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The Rise of a Star

Peter Marc Jacobson was born on October 27, 1957, in Flushing, Queens, New York. He is an American writer revolving around television show production. Jacobson is also a director, producer, and actor. He weighs about 74 kilograms and has a towering height of 5’11.

Jacobson was formerly a college student at Queens College as well as in a cosmetology school. He started his career when he was 27 years old and now, he is still present in the entertainment industry as a screenwriter.

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The start of his career as someone in the entertainment and film industry was when he started guesting on popular American sitcoms such as Murphy Brown, Beverly Hills 90210, Dynasty, Booker, Matlock, The Facts of Life, and other series that did not reach a vast audience.

Despite not portraying huge roles in every series that he guested in but it gradually helped him build a presence in the limelight.

Added to this, he is being paid a hefty amount even if he was just a side character or just had a cameo in the shows he appeared on. Besides the said television shows he joined, he also starred in popular films such as Movers and Shakers, Spread, and GORP.

After playing minor and major roles such as portraying the character Danny Zuko in an American show production called GREASE, Peter Marc Jacobson received an award called, the “Drama-Logue Award” for being the best actor in the production. But despite having won multiple awards for being one of Hollywood’s up-and-coming stars, Peter Marc Jacobson was somehow not rising to the popular lists of celebrities back during the 1980s.

Since most of the franchises he was cast too were not popular nor were sold out for almost fifteen years, he might think his time in front of the camera was unstable as well as the finances that he receives are starting to go down.

The slow downfall of his career as an actor made a negative impact on Jacobson, due to the bills that are starting to pile up into a huge amount. This is why it was suggested to him by his therapist that he could just continue working behind the cameras as a director or be the one to create his own playwrights, shows, and films.

After being in the industry for so many decades, Peter Marc Jacobson managed to earn himself a whopping $15 Million as his net worth.

Jacobson’s Works and Achievements

Source: Wikipedia

In this segment of the biography, you will get to explore Peter Marc Jacobson’s works and produced television all throughout the years.

The Nanny

Peter Marc Jacobson’s career of being a director finally started to soar when he and his former wife, Fran Drescher started writing and producing their own television series, The Nanny and it has become one of the most popular and biggest shows on CBS.

The Nanny was aired in 1993 and lasted for 6 seasons. Another fact about this popular American television show was that Peter Marc Jacobson’s former wife was one of the actresses who starred in the show.

Charmed Lives

This television show is one of Peter Marc Jacobson’s earlier works that aired back on September 1, 1986, on ABC. This 25-minute long series which contains only four (4) episodes also stars his former wife, Fran Drescher.

A Timeline of His Other Works

Television Series

  • New York Nick, Executive producer (2004)
  • How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying to Be a Lesbian, Consulting producer (2005)
  • What I Like About You, Co-executive producer (2006)

Television Specials

  • Oy to the World, Executive producer (1995)
  • The Nanny Reunion: A Nosh to Remember, Lifetime, Director (2004)

 Television Episodic Director

  • The Nanny, (CBS, 1998-1999)
  • “Sally’s New Boss”, (The WB, 2003)
  • “Forbidden Fruit”, (The WB, 2003)
  • New York Nick, 2004
  • What I Like About You; “Girls Gone Wild” (The WB, 2005)
  • What I Like About You; “Don’t Kiss the Messenger” (The WB, 2005)
  • What I Like About You; “For Love or Money” (The WB, 2005)

Appearances on Television (Film)

  • Love and Betrayal or Throw Away Wives, as Clyde (Fox, 1989)

Appearances on Television (Pilots)

  • Emerald Point N.A.S “Pilot: 1 & 2”, as Lieutenant Alex Newman (1983)

Appearances on Television (Episodic)

  • Wonder Woman or The New Adventures of Wonder Woman; “Spaced Out”, as Brad (CBS, 1979)
  • Too Close for Comfort or The Ted Knight Show; “Don’t Rock the Boat”, as Les (ABC, 1983)
  • Dynasty; “Swept Away”, as Peter Marc the Steward (ABC, 1984)
  • Dynasty; “Sammy Jo”, as Peter Marc the Steward (ABC, 1985)
  • The Facts of Life; “Let’s Face the Music”, as Mr. Wayne (NBC, 1988)
  • Booker or Booker, P.I.; “Who Framed Roger Thornton?” (Fox, 1990)
  • Murphy Brown; “Bad Girls”, as Nick (CBS, 1990)
  • Matlock; “The Personal Trainer”, as Harry Slade (NBC, 1990)
  • Babes; “Babes in Boyland”, as Ed (Fox, 1991)
  • Beverly Hills 90210; “Camping Trip”, as Neil (Fox, 1991)
  • Matlock; “The Revenge”, as Harry Slade (ABC, 1993)
  • Matlock; “The View” (ABC, 1993)
  • The Nanny; “A Star is Unborn”, as Romeo actor (CBS, 1994)
  • The Nanny; “Pen Pals”, is the Man at the bar (CBS, 1995)
  • Matlock; “The Target”, as Wayne Drummond (ABC, 1995)
  • E! Entertainment Television (1995)
  • The Nanny; “Maternal Affairs”, as Man coming out of the men’s room with his zipper open (CBS, 1999)

Film Work

  • The Beautician and the Beast, Executive Producer (Paramount, 1997)

Appearances on Film

  • Gorp (American International Pictures, 1980)
  • Lunch Wagon or Come ‘n’ Get It and Lunch Wagon Girls (Seymour Borde, 1981)
  • Movers & Shakers (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/United Artists, 1985)
  • Dangerous Love (Motion Picture Corporation of America, 1988)
  • Desideri or Desire/ Dirty Love 2/ Mad Love (Moonstone Pictures, 1990)
  • We’re Talking Serious Money (Cinetel Films, 1992)

Written Television Episodes

  • The Nanny (CBS, 1993-1999)
  • What I Like About You (The WB, 2004-2005)
  • Who’s the Boss? (ABC)

Written Episodic Television Stories

  • The Nanny; “The Chatterbox”, written alongside Fran Drescher (CBS, 1995)

Written Television Pilots

  • The Nanny, written alongside Robert Sternin & Prudence Fraser (CBS, 1993)

Written Pilot Stories

  • The Nanny, written alongside Fran Drescher (CBS, 1993)

Written Television Specials

  • Oy to the World (CBS, 1995)

You will notice how much Peter Marc Jacobson has accomplished and produced in his years of being a screenwriter, director, and actor and that is because of how he had a rough start at the beginning of his career.

Flourishing immediately at the first step of something is a rare opportunity and it takes about all the luck a person could have Peter Marc Jacobson had it the hard way. Some of his works and the television shows he appeared in were not as popular and were not a hit which is why it was hard for him to increase his prestige in the entertainment world. Especially since he was only playing minor roles in a few films and television shows he appeared.

But of course, a person does not remain in a constant place forever especially when they try to make an opportunity for themselves to break through their current situation in which they find themselves unsatisfied. So when Peter Marc Jacobson finally had a realization about his state, he started to create what he did not expect to be his big break.

Alongside his former wife, Fran Drescher, he wrote, directed, and produced one of America’s biggest and coveted television shows or sitcoms, The Nanny. It is quite a fortune that a person could have someone alongside them from the start, going through difficulties, until they finally reached the precipice of their success. This only comes rarely and it looks like Peter Marc Jacobson has finally hit the jackpot with the show that he created with his former wife, Fran Drescher.

The Nanny, being one of the biggest hits of all time on American television, has run for about 6 years or 6 seasons in one of America’s popular and biggest broadcasting companies, CBS.

Personal Life

It is of note that the life of someone who works in the entertainment industry is extremely public for every person on the globe to see. The lives of these celebrities are exposed to the public and they struggle to hide some aspects of their lives due to the amount of paparazzi lurking in the corner, waiting to publicize them.

Celebrities are being watched with their every move. In this segment, you will be getting a glimpse of Peter Marc Jacobson’s personal life, especially revolving around romance.

Peter Marc Jacobson is known for his famous production, The Nanny, which he co-produced alongside his former wife, Fran Drescher, who was also one of the actresses who starred in the popular American sitcom. Their love story began when they were in high school then they became high school sweethearts. Upon reaching the age of 21 years old back in 1978, they got married to each other. They used to do things together such as attending university, then dropping out to start studying at a cosmetology school.

After so many years with each other, they finally started working on creating their own television show when things were going a little bit awry for them in terms of financial status. Their first production became a hit which ran for 6 seasons starting from 1993 until 1999.

The couple managed to stay married to each other for about 21 years because of their incredible bond as well as their very active sex life. However, some good things had to end when the couple decided to separate from each other back in 1996 then three years later, had divorced back in the year 1999. The reason behind their split was that Peter came out as bisexual to his former wife then after the end of their marriage, Peter then fully came out as gay in public.

Things might have been rough after decades of bliss came to an end between Jacobson and Drescher but after spending more time with each other again, they reconciled as friends because they realized that their special bond was still there, despite not being bound by marriage.

As of the present, Fran Drescher and Peter Marc Jacobson remain the best of friends with their own romantic interests and they still spend time with each other.

Their story goes to show that despite not being connected with a person romantically anymore, their bond remains unbreakable and special even if they only love each other platonically.

Since Peter Marc Jacobson recognized himself in a different sexual orientation, he has not had any children with his former wife, Fran Drescher. Another reason why they were unable to conceive a child was because Drescher had an underlying illness that was only diagnosed after their separation and results showed that Fran Drescher had cancer which is why she underwent a hysterectomy. Due to her surgical operation, Fran Drescher could no longer have a baby.

As of the year 2021, He is currently 65 years of age and there is no news regarding Peter Marc Jacobson’s love life, and is not seen in a romantic relationship with someone. So far, he had only 1 significant relationship in the past which was with his former wife, Fran Drescher. 

The Bottomline

That sums up the biography of Peter Marc Jacobson. His life story serves as an inspiration to every person especially knowing that Peter Marc Jacobson went through a very stagnant journey before he started to write one of America’s most popular and sought-after television shows.

Peter Marc Jacobson was not as sparkly or outspoken as the other stars or actors he worked with on set but when he decided to make his own path in life with one of his trusted companions, his life started to turn for the better. This biography solely tells us to never give up and create opportunities for ourselves. 



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