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Rory John Gates Personal Information

Rory John Gates was born on the 23rd of May on the year 1999. His birthplace is in Seattle, Washington, United States. He is famous for being the only son of the legendary chief executive officer of Microsoft, Bill Gates, and Melinda Gates. He is the second oldest child of the Gates family and he has two other siblings with which both are girls. One older sister, Jennifer Katherine Gates, and the younger sister is Phoebe Adele Gates.

As for Rory John Gates’ physical attributes, he is around 165 centimeters in height, or 1.65 meters, or 5 feet and 4 inches in height. He weighs about 53 kilograms or 116 in pounds. As for his body measurements, he is 38-32-38, in translation, his chest size measures up to 38, his waist is 32, and his biceps are 38. He has brown eyes and has blonde hair.

About his Father (Bill Gates)

Bill Gates was born on October 28, 1955 in Seattle Washington and is currently 66 years old. His other name is William henry Gates III and he is an American entrepreneur and computer programmer. He is notably known as the co-founder of Microsoft at the age of 20, and this company is now the largest computer software company.

At the age of 13, Bill Gates has already written his first software program. Stepping in his secondary level of education, he formed a group of programmers to computerize the school’s payroll and founded Traf-O-Data later on, a company that works with local governments – they sold traffic counting systems.

By the year 1975, Bill Gates became a sophomore in an Ivy League school, Harvard University. He joined Paul G. Allen, a friend of his back in Seattle and started to develop their computer software program. This project then became successful and now popularly known as Microsoft. To a cost of leaving Harvard in order to pursue the development of the largest computer software program for decades.

With his success as a programmer, he became a billionaire starting from 1986 in which the world right now knows how his net worth started to grow drastically as he continuously develops Microsoft for more improvements.

Besides his works in the programming industry, Bill Gates is also known for his generosity by doing charity. Along with his then wife, Melinda Gates, they established the William H. Gates Foundation which was renamed later on as Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation back in the year 1999. This charitable foundation was originally established back in the year 1994 in order to support global health programs and projects in Pacific Northwest. On the late 1990s, Bill and Melinda funded libraries in North America via the Gates Library Foundation which was also renamed back in the year 1999 to Gates Learning Foundation. This other foundation of theirs has funded the minority of the study grants for the Gates Millennium Scholars program.

About His Mother (Melinda Gates)

Melinda Gates or also known as Melinda Ann French was born on the 15th of August in the year 1964. She is the second eldest child of the four children. She grew up in Dallas, Texas. Her parents are Raymond Joseph French Jr. who was an aerospace engineer who worked on the space program called Apollo, and her mother is Elaine Agnes Amerland who was a stay-at-home mom.

Just like her then husband, Melinda also found her passion in computer programming. Due to her love with science and technology, she convinced her parents to let their newly bought Apple II computer be placed in her room. She went to Ursuline Academy which is an all-girls Catholic school located in Dallas, Texas. When she is in her senior year of high school, she took a tour around Duke University then felt draw to the university’s computer science department. After graduating in senior high school, she proceeded with enrolling to Duke University to pursue her bachelor’s and master’s degree in business.

After graduating, she then worked for Microsoft and this was the time wherein the computer software company was still small. During the first 4 months of her employment at Microsoft, she met Bill Gates then started dating and tied the knot after 7 years in Lanai, Hawaii. They eventually had three children together. Melinda Gates eventually left Microsoft to help raise her and Bill’s growing family.

She became on of the Board of Trustees for Duke University back in the year 1996 up to 2003, after leaving Microsoft. Melinda also started her journey as a philanthropist along with her husband Bill Gates and later on formed a charitable foundation called, Gates Library Foudation which was renamed later on to Gates Learning Foundation. This organization gave computers which allows people to have access in the internet in public libraries across the United States of America.

Rory John Gates Early Life and Education

Rory John Gates appears to be a reserved person with keeping himself private from the internet. Him and his siblings grew up in a 66,000 square feet mansion which was called Xanadu 2.0. This massive mansion costs about $150 Million and it is also situated in front of a lake in Medina, Washington. This mansion must have every amenity a person could imagine. Which perhaps include its very own artificial beach, movie room, indoor swimming pool, and perhaps, its own trampoline room.

However, despite how lavish and grand Rory John Gates and siblings had as what their parents had given them, their parents remained strict with them. According to some sources from the internet, it was mentioned that the Gates kids did not have their own phone until they turned 14 years old. But even so, once they finally had their own phones, their screen time was being limited, such as not using it on the dinner table. Melinda and Bill also taught the limits of using their phones with regards to the dangers of the internet.

The couple explained their screen time limiting discipline as a way to help them to get better sleep as well improving their social skills when it comes to bonding with family and friends. Bill Gates and Melinda Gates often set a timer for their children. But besides disciplining their kids with using technological devices, Bill and Melinda Gates also taught their kids to be religious. The Gates family always attend Catholic church.

Rory John Gates formerly attended an elite private school in Seattle, Washington which was called Lakeside School. Rory John Gates then pursued a bachelor’s degree n computer software engineering and economics in one of the most prominent universities in the United States which is Duke University. Throughout his educational career, he then continued to go to Fuqua School of Business to attain his MBA degree just like Melinda Gates, during her educational journey in the past.

His mother even mentioned that her years as a student of Duke University was some of the best years of my life because of the quality of education the university offers. She even gave $20 Million to the university back in the year 1998 in order to improve the university’s horizons when it comes to moulding its students into excellent professionals someday. This donation was meant to expand the university’s way of teaching to go beyond traditional bounds. Besides her donation, Bill and Melinda donated once again to the university in order to supply scholarships for those undergraduates and students who are taking business programs. This second donation amounts to $10 Million and it is also stated in the Gates Foundation website.

Another impressive thing about how the Gates family raises their kids is that how they taught their son, Rory, to become a feminist and impressively, Rory is not someone who is close minded and he is not shy about being open to gender equality. Rory mentioned that standing up to the unfairness of society is what everyone should be doing. Regardless how stigmatised some aspects of society are which requires more courage and boldness to voice out, he believes that speaking up for unfairness is a responsibility in order to bring justice.

Besides pursuing computer software engineering as well as business school, Rory John Gates is also pursuing his educational journey at the University of Chicago to study law. In relation to this although the entire reason was unspecified, was that Bill and Melinda purchased a $1.25 Million five-bedroom house located in Chicago’s South Side Hyde Park neighbourhood back in the year 2018.

This property is about 3,000 square feet in size, and is also pretty nearby Rory’s childhood residence. It has a brick facade, with two terraces, and a detached car garage. The possible reason why the Gates purchased this home close to the University of Chicago was because they want to give their son the liberty to live and manage his college life with his own personal space.

Shockingly, Rory’s father, Bill, only wants to leave a small portion of inheritance to each and every single one of his children in order to encourage to work hard for their own future and not rely much on their parents. This is a stepping stone for them to become fully independent once Bill and Melinda Gates retire.

Besides his formal education in the prestigious schools he has been through and currently studying in, Rory also took Science lessons from his father on their vacations in Europe. He attended multiple educational tours to enlighten himself with different cultures and histories of places he visited.

Rory John Gates Career

Since Rory John Gate has not yet finished his studies as a college student, he is yet to embark on his journey as a professional. Although based on his choice of programs he pursued during his bachelor’s, and MBA, and now, with law school, it is pretty obvious that he wants to follow his dad’s footsteps or perhaps inherit his company, Microsoft, and take over it once Bill Gates steps down and retires.

As for Bill Gates, he has mentioned before that he is encouraging his children to have their own independent careers or pave their own paths but information regarding this is yet to be disclosed. The Gates children’s parents believed that their children will excel with anything they pursue or if the kids choose to inherit their father’s company.

Besides Rory’s excellence with his career as a student, he is also known for his passion in writing. When Rory was ten years old, he made a Diamante poem about light and a black hole. This poem of his gained attention from the world.

Rory John Gates Net Worth

As of now, since Rory John Gates is still not pursuing any career as a professional, he still has a net worth of $20 Million dollars to his name.

Rory John Gates Relationships, Dating, Lovers, and Affairs

According to some resources from the internet, it was not stated that Rory John Gates is dating or pursuing anyone in the present and in the past as well. There are no records of him being in an official relationship, nor has been involved in any matrimonial arrangements with someone. Moreover, there are no reports of him having a child with anyone as well. Future updates regarding his love life still awaits. Although knowing him, since Rory John Gates is a reserved and private person, he might keep his relationship from the world.

Rory John Gates Other Facts and Trivias

Based from sources on the internet, Rory John Gates has disclosed some facts and trivias about and this is the list.

  • His favorite actor is Michael Cera
  • His favorite actress is Emma Stone
  • His favorite color is white
  • His favorite food is Italian cuisine
  • His hobbies are playing video games and traveling
  • He is also a poet
  • Besides being in his 20s, he still lives with his parents and siblings in their mansion.

Any further information regarding Rory John Gates will be further disclosed in the future.


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