Tips for How to Be Sexy

We all have our moments wherein we want to feel the best versions of ourselves and just feel good all by ourselves or to someone. However, it takes a little trial and error process as well as self-assessment to be confidently comfortable with our own skin. Not to mention how society is judgmental and basically, all they do is kill everyone’s vibe but you do not have to worry about it if you are self-assured.

Never fear! This article will help you to feel sexy in your own skin and just simply feel good about your magnificent self.

How can I be really sexy?

Something that you should take note of is that being sexy like Pokimane requires confidence. I know confidence can be pretty difficult to build because we normally get awkward when we always overanalyze ourselves, our quirks, and our physical traits. We are always trying so hard to get caught up with society’s insane beauty standards to the point wherein we do not acknowledge our own uniqueness because we strive to be something generic.

In this case, a person must start to embrace that every person is different from one others. You can try to nitpick every single similarity we all have but at the end of the day, we are simply made to be different from one another and we should embrace that uniqueness we possess.

  • Appreciate the Different Body Types

We all know that there is no identical body type. It ranges in different shapes and sizes for every person regardless of gender. Along with these body types, our bodies also vary in different muscle masses. Changing one’s body type is one of the most controversial factors in beauty standards to the point wherein some people would go under the knife in order to have implants in different parts of the body that needs any alteration. It is not wrong to get plastic surgery or any non-invasive treatments like cool sculpting, profhilo, laser, etc. However, people have succumbed to this fever trend and what others are not aware of, it is actually a health hazard.

If you really want to be sexy and confident about your own body, you need to accept that your body is just genetically designed to be the way it is shaped and there is nothing wrong with that. Just as long as you take care of yourself by exercising and having a proper diet, you will feel good about yourself.

  • Have Great Hygiene

It is no doubt that a clean person is considered an attractive person because it somehow implies that this person is investing a lot of time in making themselves presentable and how love taking care of themselves. Sure we are still a sucker for a messy look on someone but we still could not deny the fact that we are drawn to someone who cleans up neatly. However, take note that hygiene does not just come with a clean appearance when it comes to clothes but with how they smell as well.

From having fresh breath due to brushing their teeth, mouth washing, and flossing to not smelling sweaty. It is recommended to use a body wash of your choice and apply some perfume or cologne after but not too overwhelming lastly, make sure to not forget about deodorant. After how they smell, one must also pay attention to the small details as well. Trim your nails, remove the dirt from them, and paint it with nail polish.

  • Choose Clothes that will Flatter your Body

Of course, we could not forget one of the important things in trying to be confident and be unapologetically sexy–our clothes. Mind you, despite having a lot of fashion or outfit inspiration from Pinterest, it is still difficult to find what type of clothes best fit you. Having a solid fashion type is quite difficult and takes a lot of mistakes in fashion as well as trial and error but do not worry, it is part of life! One must simply try loads of fashion aesthetics in different themes–casual, formal, or work wear.

Once you find your favorite type of fashion aesthetic, you can finally assess yourself with what type of clothing would best suit your body type. For example, if you want to elongate your legs, opt for high-waisted jeans because it gives off the illusion that you have long legs. If you have a short neck, do not wear turtlenecks because it swallows you up. Instead, choose tops that are scoop neck or perhaps have lower cuts to give off an illusion that your neck is quite long.

  • Find Your Signature Pose When Taking Pictures

When someone is trying to get to know someone, they will go through some of their photos first on social media and all of us are guilty of it, am I right? It is basically natural to us now because we want to see more of this person especially if we are attracted to them. The same thing happens to us if someone is also interested in us, too.

But how do we able to look sexy and attractive even if is through pictures only? Well, we have gone through knowing the best fashion style for us and determining what type of clothes suits our body, then we should go and learn what kind of poses make us more attractive. In taking photos, we also want to try putting more emphasis on one of our features or assets such as eyes, lips, butt, or chest, in order to attract people into looking at us more. This is why we should try to get to know the poses that would fit us but not let it get too overexaggerated or use too much photoshop and just let our natural self be caught by the lenses.

How can I be sexy at any age?

Sexiness is not limited to only a certain age, except for minors of course. If you are still minor, just dress according to your age. But if you are someone who is a young adult, adult, and someone of age, here are some tips for you on how to become sexy at any age.

  • Do Not Be Scared of Changes

Now, what does this mean? As time goes by, our physiological aspects change as well. For example, from being teens to young adults, there are some changes that a person will undergo such as raging hormones, metabolism getting slower, and other physical changes but it is alright! It is normal and it should not be ostracized or shamed for. Another example and accurate for this are for people who are advanced in age. We all know that with aging, wrinkles and less collagen come in the package and people are so obsessed with defying aging by using botox or other products that could retain one’s youth.

There is nothing wrong with that, of course, it is a person’s choice after all. Just an important reminder that aging is not something to be ashamed about and a person could still look ravishing as they age like they were younger. And accepting this is extremely sexy.

  • Educate Yourself by Nurturing Your Mind

I know that most of us attribute sexiness to physical traits alone but let us not forget that being intelligent and being open-minded makes a person leagues hotter. It goes without saying that physical appearance only stimulates shallow attraction but it is the inside of the mind that creates the connection.

This is why an intelligent person is considered attractive. Take note that one does not have to be academically intelligent because intelligence is not only limited to academics but to being socially intelligent, people smart, and being street smart, too. A person will always prefer a person who has substance rather than just an attractive shell because knowledge could not be bought and it is everlasting.

  • You Are What You Think

Even if this was previously mentioned or implied in the previous segments of the article, it is still an important reminder to remember and that is being confident about oneself. You may have all the attributes of someone who is sexy but if you do not possess the confidence, self-esteem, and assurance to yourself that you are indeed an unstoppable force, how on Earth would people see you, sexy or attractive?

It goes with the saying that you should love yourself first before truly loving someone else. Acknowledge your attributes or the good things about you in terms of what is tangible and intangible. Do not compare yourself with others because it could only cause unwanted negative feelings to oneself.

Do not belittle yourself or wallow in self-pity because it could really shatter one’s confidence. Always try to think positive things about yourself because it will boost your confidence and it will make you feel good about your own skin.

How can I be sexy without trying?

We are all drowned in this fever that with beauty, comes along pain and loads of effort and money! But it does not have to be that way. If you want to be sexy without trying, here are some tips for you.

  • Accept Yourself

Self-acceptance is one of the biggest factors that could contribute to having peace of mind. Accept that you are who you are and you are unique. Accept that you have a lot of good things and attributes that you possess and these factors make you one of a kind and make you feel really special.

Another thing is that you should learn how to accept that you could not always please people and that is alright! You do not need to get someone’s approval about you in order to gain confidence. Because despite countless efforts, someone will always not see you as enough and that is the brutal truth but again, that is alright! You can just love yourself and celebrate your own existence because, at the end of the day, you only got yourself not them. And the last thing is that you should accept your own flaws.

No person is perfect and that is the truth and it is natural. We all make mistakes but that does not make us less of the importance of value. We can always try to improve ourselves and learn new things. Take this as a start to really get to know yourself and explore new things!

  • Have Great Morals

Yes, I know, how is having great morals going to make me feel sexy? Well first of all, if you are someone who is polite and nice, do you notice how someone is more drawn to you?

Do you notice how you give off a nice impression of them upon meeting them for the first time? Of course, if you continue to stick with your nature and the morals you have learned, it could really build this effect on someone and will make them more drawn to you because who would not be attracted to someone who literally has the attributes of an angel? So remember, to be effortlessly sexy, you need to have great morals!

  • Have A Little Mystery

Here comes the exciting part! We all know that being mysterious is one of the key factors in becoming sexy and attractive. Do you notice how most people love characters from movies that are mysterious more attractive? Because it is a psychological trick to us human beings who love the unknown and are willing to know more.

This is why being mysterious is attractive because it somehow creates this tension for the person whom you are trying to get their attention. It also makes them curious and just dying to know more about you. But mind you, being aloof, a snob, and being extremely quiet is not being mysterious.

When you are having a conversation with someone, try not to open up about yourself, just try to leave some bits of information about yourself. After that, try to make them want more about you. Tease them a bit and try to withdraw yourself, this will make them so curious and eager to just unlock you.

Another way to be mysterious is to not be always active in social media. I know that social media is one of the modes of communication but try not to post a lot of yourself because this will make people try to find ways in wanting to know what is going on with you on a daily basis.

How can I feel sexy for my man?

If you are someone with a partner or someone who wants to start a relationship with someone, these tips will help you be attracted to them.

  • Give Your Man a Compliment

Men rarely receive such uplifting words or compliments and they would sometimes be shocked when they receive one. So why not give your man or potential man a compliment? This will really boost their confidence and will make them more attracted to you because who does not want a person who acknowledges other people’s good aspects?

  • Always Practice Great Communication

Women are guilty of giving the silent treatment to their partners and letting them solve it on their own which always does not end well because despite how analytical thinkers men are, they struggle with things that are bound to emotion, which is a woman is inept of.

Men are blunt and straightforward and they do not like beating around the bush so ladies, be more direct, push that pride aside, and tell your man what you are feeling and what you are thinking about. This will save you guys the heartbreak.

  • Take the Initiative

We all know that men love to initiate a lot of things but it can be tiresome for them, too. So why not be bold? Why not take the lead this time? This will catch them off guard but this will make them extremely excited and attracted to you because you are being more dominant than usual despite men having known for their dominance in this patriarchal society. Taking the initiative will make them feel challenged and they will tease you back as well.

How do I look hot in bed?

When prepping for something more explicit with your partner, it could take some effort to really get in the mood so you need to try to set the atmosphere of the room by trying to look hot and be confident about yourself.

  • Prep Yourself Hygienically

This does not mean that you should douse yourself in alcohol and loads of perfume but just make yourself smell good with a mild bath wash to not irritate your skin.

  • Wear Comfortable Clothes

It can either be sweatpants, or a loose shirt, or you can wear your sexiest lingerie to really excite your partner. Wear clothes that will make you feel good and thus, this will automatically make you look good and sexy.

  • Make Sure that You are Ready

Having intercourse can be pretty pressuring because it is an intimate act and it should be with someone you should trust. This is why you should prepare yourself and make sure that you feel good about yourself in order to be sexy in bed and have a great time with your partner. Make sure that you trust your partner, be hygienically prepared, and feel good about your own skin.

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