Who is Mia Sharrocks?

Her mother, Fiona Elizabeth Bruce, a British journalist, television presenter, and newsreader, is the mother of Mia Sharrocks, a celebrity child. Her mother’s affluence is the main reason why she is so well known.

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November 2001

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Daughter of famous British Journalist Fiona Bruce





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Fiona Bruce and Nigel Sharrocks


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Mia Sharrocks Biography

Mia Sharrocks, the famed celebrity daughter of Mr. Nigel Sharrock and Mrs. Fiona Elizabeth Bruce, was born in England in 2001. Mia shared many memories and experiences with her parents in her childhood, especially with Sam, her brother.

Mia Sharrocks Career

In 2020, Mia graduated from South Hampstead High School (GDST). Later that year, she enrolled at Loughborough University. She is the youngest of the class of 2025 and is pursuing an economics degree.

She interned at ATS Aero from October to November 2018. She also worked for Ginger Owl Productions for a month as a freelancer for the Covid Compliance Team.

Mia Sharrocks Family

It is no secret that Nigel Sharrocks is one of our most renowned advertising figures. Nigel Sharrocks, 62, is a non-executive chairman of Digital Cinema Media, an advertising company that provides cinema ads to Cineworld (the company is expected to file for bankruptcy in the UK soon after its shares fell by over 81% to 1.8 pence in August 2022), Odeon and Vue. In addition, Aegis Media global and MediaCom are also among his former employers. Furthermore, he is the chair of another ad firm, Local Planet.

Although he is a successful businessman, he has always kept a low profile.

The couple met when Sharrocks was acting as a company director at BMP, the ad agency where his wife Fiona briefly worked. Their marriage was sealed in 1994 in Islington, and they have been happily married for over twenty-five years. Together, they reside in Belsize Park, London, and own a property in Sydenham, Oxfordshire.

After four years, in January 1998, Sam Sharrocks was born. The second and youngest child of Nigel Sharrocks and his wife was named Mia on 6 November 2001.

Following the birth of Mia, Nigel Sharrocks’ wife returned to work sixteen days later. Fiona’s return to work came as a surprise to many. Mia’s mom responded to the controversy by saying she was not a mad career monster. Once or twice a week and sometimes at weekends, she went home after reading the news.

As a full-time news reporter, Mia Sharrocks’ mother took seven months off when her elder brother was born but resumed work shortly after Mia’s born. Her decision was one of the longest controversies in the media, tagging her as a career monster who left the newborn baby at home and back to work. Some also stated that girl born is less privileged.

However, Fiona explained that her job role was different at the time of Sam’s birth. It was more stressful, and thus she took a long maternity leave. However, at the time of Mia’s birth, her job was promoted to more flexibility and less stress. Thus, she could handle both gracefully. Additionally, Fiona also expressed her concern more for Mia than Sam.

Fiona is grateful they have had the same babysitter for twenty years. As she shared with the media, sometimes she regrets not spending enough time with the kids. However, Sam and Mia seem to be supportive of her career and understand her work ethic. In addition, Fiona believes quantity is more important than quality when spending time with your children.

Mia’s Mother — Fiona Bruce

While attending Haberdashers’ Aske’s Hatcham College, Fiona began working for “Jackie”, the magazine in which she served as a model for the stories. Aside from singing in rock bands, she studied French and Italian at Hertford College, Oxford.

In her first job after college, Bruce joined a management consulting firm. However, she only stayed for a year because she didn’t enjoy the experience. Her next job was at Boase Massimi Pollitt advertising agency. In spite of this, Bruce persistently pestered editor Tim Gardam for several years before becoming an assistant producer for the program “Panorama” after meeting him.

As her net worth increased, more opportunities opened up for her; she started reporting on “Breakfast News” in 1992, then became a reporter for “Newsroom South East”, and later became a reporter for “Public Eye”. Then she became the first female presenter of “BBC Ten O’Clock News”. As a co-presenter, Bruce worked on “Crimewatch” alongside Nick Ross for four years before joining “Real Story” in 2003.

In 2008, Fiona presented “Antiques Roadshow” for the BBC and worked on a documentary about Cherie Blair. Additionally, she appeared in an episode of “Top Gear” and worked on special editions of “The Money Programme”. Her involvement with “Children of Need” over the years also showed another side of her.

She was involved in the production of the documentary “A Royal Love Story” focusing on Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s love affair, and in 2011 she became a co-host of the show “Fake or Fortune? Finding out whether art is authentic using modern techniques.

A few of her latest projects include the “Hive Minds” quiz program, and she also worked on the documentary entitled “The Queen’s Places,” adding to her net worth.

Furthermore, Fiona is an honorary vice president of Vision Aid Overseas (VAO).

Mia Sharrocks Hobbies

Mia enjoys reading books and music in her spare time. In addition, Mia enjoys traveling globally and taking photographs.

Mia Sharrocks Personal Life

Mia dislikes media attention. Though sometimes seen with her mom on the red carpet, she hasn’t revealed much about herself. Moreover, Mia doesn’t appear to be active on any social media platforms. Let’s hope she will open up a bit more in the near future.

Mia Sharrocks Parents’ Marriage

As previously stated, Fiona Elizabeth Bruce and Nigel Sharrocks are Mia Sharrocks’ parents. During an event, Nigel was the director of the advertising agency where Elizabeth had worked; the couple started dating and married in 1994.

Mia Sharrocks Net worth

The net worth of Mia has not yet been estimated. However, Fiona Bruce’s net worth is estimated at US$ 3 million.

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