Everyone wants to smell good, and there is no doubt about that. In all countries of the world, people invent and invest in fragrances and perfumes that reflect their culture, aesthetics, and preferences.

These scents may be inspired by the wonderful cherry blossoms of Japan, exquisite rose oils from Bulgaria, the zesty limes of West India, the renowned lilac flowers of France, and different sorts of sources, like the English Laundry Oxford Bleu Eau de Parfum.

Perhaps, like millions of perfume lovers, you want to find ways to make its fragrance last longer. In this article, you will learn just that… and more! What are the simple yet effective techniques to make your favorite scent last for more hours during the day?

best way to keep a perfumes

            Spray perfume after taking a shower and drying off

Since your skin is cleaner and moisturized after taking a bath, this can help maintain the potency of your perfume. Moreover, its scent can complement the smell of your soap. Doing so can help you protect delicate clothes and jewelry that should not be exposed to the chemicals.

The Bath and Body Works in The Stars Fine Fragrance Mist, also among Amazon’s Choice, will flagrantly match your after-bath freshness. It has the wonderful scent of tangelo, agarwood, starflower, and sandalwood.

            Use matching products

If the fragrant products you apply naturally match one another, this will increase your beautiful scent. You can use combinations of body wash, moisturizer, and perfume, like the Body Fantasies Twilight Mist. This package includes a body spray, a lotion, and a body wash that have the fragrance of vanilla, magnolia, coconut, mandarin orange, fresh plum, sandalwood, and violets. 

Spray it to the “pulse points” of the body

The chemicals in perfume respond to heat. Because of this, applying perfume to the warmer parts or pulse points of your body releases scent much longer. Spray it on your wrists, inner elbows, neck, and even the back of your knees, if it is exposed.

Apply it directly to your skin also

Your perfume also reacts with the natural oils excreted by your skin. This interaction can improve its fragrance and make it last longer. You can also spray it on top of your ears since this part of your head has more oils.

Do not excessively rub the perfume you sprayed

People commonly rub their wrists hard after spraying perfume there in hopes that it will improve the quality and length of the fragrance. However, this habit is self-defeating. Excessive friction actually breaks down the chemicals in the perfume, making it less potent. Gently dab and rub it, instead.

Do not shake the bottle

Another common mistake is shaking the perfume to “improve” the fragrance and its chemical makeup. This is not the case: All it does is break the perfume’s microscopic components further apart, shortening its fragrance time and lessening its quality.

Moisturize your skin first with unscented lotion

Making your skin hydrated adequately can better maintain the fragrance of your perfume.

Put some petroleum jelly on your “pulse points” before spraying

Vaseline and other reliable petroleum jelly brands can increase the moisture of these warm parts of your body, helping the scent last much longer.

Spray it on your hairbrush too

If you make your hair more fragrant and refreshing, you can spray some scent on your brush. This is so effective, especially for women. But be careful: Don’t spray it directly onto your hair since its chemicals can damage your scalp and hair.

If you want the perfect perfume for your hair (and safe, too, since it was crafted for this), you can check out Aussie Lustr Shine Enhancing Hair Perfume, Infused with Australian Desert Peach. Other than giving your hair such refreshing, attractive, and fruity smell, it can also promote shimmer and shininess.

Add the last drops of perfume to your unscented lotion

If you can no longer spray the remaining liquid in your perfume bottle, pour it into your unscented lotion. This way, you can maximize even the last drop of your fragrance while giving your lotion the amazing scent you have come to love. Do you want a perfume that will complement your body lotion? Check out Victoria’s Secret Pure Seduction Body Mist. It will definitely increase your appeal and allure!

Keep your perfume bottles in a cool and dark place

Changes in heat and humidity can negatively affect your perfume. Because of this, avoid putting it in your bathroom and places in your house that are exposed to sunlight.

Don’t change your perfume’s bottles or containers as well, since exposure to air can minimize its scent and change its chemical components. Instead, you can put them in your wardrobe or drawers so your clothes will have the same scent.

Imagine how your clothes would smell if your perfume is as amazing as Happy Heart By Clinique For Women. It has the scent of orange, cucumber, hyacinth, primula, and sandalwood. You can also use this for both gowns and casual clothing. Whatever your attire or skin type maybe, this will increase your attraction and confidence!

            And remember, you might not smell it but everyone possibly can

According to the online beauty magazine Marie Claire, your nose can get used to the fragrance of your perfume so that you would no longer smell it. This is called olfactory adaptation, which happens when your nervous system stops the nasal receptors temporarily to avoid exhaustion and to focus on new odors. 

This is why you no longer smell bad odor after a short while. The same effect happens to beautiful scents, like the fragrance of your perfume. On the other hand, the people around you can still possibly smell it too. If you want to know if it is still effective, you can ask your loved ones or friends who are with you at the moment.

Check these out too!

If you are a man looking for amazing perfumes and fragrances, you can check out the bestsellers on Amazon that are enjoyed by many around the world.

The refreshing scent of Nautica Midnight Voyage has a concoction of natural mint, spicy pink pepper, and amber, giving the air of adventure around you. No wonder why it is the top perfume in Amazon as of the writing of this article. Next to it is the Blue Cedar & Cypress Cologne Spray by Cremo.

As the name states, this famous perfume has the scent of cedar, cypress, and lemon peel. The site promises the quality of a scent that is crafted in a high-end boutique. The third in the list is the Armaf Club De Nuit Intense Man perfume. It has a mixture of exquisite scents such as bergamot, birch, jasmine, rose, vanilla, and patchouli.

In the top four lies the Nautica Classic for Men, which contains the fragrance of cinnamon, jasmine, rose, sandalwood, amber, cedar, and lemon, among many others.

Last but not the least is the fifth best-selling perfume on Amazon: the Versace Eros 3, compared to the other perfumes in this list, it has a prominent fragrance of mint, tonka bean, green apple, and different types of cedar.

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