautiful pictures on my way.

road trip en france et au quebec

Try a new restaurant or a new café

Who does not like to eat? So why not mix the useful with the pleasant? A new restaurant or even your favorite restaurant may offer a new fall menu. A good soup, a coffee, or even a pumpkin beer to stay in the theme. As long as you’re there, visit a fire department with your sweetheart!

meilleur endroits pour prendre un café en automne

Take a walk in the mountains

If you are not outdoors, or in sports, it is still possible to take the air without losing your lungs! And for those who like to surpass themselves, hiking in the mountains is ideal. National parks are still open and some are even all year. This is the opportunity to put on his new boots and renew his profile picture! I like to take advantage of the low temperature to make a picnic in the woods, sleeping mosquitoes, and the old thermos that you were given at the beginning of the apartment will finally serve.

les meilleurs endroits pour se promener a pied

Getting lost in a corn maze

When the sun is still warm, we still enjoy the outdoors. We all know the perfect spot for picking apples and pumpkins, but did you know that your favorite orchard may have a labyrinth in which to spend your afternoon? It’s a great activity to do in a group, most are intrigued and are much more difficult than you might think!

Near Montreal, I recommend Le Verger Labonté on L’Île-Perrot, the staff is great, the products made on-site are excellent and their apple beers are delicious! You can even pick honey apples, your new favorite fruit!

visitez un des nombreux labirynthe

Visited a haunted house

October is the month of terror, and especially the opportunity to see the face of your friends when they are afraid for their lives! Not being a horror film lover myself, or even anything scary in general, I loved my experience at the Nuit De Terreur house in Laval, in the Laurentians. The actors even follow us in the queue to enter the house! I strongly advise against this activity if you are accompanied by young children.

les maisons hantée en automne

A horseback ride

Novice or expert, it is possible to make a beautiful horse ride no matter your level of experience! In autumn, when the leaves become orange and the streams quieter, other equestrian trails open to you! Honestly, is there a more romantic activity than that?

une belle balade à cheval

Go around local markets

The big mess that is coming! In autumn, it’s time for pumpkins, apples, and potatoes, but also squash of all kinds. Take a tour of your local market, and chat with farmers, growers, and vendors. We all know the Jean-Talon Market in Montreal, but if you’re not from the big city, a public market awaits you near you!

les marchés locaux du coin


A good way to love, and learn new recipes and techniques, but also to save, is to cook and save for later. After your market, prepare large portions of stews, soups, and everything you like in a group. We separate the bill, the tasks, and the dishes gang!

cuisinez des repas en couples

Cinema at home

Rainy day? Make this dull day an opportunity to stick and eat popcorn without remorse! A cabin with the cushions of the couch, a small ambient light in your shelter, a crowd of cushions, and a big blanket to warm you up. Try a new series, or better yet, listen for the hundredth time to this famous classic you love!

Taking a hike to see the fall foliage

Taking a hike to see the fall foliage can be a great way to enjoy the changing colors of the leaves in the fall. The best time to see fall foliage varies depending on where you live, but it typically peaks in late September to mid-October in the northern hemisphere.

To find a good hiking trail near you, you can check online for local hiking groups, state and national parks, or nature preserves. Be sure to wear appropriate clothing and shoes, and bring plenty of water and snacks.

It’s also a good idea to check the weather forecast and trail conditions before you go. Please note that during the pandemic, it’s important to follow the guidelines of the local authorities and check if the park or trail is open.

Visiting a pumpkin patch and picking pumpkins

Visiting a pumpkin patch and picking pumpkins is a popular fall activity. Pumpkin patches typically open in late September or early October and remain open through October or early November.

At a pumpkin patch, you can typically choose from a wide variety of pumpkins of different sizes, shapes, and colors. Some pumpkin patches also offer additional activities such as hayrides, corn mazes, and other fall-themed attractions.

You can also buy pumpkin-based food, crafts, and souvenirs. It’s a great family outing, especially during the Halloween season.

Going apple picking

Going apple picking is a popular fall activity. Many apple orchards open in late summer or early fall, and allow visitors to pick their own apples. It’s a fun and educational activity for families, and a great way to get outside and enjoy the fall weather.

When visiting an apple orchard, you can expect to find many different varieties of apples, each with its own unique flavor and texture. Some popular varieties include:

  • Red Delicious: a classic sweet and juicy apple, great for eating fresh
  • Granny Smith: a tart green apple, often used for baking and cooking
  • Fuji: a sweet and crisp apple, great for eating fresh
  • Gala: a sweet and juicy apple, great for eating fresh
  • Honeycrisp: a sweet and juicy apple, great for eating fresh
  • Golden Delicious: a sweet and juicy apple, great for eating fresh
  • Rome: a crisp and firm apple, good for baking and cooking.

Many apple orchards also offer additional activities such as hayrides, corn mazes, and other fall-themed attractions. Some also sell apple-based food, crafts and souvenirs.

It’s worth checking for apple orchards near you and their opening dates. It’s usually recommended to call before you go.

Visiting a corn maze

Visiting a corn maze is a popular fall activity. Corn mazes, also known as maize mazes, are large, complex mazes that are made out of tall corn or other plants. They are typically open during the fall months and offer a fun and challenging outdoor activity for families, friends, and groups.

When visiting a corn maze, you can expect to find a large, intricate maze that is made out of tall corn or other plants. The maze is typically divided into different sections or paths, and visitors can spend hours trying to find their way out. Many corn mazes also have themes, such as a specific shape or design, or a historical or pop-culture reference. Some corn mazes have extra features, such as bridges, towers, and slides, which can make the experience more fun and interactive.

Some corn mazes also offer additional activities such as hayrides, pumpkin picking, and other fall-themed attractions. Some also sell corn-based food, crafts, and souvenirs.

It’s worth checking for corn mazes near you and their opening dates. It’s usually recommended to call before you go. Some places may have a limited capacity due to the COVID-19 pandemic and you may need to book in advance.

Attending a fall festival or fair

Fall festivals and fairs are popular events that take place during the autumn months. They typically feature a variety of activities such as live music, food vendors, craft vendors, pumpkin patches, hayrides, and games.
Many fall festivals also include a parade and a pumpkin-carving or decorating contest. They are a great way to enjoy the fall weather, spend time with family and friends, and experience the local culture and community.

regarder un film avec des amis en automne

Prepare the house for the winter

This may not be the most interesting activity, but we do not have much choice! You have to prepare the house for the cold. Close his pool, empty his gutters, mow his lawn one last time, pick up the leaves on the ground, take out the snow blower, and put away the summer accessories at the bottom of the shed.

Choose a beautiful day, where it is not too hot or too cold. The temperatures of mid-September and early October are more suitable. Take out the music and the mulled wine outside!

preparer la maison pour l'hiver

It’s possible to stay active and motivated in this season with a little imagination! And if after all these beautiful days are filled, you miss the sun, nothing prevents you from enjoying the heat elsewhere in the world!

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