There are plenty of exercise plans that you can find online, especially on YouTube, which is filled with personal trainers. Most of the things they do are the same, but there are a few ways to figure out what works for you the most. Everything depends on what you are trying to achieve with your body, and sometimes it will take NFL training.

While looking at the NFL picks, you can check their training regime and see if you can manage even 10 minutes of it. Their training is usually hardcore because it takes a lot of strength to become a top football player. Most of the guys are tall and heavy, which means that you will probably work both on strength and agility.

The training will also depend on their role, so you can compile a few regimes to check which one works for you the most. Receivers, Cornerbacks, and QBs, usually have similar plans which are far less focused on strength compared to the lineman.

Weekly Plan

Only people in their 50s and over should be advised to avoid this training regime because it can be hard on their bones and muscles. When it comes to younger adults and adults, there’s nothing wrong that can happen by training like an NFL player. Of course, no one is expecting you to have their lifestyle because they focus only on training, but the exercises and number of training are manageable.

Most of the plans will consist of 5 weekly sessions, including three days of weight training, one day of plyometrics, and one day of agility. How you organize the week depends on you and your free time, but it can include the upper and lower body on Monday and Tuesday, agility on Wednesday, some cardio on Thursday, plyometrics on Friday, and whole body on Saturday.

Upper and Lower Body

Upper body exercises include some of the most basic ones, including bench press, where the last set will be until failure. Other activities will consist of Skullcrushers, Tricep dip, Dumbbell fly, Cable Crossover, Shrugs, Military press, and Incline dumbbell bench press. The number of sets and weight will depend on your strength level.

Lower body exercises are even more critical because the goal is to have a stable stance for an extended period of time, especially under stress. So, lunges, squats, deadlifts, leg curls, and calf raises should be made during every training. Ten to twelve reps each set is an optimal number for these exercises. You won’t have better NFL predictions when doing their training, but at least you will know how they feel.

Agility and Cardio

NFL players are mostly focused on sprints when it comes to building up their agility. It doesn’t have to be anything extraordinary. Two types of sprints are most common, including a short 25-meter one and a longer 400m one. The short distance is excellent when you want to improve reaction time, and the long-distance run is for pushing it throughout the play.

Steady cardio is essential for players, and it should be done once a week. This represents a long, time-based run that lasts from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the week. The goal is to burn fat and build conditioning.

Plyometrics and Full Body

Plyometrics are compound exercises that will involve weight lifting and cardio at the same time. It’s something similar to the regime of crossfitters but not to that extent because they are prone to injury. Some popular exercises include box jumps, burpees with push-ups, pop squats, one-leg jumps, etc.

After these exercises, you might feel better about the NFL expert picks instead of your current body conditioning, but their goal is both building muscle and conditioning. The last day is total body training that involves compound movements like doing a push-up and jumping on a box, throwing a medicine ball and squatting, and similar exercises.

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