About David Sanov

David Sanov is a highway patrol officer who resides in California. Most people ask why a patrol officer is so popular and was once all over the blogs. What happened was that he got married to a public figure, the famous star known as Alison Sweeney.

Because of his marriage, he became a very popular person. He also got a role to act in a soap opera series known as Days of our lives. He acted as a police officer in the series, this wasn’t a difficult job because he had to go perform his everyday duty on air.

They were both married in 2000, on the 8th of July. Just before their marriage, they had been dating for three years before they both decided that they were compatible for marriage.

Alison is a very popular American Actress, she is also a director, a TV host, and an author. She is known for her role in the soap opera show, Days of our lives. She was cast as Samantha Sami Brady.  

David Sanov looks like a man in his mid-50s, he was born and raised in Los Angeles, California.

He doesn’t have much information about himself anywhere on social media, although his wife is very popular. According to what we know, he comes from a very reputable family background and he looks like the kind of man that doesn’t enjoy much media attention.

It is very obvious and from the place where he claims to be from, we can say that he is a white man and clearly he is an American citizen.

Is Alison Sweeney still married to her husband?

David got married to Alison Sweeney in 2000 and the wedding was organized just three years after they had started dating. They are still together today.

The couple today has been blessed with a son named Benjamin Sanov and a daughter Megan Sanov. Megan was born first in 2005 while David came four years later in 2009.

Who is Allison Sweeney married to in real life?

David is a well-built man with a good height of about six feet and a weight of around eighty kilograms. His full body measurements are not known yet by anyone but he is built up just as a police officer should be.

People love the way he looks mostly because of his attractive brown hair and eyes that match well with each other. People say that Alison met a man with such an amazing shape, a pleasant and manly bold voice with perfect cheekbones.

Early Life Of David Sanov

The public does not have much information about his immediate family as he is not a public figure in his household.

All we know is that as a child David had always been impressed by policemen. As a child, he always wanted to be like the policemen that he saw and he nurtured them until he was able to move on to what he wanted.

As for his education, we know that he Oakland School in North Hollywood where he graduated in 1990. During his young days in college and high school, he was quite an athlete and played different sports while he was in school.

He was a major part of the basketball team that they had in his high school. He played with his schoolmates in every game until he graduated in 1990.

After high school, he went moved on and attended the University of California where he took his academic studies.

Of course, he was a smart boy and so he graduated from college and then made a decision to become a police officer just like he has always wanted to be. He didn’t like the corporate world so he didn’t even see that as a choice.

Well, to cut the story to a minimum, he decided that he would attend the police school which he did, and then got a job as a California highway patrol officer.

He is not a very greedy man and is patient too, he likes what he has become although it isn’t much on his path, he just thinks this is the only place he can serve, and so he went for it.

Despite being a policeman, having a public figure and actress as a life partner is rubbing off on him.

He has started in different screenplays because he is married to Alison. He also starred on a TV show where she was also working as an actress, he acted as a police officer in Days of our lives.

Today, we all know that in his best interest he is still doing his best to serve and protect the citizens.

David Sanov Marrying Alison Sweeney

David and Alison have been in love since late into the 90s. They both have known each other for three years back and then became close friends before eventually, they started dating.

Ever since she started talking about her husband and the kind of relationship they share, questions began coming up because most people, especially her fans wanted to know who her spouse or fiancée was.

David still retained his lifestyle even after marrying a famous actress, he continued as a police officer. David Alison’s marriage has lasted for more than twenty years and yet there is no sign of them trying to depart from each other’s company anytime soon.

Many people admire the love they share, a popular woman married to a police officer, the story seems like a story we hear about in Barbie cartoons. Many people just want to figure out how they have sustained a marriage for that long.

Well, she gave the solution to keeping a healthy marriage because it is very important to both of them.

Alison was being interviewed by health magazine and the question came up, how do you and your husband stay in love after so long? She then gave an answer to the question.

She said that she and her husband have created a routine every year on the day of their Anniversary which they both take to be very important. 

According to her, they call it a tabloid. Every year on their anniversary, they both go out for dinner and talk about how their relationship is going, especially for the past year.

She also said in the interview that on that dinner date, they talk about three ways that they both can talk about how they can make their relationship grow. They talk about things that they have to rectify and work on in their relationship.

She said that the stuff they do every anniversary is like a job, every year they are always shy about it because they first talk about what they like about each other before talking about what they can do to improve their relationship.

David Sanov Wife

Alison Ann Sweeney who is currently the wife of David Sanov a child of Polly and Stender Sweeney on the 19th of September in 1976.

Her birth was in Los Angeles, California, USA. She claims that she was raised by her brothers Ryan and Sten.

She attended UCLA for some time but couldn’t finish because she wasn’t very chanced due to her role in the Days of our Lives TV show.

She was studying economics while she was there at UCLA. Her first television debut was in a Kodak commercial that features her at the age of five.

She also made another appearance on the CBS detective television show in 1984 where she played Lyla on Simon and Simon in one of the season three episodes. After all these roles, she kept on getting roles like on the ABC sitcom known as Webster, she was there. She also made an appearance on NBC medical drama, St Elsewhere in 1985.

After all of this, she got a gig on a short film in 1987, the price of life, she played the role of Dana Anderson’s younger version.

She also made an appearance on two episodes for the syndicated show called tales from the dark side which aired from 1986 to 1988. She also made an appearance on the ABC comedy, Family man, as the naughty Teenager known as Rosie Tobin. The show aired from 1988 to 1989.

She was also on an NBC short-lived program that aired only from 1989 to 1990. A comedy-drama is known as Brand new life.

In the NBC comedy, beans new life, he played the role of Christy McCray. She was among the three young children of Barbara McCray. In the TV show, her mother was a struggling waitress.

The story goes on, their mother then got married to a good attorney who had a late wife. This role was played by Roger Gibbons who had given birth to three children already. Of course, the man is a rich man and so they had a transformation in life.

It was going to be a nice series but sadly, NBC couldn’t air the show anymore. A movie called the end of innocence was her first and only picture in her career, this movie was released in 1990.

The film was about Dyan Cannon’s real life and it was written and also directed by cannon. It was filmed as a semi-autobiographical narrative.

In the picture, Sweeney was given the role of a younger version of the actress who played Cannon. She played a 12 to 15 years old of character.

After this, she entered into Hallmark movies and crime, a telefilm known as Murder she baked: it was just about a chocolate chip cookie mystery. In the telefilm, she played the role of Hannah Swensen who was a small-time baker with the urge to solve mysteries.

Well, Sweeney continued to play her role in the telefilm murder she baked, also on a plum pudding, Murder Mystery, A peach cobbler mystery, a deadly recipe, and just desserts

Sweeney’s career has also been known to be filled with several hallmark telefilms like Love on the air in 2015, the irresistible blueberry farm in 2016, and Christmas at holly in 2017.

In 2019, she was on three of these kinds of hallmark movies and mystery telefilms like recovered, the wrong man, and vines that bind. She was also playing the role of host in an NBC competitive reality show called the biggest loser which aired from 2006 to 2015.

She also did a good job at being an executive producer on her TV guide network reality series known as Hollywood girl’s night in 2011.

About David Sanov Son

David Sanov who is the husband of Alison Sweeney as a child with her, son, is someone you can say is one of the born celebrity kids.

He isn’t that popular but the media has to know about him because of his mother’s Hollywood personality.

Benjamin was born on February 25th, 2005 alongside a younger sister. They are both white children and are both citizens of the United States of America. By his date of birth, he is a 16-year-old child who is in high school. He can only be in a higher class if he is one of those kids that keep getting double promoted.

About David Sanov Daughter

Just like we have mentioned before, they are all public figures in their house because of their mother.

No matter how it must have been, the media must have known when she was still pregnant with both babies. As soon as the babies are out in the world, the media must have carried them, so the children are introduced to the media first. 

She was born on the 12th of January in 2009 which makes her 12 years currently. The child is gifted with a father and a mother with a brother alongside. Her mother is a popular person in the media. 


This is the end of the article talking about David Sanov. He lives a very interesting life so most times this is what the media is interested in. The only issue here is that David Sanov isn’t someone who shares information with the press, this gives him a level of privacy and Solitude from the world.

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