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Olivia Lavvy Green, this is her full name, she is a well-known athlete who was born in the year 1996, on the 26th of July.

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She is known as a Welsh Paralympian athlete who is known mainly for going against her opponents in the T38 sprint and the F38 long jump.

In the year 2012, she was chosen because of her skills and she was to go for the summer Paralympics where she would be engaging in the T38, 100m, and 200m sprint event. She is also among the T35 and T38 women teams going for the relay.

She was also one of the athletes who went up for wales in the 2014 and 2018 commonwealth games where she contested among others and collected the gold medal for the long jump event at the gold coast games which was held in 2018.

One thing we know about Olivia is that she was born in England, her mother is welshed and her father is an Irish man.

The athlete is also diagnosed with a disorder called cerebral palsy.

She started running at a very little age, her parents said that she has been running since her primary school days.


Green was put into the T38 event in the year 2012, her coach then saw how fit she was and then had to put her there which gained her the Paralympic selection she has today.

In the month of June 2012, she was put in the event to go up against her opponents in the IPC Athletics European championship that was held in Stadskanaal.

This location was in the Netherlands. In the competition, she went home with the bronze medal from the 100m race and the 200m race.

She broke one of her records in the 100m sprint when she competed at the European championships and also did the same in the 200m race event in another competition known as the diamond league meeting which was held at Crystal Palace, in London.

Something happened that year that caused her to be called up later than she was supposed to be into the Great Britain athletic team for the 2012 summer Paralympics.

At the time she was asked to join the team and during the whole competition that year, she was the youngest athlete on her team, which was the Great Britain Paralympics athletics team. We are talking about 2012 here.

From what we know, Olivia has a special coach that is based in Loughborough, coach’s name is Aston Moore and she is Olivia’s Long Jump coach.

The Game Held In 2012 For The Paralympic Event In London

For this event, Breen did a lot, she faced opponents for the medal in the T38 100m and 200m sprint event.

She also went head to head with her opponents in the first leg for the T35-T38 women relay.

For the 100 m games, she came in fifth, she couldn’t win and it was the finals. She has finished in 14.42 seconds while the first position contestant finished in 13.45 seconds

She also went for the 200 m event too, you would think that this is where she would come back to show how good she was, she tried though. She has qualified as the third fastest person in the race but in the finals, she finished in the eighth position, it took her 30.22 seconds to do that.

And then the relay competition came around, the 4 x 100 relay race they placed Olivia as the first leg runner and she did well this time, she and her teammates went him with the bronze medal.

People who ran alongside her in the relay event were Jenny Mcloughlin, Betty Woodward, and Katrina Hart.

They finished in good time too, 56.08s. In the event, that was the second-best time but they still took third.

What happened was that, when the baton was being passed out to McLaughlin from Hart, there was an obstruction caused by another athlete from the Australian team.

Somehow they both bumped into each other as the baton was being exchanged. According to the spectators, they both did the transaction in a skilled manner, and somehow they still came out victorious with the bronze medal.

In the replay races of that competition where Olivia ran, an athlete also got disqualified, also from the Australian team.

2013 IPC World Championships Held In Lyon

In this particular championship event, Olivia was able to finish in the fifth position for both the 100m 200m races that were held in Lyon at the IPC World Championship.

  • 2014

This was a challenging year for Olivia because she decided to switch from being a sprinter to becoming one of the contestants for long jumping, she joined the Wales team at the Commonwealth games.

Why did I say that this year was a very challenging one for the athlete star? She went up against other long jumpers and was barely capable of even finishing at seventh position.

At the time, she was still a teenager and so she also went for the competition at the IPC European championship competition.

In this competition, Olivia 2as able to bag a third place in the 100 meters event, she finished behind her teammate Sophie Hann.

Afterward, Olivia ran for the second time in the T35 – T38 relay game, she ran alongside her teammates, her team included Bethany Woodward, Sophie Hahn, and Jenny McLoughlin.

For that particular event, Olivia’s team bagged the silver medal after finishing at 53.84s behind Russia.

  • 2017

In 2017, the world para athletics competition for the year was held in London, Olivia personally, after so many years got herself a gold medal, she was able to win the F38 long jump contest after she jumped her best, going 4.81m.

After the event, some days later, she participated in the T38 100m event where she came in fourth. Over the years, you can agree that she has made progress.

2020 The Paralympic Games In Tokyo

It didn’t hold but we can tell you that she is part of the Great Britain team coming out to compete for the medals in this competition.

Does Olivia Breen Have A Disability? What Is It?

Yes, we must have mentioned before in this article that she has been diagnosed with a disability known as Cerebral Palsy.

This is a disability that according to the doctors messes up your mobility posture, and balance in a bad way.

Olivia Green had a problem with meningitis when she was born and this made her hearing a little shaky.

Also, according to some sources, she doesn’t learn things as fast as normal. She has difficulty with learning.

She has a personal website where everything about her is posted most time.

Does She Have A Boyfriend? Who Are Her Parents?

We haven’t heard about anything concerning Olivia and any romantic relationship but she should at least be able to boast of haven been in one.

Maybe before she became such a big star, she must have gotten involved with someone. For now, she’s isn’t. She is a career buff, she thinks of her career and only her career.

Moving on to her parents, she was born in a very beautiful home, her mother’s name is Helen Breen and her father’s name is Micheal Breen. Something else that you all might not know is that she is a twin.

So far so good, her parents have made it clear by their numerous supports that they love what she has grown to become and the way she has built her career.

How Tall Is Olivia Breen?

She is blessed with enough height and by her measurements, we could say that this woman is about 5 feet and 5 inches tall.

She has been blessed with this height because she needs it for her kind of career.

With Her Condition, Can We Say She Is Sick?

Here is what she has, her diagnosis isn’t something we could call a sickness, it is best called a deformity or disability.

It is a congenital impairment and so far she doesn’t allow her impairment to stop her from being the best she can be in her career.

She has been able to pursue her dreams and so far she has almost gone across the finish line of her dreams even with this disability.

She discovered her talent at a very young age in school when a talent introduction day was proposed to them, and ever since then she has been able to change her life for the better.

Ever since she was aware of what she could do, nothing has been able to fall her. She has pushed and made her way through.

Now, what is new about Olivia the great athlete?

Well, recently she hit a jam as there was a situation with her that has been all over the news. They say her sprint shorts were too short and so they were inappropriate for her to wear for the event.

She got very angry about the issue when an official in that event made a comment about the shorts that she was putting on.

The Whole charade About Olivia Breen’s Shorts

As we must have mentioned before, Olivia Breen is a Welsh Paralympian athlete and she holds the world championship title which she has been able to win twice.

Now on the 18th of March 2021, she encountered a little issue with one of the officials in the game which left her surprised and unable to speak.

The official in that particular event only walked up to Olivia Breen and said that the shorts that she wore to the competition were too short and they were looking inappropriate on her.

Olivia Breen was representing her country Great Britain in that particular Olympics.

After that event, Olivia was to represent her country in Tokyo at the Paralympic Games next month.

She came out on Twitter to announce something about what had happened to her in the field during her last competition.

She posted on her Twitter account that she was very appreciative of all the wonderful people who volunteer themselves to officiate at the athletic events that are being held.

According to her, these people are like the backbone because they do their work so well and that is what makes the whole athletic event go smoothly.

After she hard praised them, she then went on to start talking about what one of the officials had told her during the event.

Sage made mention that she was disappointed because after her long jump competition in the event which was the English championship, one of the female officials who couldn’t consume her dressing walked up to her and said her shorts were too small and very inappropriate.

She also made mention of the fact that the shorts that she was putting in has been her style of shorts for a very long time and it is a short that is built for these athletic movements.

She went further to say that she won’t be minding what this official hard said but she would also wear these particular shorts to her next competition which would be held in Tokyo.

And then she brought up questions, asking if they would say something like that to a male athlete. And then she asked her teammates if any of them had gone through this kind of issue before.

Still, on the whole shorts issue and what that official had said to her, she made a point that she didn’t like the fact that she had to go through something like that because of her gender.

She also said that she understood the fact that the world is going sideways but when she is competing, she likes to feel comfortable and should not be made to look at what she is wearing or be conscious of any other thing that goes on on the outside world.


When we talk about Olivia Breen, we have to remember that this young lady has two world championship titles and is very young with several accolades to her name.

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