So you’ve had a pretty lady in sight for a while. You’ve been on a date before and you want to pull out all the stops to appreciate this person your whole life. You may have some fears at first, but with this article on the best ways to make a girl crazy about you, you will have no doubts about your possibilities.

  • Take control of the relationship

When you go out, don’t let her all “schedule” the details of your date. Instead, do all the planning necessary for the perfect date. A woman loves a man with a certain character and self-confidence. By seeing that you are planning everything on your own, you can show her how responsible you can be when it comes to things like these.

  • Show her how you feel

Discussions are always the doorway to a relationship. Everyone’s talking these days, but few keep their promises. Be someone worth listening to for your advice. Show your wife with your actions and words that she has a man who actually does what he says.

This could mean picking up the phone and calling her for 30 seconds to let her know you’re thinking of her when you can’t see each other. You can help her without her having to ask and do it with a smile.

 You can make sure to keep your eyes from wandering when you are outside and a beautiful woman walks by, this usually makes women uncomfortable. Act like a gentleman, she will respect you a lot more for it.

  • Spend quality time with her

What’s most important in a new relationship is your time. People are pleasantly surprised when you volunteer your time for them.

Women like to feel special. If you never have a good time together, then don’t expect the relationship to last long, even if you give her a lot or a gift. 

By showing your wife that you appreciate her for spending this time with you, she will be strongly drawn to you. Everyone is different, but many people enjoy time spent with a loved one. 

  • Getting along with friends and family

Family is very important to women. Sometimes friends are even more so! Make sure you are as nice to her as her friends are. It will only say that she has chosen the right person.

The opinions of the family can be very important to her, and be sure to be appreciated by her family. Make sure you distress a kind man for his parents.

  • Romanticism can be very simple

Being gentle, saying kind words, and paying little attention can be the best thing you do for this person. Women love romance and it’s no secret. You don’t have to be always romantic, but some attention can be good for your cause.

Give your wife little romantic gestures like giving flowers, little words of love, or others. Sometimes it’s the little things that are most memorable in the long run. A compliment on which one is pretty, desirable, or which is smart. Women feel emotions more than men generally, so you make sure to keep them for years to come.

Make her feel like a unique and special woman.

  • Trying to make her laugh

As the saying goes, a woman who laughs is a woman halfway in bed. Women like to feel good and laughter is a very important thing. Just saying one joke a day to lighten up the mood could help you a lot.

Stress and anxiety are usually put aside when you’re having fun. Make sure you don’t get too out of hand in your gestures but keep communication fun. Don’t force it, but it will come with time. Stay yourself!

  • Show your masculinity

Be a man for your woman. Don’t jump on a chair screaming when you see a rat or bug. When going through tough times, keep a cool head and don’t fall prey to your emotions. Always make her feel safe when she is with you.

  • Stay mysterious

Women love mysterious men. A lot of men often tell a girl everything the first time they meet, which can sometimes be a good thing. 

For the most part, the goal of first dates is to get to know each other without revealing too much about you. Make sure you stay mysterious. When trying to get a girl to go crazy for you, learn to keep it a little bit of a mystery on first dates.

  • Be nice, a gentleman

These little things always matter to women. Open the doors and take out the chairs for her or make sure you are always walking outside the sidewalk. Gallantry is always a good thing. She will believe that she is the most unique woman in the world. Show him that you care about his happiness.

  • Don’t suffocate it

Always keep a healthy space between the two of you. Don’t try to be around the clock with her. Personal spaces are important, even for dependent people.

This will keep a healthy relationship with you and you will appreciate the time spent together even more.

  • Be really interested in her

Keep a good idea of ​​what she likes to do, her ambitions and goals, and her friends. Compliment her as soon as you can and make her blush. Make her feel comfortable being with you.

Tell her that she is desirable and sexy. If you want your relationship to last a long time, I suggest you make an effort to show her that you are.

  • Be creative. All the time.

Girls really like magic. They always want something fresh and new in their life. You might want to invent some sweet surprises every now and then, maybe even on special occasions.

  • Always stay positive

If you make a habit of smiling when you see her, you will naturally inject positivity into your dating. Even if your day is really bad, he still has a way of looking at the bright spots of the day.

Practice makes perfection

When you do multiple time the same thing, you will learn more techniques and confidence. Make sure to never give up and always keep a positive mind. 

You always learn more by failing than by winning.

  • Keep an active conversation

Sometimes the cold can be unpleasant. Try to ask her questions about herself, what she thinks or how she feels about a certain occasion. Let her do the talking, but always keep a topic in mind for the next question. Be confident in your questions and make sure you listen to them.

Always try to learn a little more about her, and don’t always talk about yourself or your passions. 

  •  Don’t let go

Always take care of your look, even if it’s been in a relationship for some time. A person with bad breath is always repulsive. Do not let go of your waistline, because you are in a relationship.

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you stop being the hot guy she met because you chose to get lazy and thought she would stick around anyway.

  • Don’t be selfish in bed 

Always try to think of your pleasure before yours. Over time, it may take a little longer. It may mean that you have to put in some creative effort to satisfy her in bed.

  • Know when she needs your support

Women are not always looking for someone to solve their problems. Maybe she just wants an ear that listens to her without judgment. If you want her to stay interested, be her friend too. 

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