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About Mike Vitar

Mike Vitar born in 1978, on the 21st of December is known to be an American actor, although presently, he isn’t because he hasn’t appeared on TV for some time.

He is also a firefighter. His leading role is the role he played as Benjamin Franklin in the film Benny the jet.

He also played the role of Rodriguez in the movie called sandlot. He also scored the role of Luis Mendoza in a movie called the mighty ducks. He played this role in the last two parts of the film.

Mike had started acting at a very young age, he was only 12 at the time. A casting manager saw him and thought he would be good for the movie after watching him at his school carnival.

After starting such a career at a very young age, he also stopped acting very fast, he retired in 1997 and hasn’t been on screen since then.

He was blessed with two siblings who are both older than him. One of his siblings was also in the movie sandlot as his older version in the movie.

His brother didn’t continue as an actor though, he decided to join the Los Angeles Police Department in 1996.

He lost Pablo to colon cancer on 2008, January 29th. They also had an elder sister named Elizabeth.

He was a student at St Francis high school in La Canada, California. He graduated from high school in 1997.

Just before he graduates, he got a side job that was preparing him to become the firefighter that he is right now.

He worked for the Gerber Ambulance in Torrance, this was to prepare him to move smoothly into the EMA department.

Guessing he and his brother Pablo fell in love with the force because he quit acting and ever since 2002, he got a job in the Los Angeles Fire Department and has been doing a good job so far. He lives in Los Angeles which is obvious because he works there.

One time in 2015, Mike got into trouble with two colleagues of his, they confronted a man who was only 22 years old, his name was Samuel Chang.

They had reasons to believe that Samuel was busy handing out drug-laced candy to the trick-or-treaters that were coming to knock on his door for Halloween.

Based on this accusation, because of fear, Chang ran away trying to escape, Mike and his colleagues chased him and caught him, they all held the boy down, pinning him in a chokehold and then he became unconscious.

Out of fear, they began to perform CPR on this boy and then called paramedics, the chokehold hit the boy badly and he was sitting in the hospital for weeks trying to regain himself and receiving treatment.

Well, as custom demands, the hot sued and Mike and his colleagues were found guilty of felony assault.

Based on this, he only got a few months’ suspension and wasn’t paid for those months until he got back to work again.

Mike Vitar’s Birthday

Mike is currently 42 years old and this is 2021, he was born on the 21st day of December in 1978. He was born right there In Los Angeles where he lives.

He likes celebrating his birthday every year like most people. And since he has a celebration near Christmas, it is a win-win for him.

Mike’s Siblings

Mike had siblings while growing up, he had a brother and a sister. Pablo and Elizabeth Vitar were his siblings.

Pablo was born in 1966 on the 22nd of April. He was born in the same place as his siblings and also acted alongside his brother in the movie Sandlot. They also lost Pablo in 2008 to Cancer. This was a hard time for them in their house, they got through it though.

Mike’s Wife

Mike has a wife who has been with him for a very long time now, her name is Kim Vitar, and she is a professional photographer.

She has had children for him, she has had three little kids for Mr. Mike Vitar. They have two boys and a girl.

Mike Vitar’s Net Worth

Mike is known to be worth about 300 thousand dollars from both his acting, his business, and his career as a firefighter.

He has been able to make money from the acting he did as a child, he has also been able to invest in a lot of things and so he now has enough money for himself and his family.

Everything That Should Be Said About The Former Actor, Mike Vitar

Just like we said before, he used to be an American Actor, he was born in 1978 and now he is a fireman. He started working at a young age, and all of that.

He started his acting career by taking the role of Benjamin Franklin in the movie Benny the Jet.

He also continued by appearing in the movie Sandlot where he was named Rodriguez. His brother Pablo was also in this movie with him and he acted like him in an older version.

He also got the role to play Luis Mendoza in the movie called last two mighty ducks.

He started his acting career when he was just 12 years old. He got the job through a casting producer. After all the roles he managed to get, he decided to stop acting in 1997.

His brother also got to star in a movie that he was in. He was an older version of Mike Vitar in the movie called Sandlot. He also decided to stop acting and then joined the Los Angeles police department in 1996. Guess they both quit in consecutive years.

Pablo who was his elder brother died in 2008 from Colon cancer, he was only left with his elder sister called Elizabeth Vitar.

People liked him for his part in his major role in Sandlot. They say he would have become a big actor if he had continued to do that. He just left acting for the other professionals. He decided to quit at a very early period in his life.

What happened To Mike Vitar

Well, as you know, he had only one brother in his life, and in the year 2008, he lost this same brother and would not get to see him again in life. This wasn’t an easy time for him and his family.

They all missed his brother and never expected him to go while he was so young. That was his older brother, someone he always looked up to, and then he just kicked the bucket as they became men of their own. They say Mike was always the most youthful among his siblings.

How Old Is Mike Vitar?

The actor who was born on the 21st of December in 1978 is to be 42 years right now in 2021.

He got the luxury of becoming an actor at a very young age, he was just 12 years old in 1991 when he entered the acting scene.

His first appearance was on the TV Series known as Brooklyn Bridge. He was Anthony Gambuzza in the movie.

After his first appearance in the series, he also got another role that same year playing Arturo in a film known as Diplomatic Immunity.

The year after this film was produced, he got an award as the outstanding young artist for a youth ensemble in a movie. It was called motion picture back then.

In that same 1991, he got the role of Luis Mendoza in the film called D2, the Mighty Ducks. The mighty ducks continued in 1994 which was three years later. He also appeared to play the same character in the movie.

In the same 1994, he started going to work for the ambulance in Torrance.

Also in 1994, he got a part to play one of the teens in the movie known as NYPD blue, he got to play in the scene known as girl talk.

Then came 1997 which was his year of retirement, he got the role of Carlo Lunes in a primary scene in the Chicago hope series. It was after that acting that he told the world that he was retiring from acting. He did this to go after the dream he always had, to be a firefighter.

Then in June 2002, he got accepted and given a job to work for the Los Angeles Fire Department. As it stands now, Mike Vitar is still working for the fire department in LA.

He and his wife started their relationship in 2006 and now they have three kids together.

One of their children is Eli, he was born in 2007, on the 12th of March. The next child is also a boy born in 2009 on the 30th of April. She also had a girl for him called Norah Paige, she was born on the 31st of January in 2013.

Mike’s Assets

In 2020, the former actor’s assets were all calculated and wounded to be in the sum of 300,000 dollars.

He is employed as a firefighter and so that is his major source of income that he has. Let us talk about the year 2015 when mike lost some money for a lawsuit following the incident he and his colleagues had trying to apprehend a young man on Halloween.

The public of course immediately picked up this story because it involved Mike Vitar. He and his colleagues had attacked a guy and nearly killed him while trying to arrest him for selling illegal substances as candy.

This happened on the 31st of October and many peoples across the nation were celebrating Halloween.

It was said that mike and his friends had closed for they say when they assaulted the young man when they thought he was selling something illegal in place of candy.

According to what the court says the injury caused to the boy by Mike Vitar caused the boy to suffer some cerebral disorder.

As the case went on, Mike was put on leave with pay until they were able to resolve the issue.

All three of them that assaulted the boy that day looked at some real jail time because what they did was a little over the top. Although they did manage to not go to prison, they were given extremely high bail.

After that worked out for them, they were given lighter services than in jail. Mike alongside one of his friends was given the task to so the local area for 90 days and then face probation for three years.

Mike Vitar’s Career

Let us start with his first career as a child, he started as an actor when he was just 12 years old.

He showed the world how well he could act when he was given roles. According to producers he worked with, they said that they saw Mike put his all into every scene he appeared in every film.

His first acting scene was in a pilot for Brooklyn bridge the TV series. He got this role in 1991. In that same year, he was able to make sure that he was continuing in this industry. He got another job as Arturo in another film.

From that point when he started to appear in scenes, he started getting popular and people began to love him and his acting.

One of his big roles was the film for Benjamin Franklin called Sandlot. This is the film we talked about before. Based on the way he handled this role, he was given an award because he was the most outstanding young actor.

Also, in that same period, he got another role to play Luis Mendoza in a film called Mighty Ducks. He got his career in part 2 and part 3.

After some of these parts, he started getting more roles in different TV series, he also showed up in the series called NYPD blue that featured a lot of big names.

What Is Mike Vitar’s Job Now?

As we all know, Mike decided to take a big step and then quit acting because he just always wanted to be a fireman.

Right now, Mike is working as a firefighter for the LA fire department.

About His Role On Sandlot

Mike Vitar played the role of Benny the jet in the movie known as Sandlot. The movie was aired in 1993 as the original sandlot 1.

Mike Vitar who was Benny in the movie was a high school baseball player, he played alongside his friends. He was older than everyone on the team and so he became the best player. His best friend in the movie was Scotty Smalls.


Benny, the jet whose real name was Benjamin Franklin Rodriguez was from a nearby neighborhood in The Sandlot.

He was a very passionate kid, he was most passionate about playing baseball. The scene called July 4th scene showed just how passionate he was about baseball.

He always wanted to play for the Los Angeles Dodgers as a kid, but for some reason he liked the team. Later on in the movie, he got to play for them and ended up forming a team called the Sandlot team after his retirement.


Benny was a much older team member of his first baseball team, he was also the captain or leader of the team.

He was very experienced when it came to baseball and so were his teammates. He was much better than them at baseball though.

The film started when Benny had asked his best friend Scott to be a part of his team even though he couldn’t play baseball. He tried teaching Jenny how to play but he just couldn’t meet up.

Most of his teammates were not happy about it because they thought that Scott wasn’t worthy of the team members. Well, he didn’t mind them as he said to them that everyone was a part of the team and so his friend Scott still had the chance to learn a lot.

The character in the movie known as Benny the jet displayed a very kind and polite nature.


Scott had a gift that was given to him by his stepdad, it was a ball that had the signature of Babe Ruth on it. Scotty somehow ended up losing this ball after it got into the backyard of the beast’s compound.

Now, a beast resided here so he had to devise so many plans to get himself to where the ball is and get out safely. All of these plans didn’t work out.

He and his teammates tried so many times too but all the plans failed. He was just on the verge of giving up when Benny had a dream about Babe Ruth appearing to him, he then summed up more courage and then he and his teammates got their hopes up again.

Benny’s Dream

Benny’s dream was like a vision where he had babe Ruth standing in front of him after he had gone to the wardrobe.

Babe Ruth gave him the courage and the idea that his very fast legs can help him get the ball back for Scott. He listened to Babe Ruth and tried it out.

Babe Ruth had told him in his dream that Legends never die and that he alone could get the ball for his friend.

He saw this as a way to help his friend and also become famous, he went in and dared to try out what Babe Ruth said, he came out with his friend’s ball and he became very famous for that.

Benny’s Fight With The Beast

After the dream, Benny went over to the Sandlot where the beast was, he was with his team. He requested a shoe, the shoe was capable of making a person very fast as speed was all he needed at the time.

He got into the Sandlot by jumping over the fence. He saw the beast and then he started to run, the beast which was just a dog chased him around and ended up getting stuck by the fence.

He later helped the beast in its time of need and took it back to the owner who was Mr. Mertie. Turned out that all the things that people said about Mr. Mertie and his dog were false.

After the encounter, Benny decided to make Hercules a member of the baseball team and continued playing baseball as he always did.

The story became the highlight of the town and he became very popular as a kid in his town. The name Jet Rodriguez stuck with him after his beast encounter.

Becoming A Dodgers Player

After he finished high school and college, he ended up playing for the Los Angeles Dodgers which was always part of his dreams.

He played very well for the team and also held the jet reputation throughout his stay on their team. He got to play and win many tournaments while playing for the Dodgers. He wasn’t just fast, he was brilliant on the field.

In 1972

Benny left his legacy in his hometown, his story about his encounter with the beast stuck with everyone in the town, especially the kids. They told the younger ones who came after them about the story because Hercules’s son was also a terror at the time.

Coaching The Squints Pharmacy

After all his tours as a Dodgers player, he later decided to come back home as the co-coach of the team called the Squint Pharmacy.

He saw many young talents like Tommy Santorelli who was only 13 years old, the boy was claimed to be a superstar baseball player before and he also said that Benny was his manager.

During this time, he got injured somehow and was asked to rest for some time so his strength could be regained. During his resting period, he still found time to coach the team.

He later became the manager of the Dodgers team in 2000.

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