About Drew Ann Reid

Drew Ann Reid, another celebrity child, was born in 1992. That is all we know about her date of birth. She was given birth in her father’s country, the United States of America. Just like her siblings.

They are all American citizens with a Caucasian ethnicity. Her parents were Andy and Tammy Reid.

Her father who is the celebrity that made her popular is a football coach, not just any football coach, he is a coach with a Superbowl title. Her mother is not a celebrity, but she works as a philanthropist. She has siblings, she has brothers, and sisters that came both after and before her.

She is blessed with three brothers and one sister. Her parents had five children, she is one of two girls they had, and then the three sons additionally.

We will talk about her siblings later, but here are their names. Garrett, Britt, Spencer, and Crosby Reid. They lost one of their siblings named Garrett, he was the eldest son of the family. He died due to the overuse of drugs.

We ding know much about her but she and her family are in the public eye because of the reputation that the father has.

Based on what we know she has a high school degree, we don’t know about her college degree, but it is very possible that she attended college.

With what we have said so far, you would agree with me that this girl is among those private people who have a very bright light shining on them.

What we are talking about is the fact that her father is a very popular man, and she cannot dodge the publicity that her father has given to her and her siblings. She is doing a good job at hiding her personal life, she cannot hide it all.

Career And Profession Of Andy Reid

Her everyday life isn’t put on the internet for us to look at because she is just too private with her life. She is trying to dodge the fame light if there aren’t any rumors of her life getting out.

We don’t know anything about what she does for a living, we don’t even know if she is self-employed.

Ann Reid’s Relationship Status

Here is something we know about the private celebrity child. She is married to a strength and conditioning specialist known as Devin Woodhouse.

Sage got married to the love of her life in 2013, February. The couple has been blessed with two beautiful daughters since their marriage.

The first daughter who we know of is called Elizabeth, we have no idea what the name of the second daughter is.

Physical Appearance

 She was born in 1992 and so she should be around her 30s by now, she is just the normal height of people her age.

She is 5 feet and 4 inches tall. She should weigh 65kg and has brown eyes, her eyes are very attractive.

As we said before she is a very private person so we haven’t pegged her to any social media account as she doesn’t follow up on any of them. Her private life hasn’t been revealed much online.

Drew Ann’s Father

Her father’s name is Andrew Reid, he is the one who made his whole family members popular. The world knows Ann today because of the role he played as a good football coach.

He is still a football coach, he coaches the Kansa City Chiefs. He has been able to coach a lot of big football teams, in the NFL. Reid use to coach the Philadelphia Eagles. He coached them from 1999 to 2012.

He held more than one post while he was working with the Eagles. He was the General manager and also the executive vice president of all the football operations of the club.

He was the first coach in NFL history to ever win 100 games with more than one franchise.

Reid started coaching when he got his first job as the offensive assistant coach of the Green Bay Parkers in 1992, he started from then and left in 1998.

While working as an assistant offensive coach with the Parkers, they won the Super Bowl that year, this is what made the Philadelphia Eagles employ him as their head coach in 1999.

While he was the coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, they managed to climb up the ladder, and during his time there, they were called the perennial postseason contenders.

During his leadership, he was able to take the Philadelphia Eagles to different championship games and earn them some titles too. Although he isn’t the one on the field, he was able to coordinate the players into one appearance in the super bowl.

They won five NFC championship games and they made nine appearances in the finals.

They made it to nine playoffs and they were able to bag six of their league title. He then moved to his next club where he was hired also as the head coach. He coached the Kansas Chief club. He got this job in 2013 and since then he has changed a lot of things for them.

Currently, he has played eight seasons with the Kansas city chiefs and so far he has been able to guide them a lot.

He has managed to make sure they don’t continue losing the playoffs. With him as their head coach, Kansas City Chiefs now have seven postseason appearances.

He has also been able to win five titles in the division where the chiefs play. They have appeared in the super bowl twice and they have won the title once since he was there.

This makes him a legend here because the team hasn’t won this title in 5 decades, and he also hasn’t won one as a head coach.

The brilliant coach had an early life, he was born in Los Angeles where he finished his high school education. The dodgers stadium in Los Angeles was where he worked as a vendor when he was a teenager.

Ann’s Siblings

Garrett Reid

Garrett Reid is or was the eldest son of Andy Reid. He was also the eldest brother to Ann. On a very sad note, Garrett was found dead in a training camp where he was supposed to be helping the coach out with the school team.

His battle with the addiction to heroin was a severe one as his overdose of this drug was what sent him to an early grave. He was supposed to be walking in his father’s footsteps but he got into the wrong kind of group and started taking these hard drugs.

Well, he is a part of Ann’s life so he is important in this article.

Britt Reid

This is the son that followed in his father’s footsteps for a while until he stopped and fell off at some point in his career. This was because he didn’t get a contract as he was supposed to.

He used to coach alongside his father as a linebacker coach. This was what he used to practice while searching for a contract to coach on his own.

His father had a hand in his career and has been able to help him thus far. Britt was born in 1985.

Spencer Reid

Just like his eldest brothers, he also is a coach kike his father. These boys love their father so much that they admire him.

Spencer who is the third son of the famous known as Andy Reid is now working for the Colorado state football program. He is a strength and conditioning coach in this program.

The coach there is Addazio Steve. According to what we know, Spencer here is the youngest coach in the program. He is doing cert well for himself and has been able to impress his head coach a lot

Even though he isn’t technically in the field, he is still important to Ann because he is her brother.

Crosby Reid

Crosby is famous because her father is one of the most established coaches in the world. He is well known for being the coach of the renowned team known as the Kansas Chiefs.

At one of the games that the games where her father’s team played, she came out to sing the national anthem before the game started. This game was against the Los Angeles Chargers, this was in 2015. She was born in 1988, she is 33 years old today.


So far we have seen just how beneficial it is to be associated with popular people.

A lot of people are associated with these famous people because they share the same bloodline, some of them are married to these famous people, and some of them are just friends. 

What we are trying to say is that if you think you love being famous then you would enjoy some of the benefits. 

The only thing is that as a famous person, you cannot get any private space when you are associated with these people. It isn’t easy to keep g a private life.

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