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John Edward Thomas Moynahan or as his parents call him, Jack. This is a little boy who was born into a very popular couple. Firstly, his mother is an Irish American actress and model who has been in the industry for a long time, she is referred to informally as Bridget.

His father is also one of the greats in the world of sports, very famous too. Imagine being born into this family, a popular mother, and father with enough money, that is the dream mate. Let’s get back to business though.

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His father is a football player and National Football League (NFL) quarterback, his name is Tom.

On a very sad note, his mother Bridget and his father Tom we’re not married, they never tied the knot. Both parents were just dating for about two years or so which brought about the birth of their son in 2007.

They were together for the duration of 2004 and 2006 after which they separated just before jack was born the next year. Surely they found out about Jack after they had separated.

Her pregnancy was kept as a secret to the world for some reason but for someone famous, your life has only kept a secret for so long.

So from now on, we will refer to the parents as Bridget and Tom, then the child as John. Any extra name would be introduced Properly.

Tom was already In another relationship with his present wife when the news of Bridget being pregnant reached his ears.

This is where it gets all complicated, at the time Tom’s present wife who’s named Gisele had a very hard time accepting the fact that her predecessor was about giving birth to a child for her boyfriend.

A lot of tension arose but after much talk and persuading with an understanding that favored her, she was finally able to accept baby John to her life.

Our boy John grew up in his mother’s crib, Bridget and Tom thought it would be best for him to be with her.

She had to take all the responsibility and train her son the way she thought was best. As an actress and model, it wasn’t very simple keeping up with a child, especially as a single mother.

He spent most of the time in his mother’s hands and she showed him so much love as his mother, she made sure he was well academically too.

We had to put her work aside, although not completely but she had to reduce the time she spent at work to take care of her child.

Well after some time, she found herself a soul mate, she got married to a business tycoon in 2015.

After the time of John’s mother getting married to this business tycoon, for some reason, the new development had to make her give up her child so he could stay with his father and his stepfamily. Maybe his life isn’t as simple as we talked about in the beginning right?

Childhood Of John Edward Monahan

Although he is still a child, we still have some things to say about the little time he has spent here on earth.

First things first, he was born on the 22nd of August 2007, which makes him a thirteen years old child presently.

He was born in California, the USA which makes him an American before any other thing.

With what we have gotten, we might as well say his zodiac sign is Leo because it has been checked.

He presently doesn’t attend any school formally as he is home-schooled, his academics are very much important in his life as a child.

He is from Santa Monica, California. John Monahan’s father is named Tom Brady, his mother is Bridget,  just as we have mentioned before.

Let’s introduce his grandparents too, his grandfather can be called Tom Brady Sr, his grandmother is Galynn Brady.

Over to his stepfamily, we have Vivian Lake Brady and Benjamin Brady as his siblings, his mother is named Gisele.

Well, currently John has no girlfriend mentioned on social media so it is assumed that he isn’t dating anyone for now. He is only thirteen so maybe he is just too focused on living his life as a teenager and studying as hard as he can.

Just like his father, he is a sportsman and keeps a good record too.

John Edward Moynahan Parents

Here is what is going to happen, firstly we will talk about the father before going ahead to talk about his mother, and then both of them together.

John’s Father

This is the man, he is known as Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. He is a very famous man as he plays in the big leagues of football.

He plays quarterback for his team Tamper Bay Buccaneers.

He is not famous just because he plays quarterback for this team, many people on this same team with him are not as popular as he is.

He is a very prestigious player because he has broken records and has done things that not too many people have done, he keeps breaking records and receiving accolades for what he is doing.

He was born in San Mateo, California.

According to what we know, he had started dating John’s mom in 2004 and for a very long period, they were both happy together before they both decided mutually to go their separate ways.

She got pregnant after they had separated and John was born, he came as a blessing even though they were not together anymore.

Me Tom Brady jr was born in the year 1977  and is currently 43 years of age, married to one woman, and has a beautiful net worth which is rounded up to be around 15 million US dollars.

As mentioned before, he was in a relationship with Giselle, Jack’s mother, and after the relationship had ended, Mr. Tom got himself another beautiful model who has been his wife for several years now.

His present wife is Giselle Bundchen, a Brazilian model whom he had met in some kind of blind date.

It is kind of a beautiful story that involves his friends setting him up with someone he didn’t even know and then they hit it off, at first, they started by going out on frequent dates, and then they ended up together.

Their marriage was a very small wedding because they didn’t want a big ceremony.

Together they have given birth to two children, one of the children named Benjamin Reid and the other one is named Vivian Lake.

His new family and John are very close, they don’t see the fact that they are just step-siblings, they come out for some matches together in a colony. They look out for each other.

Tom is also someone who has gotten involved with politics for some time, he has a friend who we might all know as the ex-president of the USA. Donald Trump and Tom Brady jr are both tight.

He has known Donald Trump for a very long time, that doesn’t matter though.

He also has this fitness thing going on right now, he engages in transcendental meditation and none stop physical exercises every day.

He makes sure that this diet is not jeopardized so he is careful and confirms that he sleeps early so he could wake up early also.

John’s Mother

Kathryn Bridget Moynahan is a well-known actress who was born sometime around April 28 in 1971.

She began her career as a model and then she got a lot of roles to act because they saw some real talent in her.

The first film she ever got cast in was sex in the city, she was to just show up in one episode and then go back to where she was coming from, but she was offered to show up plenty of times and she got paid for that. Her role was a girl named Natasha.

She also got cast in so many other films like Coyote ugly, the journey home, I robot, Grey matters, Noise, John wick part 2.

Currently, she is on a contract with the television series blue blood where she is cast in the movie as an assistant district attorney.

According to her date of birth, she is 49 years old, was born in Brighton, New York. She is 5 won’t 10, she is presently married to Andrew Frankel.

So what happened was that she dated Tom Beady Jr for a while, some years after their love-lasting relationship, they both decided that it had reached a natural end.

According to her, she is strong and capable to take good care of her child and facing the difficulties that come with it head-on.

Many times, people claimed and said that she wasn’t being treated well by Tom Brady so she had to leave, but that isn’t true because she later states that they are both straight with each other.

She also said in an interview that being a mother comes naturally and in different ways to women because for her, after giving birth, she doesn’t enjoy a conversation without seeing or talking about the child.

Presumably, she and John were very tight during the time they spent together as mother and son.

She also added that whenever John did anything that warranted her praising him, she would ensure that he gets his accolades, she wanted to spend more time with John than every other person on earth.

The actress loves sports and she also cooks very well, many men would flock for a lady like this.

After this time in her life, she got married to Andrew Frankel who is a business tycoon and already has three offspring that his ex-wife bore for him.

Bridget got married to the tycoon in the Hamptons and now John is living with his dad, they are both happy to share custody.

John Edward’s Parents

His parents started out like every other parent, they followed the usual procedures because at first, they both started dating in 2004.

As time went on, they both started to seriously fall in love with each other and they shared many moments together.

Everything was going well in the relationship until they started having those small problems that arise in relationships, after two years of sharing so much intimacy.

When they realized that it wasn’t working, they both went their separate ways and broke up with each other.

What they didn’t know was that Bridget was pregnant, when they found out, for some reason they tried keeping it in their house without letting it spread much.

It was until she had given birth in 2007 that the press knew about what had happened and how Tom Brady had become a father.

This wasn’t so complicated until when Tom Brady’s girlfriend found out about the pregnancy, she wasn’t settled with it because things like this could cause Tom to leave her for the pregnant person.

Giselle and Tom had to work things out and after they had talked and straightened the differences out, then peace could reign in his household.

Giselle back then when she heard about the pregnancy became so angry that in one of her lessons named ‘My path to a meaningful life, she talked about what happened.

It took some time but she is a nice person so she grew to love John as her own and treating him like she did her children.

Two years later, Tom got married to Gisele, and they gave birth to two children of their own that are now very close to John because they live as a family.

Later on, Gisele also got married after she failed a relationship with a famous producer.

John and his father shared a lot of good times, they still do. The family makes sure that they spend most of their time well and enjoy the most of it.

After everything, Gisele and Bridget became tight too, they have shared some pictures together on social media.

John is currently staying with their father but he sure sees his mother a lot.

Let’s talk a little about John.

A Peak In The Life Of John Edward Thomas Moynahan

John is a child whose parents are separated so they both share custody of the child, they worked out a system.

They are all comfortable with the arrangement because John is a very special child.

His stepmother treats him like she gave birth to him herself, somehow he has been able to bring together people from different places together and turned them all into one family.

Both parents are very happy with what they are seeing their son grow into, he has sports skills and from what we have heard, he is also very good with his academics.

Both parents keep on rubbing his achievements on social media, the awards he has received, and all the accolades that his son gets are all posted on most times by at least one of his parents.

Countless times we have seen John go to watch his father perform on the field and cheers him as though he understands the game.

As young as he is, he is getting involved with a lot of things, this is what makes him a happy child.

John’s Age, Height, And Weight

Like we said before, John is but a child, and his date of birth has let us know that he is only 13 years old and he is just 5 feet tall, good enough for his age though.

He weighs like 36kgs, he is sport active so he is completely fit even as a child. He has these beautiful brown eyes too.

According to his parents, he plays soccer and football, he has grown to have an interest in both sports.

His mother said he doesn’t know which of them to face completely but that he has always talked about getting a gold medal in swimming for some reason.

She also claims that she and John’s father had raised him by themselves without having the help of other people get involved with their judgment.

John’s Hobbies

He is a child so obviously, he loves the holidays, spending time with his family and friends.

Like we said before, he loves football and soccer, also loves reading, watching TV with his friends and siblings like most kids.

He loves Donuts and pizza a lot, huge fan of Robert Downey Jr, and Emma Watson.

He doesn’t care much for social media so he isn’t active on any platform yet.

John’s Net Worth

The law should not allow John to have a net worth because he is just thirteen but his father and mother are very wealthy people and that automatically makes him a rich kid.

His parents are both highly paid celebrities who are also very famous, his father is richer but his mother should be more popular than he is. Whichever way it is this kid is blessed and with that, we could only say that he is a rich child without placing any figure to his riches.

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