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Devin Armani Booker is his full name, he was born on the 30th of October 1996, a boy of 25 years old, he is very popular and has achieved a lot at his age.

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He is known popularly as an American basketball player. He is a professional player too, he plays for a team in the NBA, the Phoenix suns.

Funny enough, you remember the old saying, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, Mr. Devin’s father happens to be a former basketball player too, Mr. Melvin Booker, guessing his son inherited his talents.

Devin Booker was selected at some point to play for the Phoenix Suns almost after he had just played college basketball.

He played college basketball for only one season, with a team called the Kentucky wild cats and he got picked by an NBA team called Phoenix Suns during the first round of the 2015 NBA chart, he was the 13th player to get picked by an NBA team that year.

He held the record in 2017 for being the youngest player to have scored more than 60 points in a single game.

It was a remarkable game, his team had 70 points at the end of the game against the Boston Celtics.

As a young man, he has been able to work and get the fame and respect he deserves.

He has done things like becoming the youngest player in all of NBA history to bag 50 points in more than one game, doing it back to back.

He was just 22 years old when he did this.

Then came 2020 and 2021, Devin was selected for NBA all-star twice, once each in both years. He received this as a replacement player.

Devin’s Early Life

Devin’s mother was a Cosmetologist named Veronica Gutierrez, like mentioned before, his father was also a sportsman like him, Mr. Melvin Booker.

He and his father clearly have the same interests in sports, in 1994, Melvin was given the accolade for being the big eight player of the year.

He played for Missouri back when he won this award, he played the point guard position.

According to the stories gathered, Devin’s mother and father had met in the mother’s home town Grand Rapids, Michigan.

His father was playing basketball for the grand rapids hoops, the whole thing held in Veronica’s hometown, and so the young man met a girl who tickled his fancy.

This hometown hat we are presently talking about is where Devin Booker who is our beloved basketball superstar grew up.

He lived with his mother as a young boy, from the mother’s name, you would know that she is either Mexican and Puerto Rico.

His father on the other hand was an African-American who was focused on getting a professional career through basketball.

According to Devin, he frequently went to see his father anytime he got a summer break from school and stuff like that.

Devin had grown and when he turned 12, he traveled off to Milan so he could see his father, where he also got the chance to play Danilo Gallinari.

Devin said that his father used to always tell him that having a knowledge of basketball was very important, he also compared it to having the sense of a natural athlete.

While in middle school, Devin had met his fellow NBA players, although they all aspired to be NBA players, they were just little boys playing basketball, we are talking about Angelo Russell and Tyler Ulis.

Devin Booker’s Relationships

His Ex-Girlfriend Hannah Harrison

Devin Booker used to be in a relationship with the beautiful co-owner of treats beauty named Hannah Harrison.

This relationship is in the past now because Devin decided to go on a road trip with Kendall Jenner.

They were all friends (Kendall, Devin, and Hannah), but after this trip, people noticed that Hannah had removed every picture that contained both Kendall and Devin from her social media platform.

Harrison is a twin, she and her sister own treats beauty and while she was dating Devin, her sister also is in a relationship with an NBA star too, Chandler Parsons.

The dating world in basketball is not something to joke with, a lot of beautiful women love athletic men so you dating a professional NBA player could get rough fast.

Devin And Kendall

In 2020, during the first Corona outbreak, just as the pandemic had started in April.

Devin Booker the professional basketball player who wasn’t single at the time went on a road trip alongside Kendall Jenner from Los Angeles to a town in Arizona called Sedona.

You know how these celebrities live are, people poke a lot in their business so the internet saw something that looked like a relationship.

Even though a reliable source who was apparently close to the Kardashian family came to clear things out by saying that Devin and Kendall were just close friends and they had several mutual friends.

Still, the person who said this also said that you cannot be too sure when it comes to Kendall.

During or after the trip, Kendall told her TikTok fans about the history she has had with NBA players, we don’t know how this helped.

Devin and Kendall Jenner had a lot of mutual friends who were all in the same circle.

Devin himself has some past with Kendall’s sister’s best friend called Jordyn Woods.

Not just that, Kendall had once gone on a double date that involved Devin Booker, Jordyn Woods, Ben Simmons, and herself. This happened in 2018.

In the month of June 2020, It was said that they both had something that they were not revealing.

Stories about her we’re never straightforward because she is the only one who has a secret life in the Kardashian family.

The news about Devin and Kendall was that they were hooking up but they were not too serious, it was also said that she had a lot of guys chasing her, you can never know, right?

In 2020, Devin’s team didn’t make it to the playoffs so he had time to be with Kendall.

Devin isn’t to the world of celebrities, this guy is friends with Drake, yeah, Drake, the biggest male artist in the world now.

That same year, they both took another road trip, let’s say it’s a hike, they went alongside the Bieber couple.

On social media, they play around with different emojis and pictures of them eating at several restaurants in Malibu.

Now, we also heard and saw pictures of both of them hanging out in Kim Kardashian’s private Island. Devin also appeared in most of the photographs taken at Kendall’s birthday party.

As far as confirmation goes, on the 14th of February 2021, they both posted a picture of themselves of each other story on Instagram. This doesn’t look like a rumor anymore.

We also saw her in a lot of games where Devin was playing in 2021, she traveled a lot to support him.

Devin Booker’s Net Worth And Salary

As far as Net Worth goes, this guy is worth a lot, well he is supposed to be worth a lot.

In 2018, news came out that confirmed Devin Booker had signed a major deal in Phoenix Suns that was worth 158 million dollars over the course of five years.

He is also predicted to earn a salary of 36 million dollars in 2023.

Education And School Career

Sophomore Year

Devin in sophomore year played for the junior varsity team as a freshman when he attended Grandville high school in Michigan.

Devin left that school because he had to go live with his father when in Mississippi, his father had just returned at the time.

Devin then became a student at Moss point high school and was coached by his father on the school’s basketball team.

Different games made Devin shine like a star, a game in particular where his team lost but Devin had scored 17 points which gave him the highest points in the match.

Also, in another game where he scored a half-court just as the game was about to end, with the points, his team won that particular game.

In sophomore year, he had sportswriters writing about him and he had a lot of attention drawn to him at that point.

Booker had scored 54 points in a game where his team won another high school to gain his team the respect it has now.

Junior Year

The high school where Devin played was known for having experienced players graduating very well so, in his junior year, Devin decided to switch positions and play point guard as he advanced.

In that position, when he played against Ocean Springs high school, he scored higher points than every player on the court.

Just days after the game, Booker became the talk of the town as he ended up in the papers where they wrote about his athletic skills.

Booker is very fast and has a lengthy wingspan to stop every pass trying to get through.

What makes this player such an amazing guy is that as soon as he steals a pass, his next second is already played out in his head so he knows what to do next.

He also gained an injury during a game in his junior year, although it was later proven that it was a very minor injury. During the game, before he got he had already scored 9 points and then got injured.

And by the end of the basketball season of his junior year, Booker was noticed for his talent and had different scholarship offers from different firms before he moved on to senior year.

Senior Year

2013 summer came when Booker was in his senior year, he was able to participate in different Academy camps.

The list of camps where he attended and participated were the Kevin Durant skills academy, the LeBron James skills academy, the CP3 elite guard camp, and the National Basketball Players Association top 100 camp.

When he played in the National Basketball Players Association, his fellow teammates or co-participants selected him to be the all-star.

Booker was also one of those who went up against International competition while at the Nike global challenge.

Just during the early stage of October, his coach at the time in high school said Booker was going to tell the world the college that he had decided to attend by the end of that month.

As far as time goes, Devin had played for a school team in both Missouri and Michigan, for some reason he decided to take Florida off his mind.

And he later let the world know that he had been offered a scholarship by ESPN which gave him the chance to make the announcement on national television.

To the greatest surprise of the world, he declined the scholarship for some reason. Now let’s move to his college life.

College Career

College was a whole different arena, he has later decided to go with the University of Kentucky, and in his first exhibition game, they played against the University of Pikeville, the game held on the 24th of November 2014.

In the game, he started to gain his high school accolades again by becoming one of the team’s highest points scorers, he made 16 points in that game which made him the second-highest in the game.

Devin continued to play against different teams and scored very high points because this is what he is known for.

One of them was the game against Boston University where he had 15 points, 6 rebounds, and 7 assists.

He also went on and acquired a new high of 18 points where he had won against Montana State University.

The next game was when he played against Texas Arlington, he continued to soar high as he got a whopping 19 points in the game.

This guy broke records which earned him a spot in NBA even as he was in college. Devin Booker, You could say is a basketball legend.

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