This year, the trends are natural! Blondes, browns, and especially reds are in the spotlight. Who hasn’t fallen in love with the headdress of Ed Sheeran, Florence, Florence, and the machine, or even Lana Del Ray?

If you want to try polar blonde, this color which tends to draw towards gray, coppery brown, or even the hundreds of shades of red unimaginable, this fall, you will not go unnoticed!
Most beautiful hair look this summer

Your new house color; Good to know

Whether you choose to dye your hair light or coppery blonde, ash brown or even bright red, there are certain principles you should follow. If you choose to do your coloring yourself, it is important to choose your color, and your working tools, but also to properly prepare your hair and space.

To avoid damaging your hair as much as possible, it is recommended that you leave the bleach to a professional, i.e. bleaching your hair. You will surely understand that hair must be bleached before applying a dye if it is paler than its original color!

The application of a dye without “ bleach ” can also damage your head, so I advise you to wait a few days without washing your hair, before doing your dye. The sebum will protect your root and scalp.

Your new house color; the tools

To make your coloring, you will need your dye of course, but also some working tools. To make your coloring, you will have to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter.

You will also need a tail comb, a plastic pipe bottle, and preferably a long-haired coloring brush. An old towel will also be useful to protect your shoulders and your clothes (even if I advise you to put on an old sweater).

To avoid staining your face, you can also spread Vaseline on your ears, forehead, and the top of your neck. There are also gentle skin stain removers in pharmacies if you goof!

Your new house color; the establishment

Now that you’re guaranteed not to get stained, think about your bathroom!

Your coloring should always be done in a bright space, or a mirror and a flat surface are readily available to you. Cover your sink with a large plastic bag, you will thank me later! Always keep your dye tools close to your hand and perhaps even a small portable mirror to see the back of your neck and ears.

Your new house color; let’s go, we change our heads

D-Day, we change our heads! When your mixture is well oxidized, transfer it to your tincture bottle. Before application, it is recommended to cover a small part of your root and wait a few minutes to check if you are not reacting to the product.

When the test is done, we separate the hair strand by strand and apply the dye from the root to the tip with his brush. Let a few drops of your coloring flow on your scalp and bring the dye up to the tip to fully cover your mane.

When your head is well covered, it is important to let the dye act and take on your hair, the waiting time varies according to the recommendations of the supplier of your coloring.

When rinsing, free your sink and let the water run, preferably cold, at a high rate so as not to mark your furniture, but also to rinse off the excess stain. Wash your hair, maybe two or three times, until the water runs clear and clean.

How to maintain your color of choice

No matter what color you choose, the ideal shampoo is within reach. Salon products, although more expensive, are obviously a “ must ” to keep your beautiful color and shine.

On the other hand, if your budget does not allow you these high-end products, follow these few recommendations.

How to maintain your color of choice: Blondes

To avoid a dull and yellowish color, it is imperative, especially for blonde hues, to use hair care at neutral pH. Your shampoo, your conditioner, and even your hair masks must be pigmented with a shade of purple, you will cut the yellow of your color. Nobody wants a blonde chick!

How to maintain your color of choice: Browns and reds

Darker colors are much easier to maintain. Colored shampoos, pigmented with your shade are recommended, you will find some inexpensive. For redheads, hair masks incorporating red will add highlights and shine to your hair.

A trip to the hairdresser?

Here again, we stay natural, this year, curls are in the spotlight. From Shakira to Gwen Stefani, curls are all the rage. The finer your lines, the more you can afford the Gascon cut, it will turn heads!

Rounder faces will opt for a new long haircut, a mid-length “ bob ” for example. Braids are also super trendy this season. The face is cleared with messy bun-style buns or with an Ariana Grande ponytail.

With so much style, colors and ideas, it can be difficult to navigate! Do not hesitate to ask the opinion of your friends and especially your hair expert.

It is important that you feel comfortable and confident in your new look. Decorate your hairstyle with old “vintage” accessories and colorful sprouts, they are back in fashion! Have fun and test your skills in new styles!

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