Anime is a kind of animated series or film hailed from Japan. This kind of animation had grown and expanded its number of enthusiasts throughout the years and become one of the biggest sources of entertainment for people around the world.

Despite being an animation, anime is not just limited to the younger audience but the adults as well which make anime diverse and one of the favored animated entertainments.

What anime do teen girls like?

Anime ranges from fluff genres like comedy, a slice of life, coming of age, and romance, to darker genres such as thrillers, violence, dystopian, mystery, and horror. These might only be animations but the graphics or the characters could really range from adorable to nightmares all thanks to the animators.

In relation to the discussion about different genres, this article will help you show a list of animes that would pique the interest of the female viewers. But of course, one must be sensitive to how the media portrays females in different modes of entertainment.

Despite being a loved source of entertainment by the majority, anime can stir up any issues regarding women objectification and stereotypes which provokes society to set another impossible standard for women to follow. But in this article, we will show you one of the best animes for girls that represent female anime characters in a different light and not deem women in a negative way. Here are the best animes for girls.

Who is the coolest anime girl?

  • Fruits Baskets

Coming up first on the list is one of the classics, Fruits Baskets. Fruits Basket is an anime that focuses on a teenage girl, Tooru, who lost her mother due to an accident and since then, Tooru starts to live with her grandfather. But due to another unfortunate circumstance, Tooru moved out of her grandfather’s abode due to it undergoing renovations.

Afraid of the criticism she will receive from her family relatives due to her claiming she has found a place to stay while not wanting to burden her friends, she opted for living inside her tent located in the woods.

As if her situation could not get any worse, Tooru, coming home from school one day, saw her tent buried underneath the ground due to a landslide. Good thing that there is a silver lining in every dull situation and this happened to Tooru when one of her classmates, Yuki Souma, also known as the “prince” from their school due to his looks, and his cousin, Shigure Souma discovered Tooru’s situation and the boys invited her to stay in their residence until the renovations of her grandfather’s house are finished.

Once she arrived and stayed for a while in the Souma residence, Tooru discovered the family’s secret that if they hugged someone of the opposite gender, the boys will transform into one of the animals that belonged to the zodiac.

There are so many moral lessons to be extracted from this remarkable classic anime but to fully emphasize the importance of Tooru’s situation in life in order to lift herself from the perils of life, her independence helped her get through one of the hardest situations on her life when most people would only deem her docile, weak, and soft, but in the end, she still manage to take care of herself before she met the boys without the support of other people.

What new anime should I watch?

  • Ouran High School Host Club

Another one of the classic lighthearted, romance, and comedy anime, is Ouran High School Host Club. This is an anime back in the year 2006 and it focuses on the life of female lead, Haruhi Fujioka who is a scholarship student at Japan’s most prestigious and elitist school, Ouran Academy. Haruhi Fujioka was mistaken as a boy due to her short pixie cut, by the school’s most popular and handsome students who established a male host club inside their school.

Haruhi suddenly went inside the said room, not knowing that it is a host club. She accidentally broke one of the expensive vases inside the club in which she have to pay back, however, she does not know where to find such a huge amount of money. Luckily, coming to her aid, due to a lot of female students fawning over Haruhi and finding her cute, the guys invited her to join the club as a way to pay for her debt and to increase the customers of the club.

After staying in the club full of guys, Haruhi and the head of the club, Tamaki Suou, eventually started to develop feelings for each other, thus the start of their puppy romance in the middle of the series.

In this lighthearted and comedic anime, one could take away that despite being in a room full of guys, Haruhi was unafraid of showing how capable she is of doing what the guys do when it comes to showing their charms. It is also remarkable of her to show hard work and diligence in order to support herself and her family since they are only a middle-class family while being busy with school and in the club. This goes to show that girls are resilient.

  • Sailor Moon

Another classic anime joins the list of one of the best animes for girls and that is Sailor Moon. before jumping into the synopsis, did you know that the anime had become extremely popular during the 2016s due to makeup brands creating their own products such as brushes, eyeshadow palette, or mascara in the Sailor Moon aesthetics? Sailor Moon is not just an anime but also became a type of aesthetic as well!

Sailor Moon focuses on a girl named, Usagi Tsukino, who is just an average student, clumsy, and does not do well at school. Her life suddenly took a turn when she saved a cat with a crescent moon on the cat’s forehead from danger. The cat has named Luna and Usagi’s meeting with the mystical cat was not just a mere coincidence but fate really brought Usagi to become Sailor Moon, in which she becomes a guardian who possesses the power to protect the planet Earth.

As for the takeaway from this anime, one could say that in general, a person does not immediately show signs of greatness or remarkable skills since a lot of people have different goals, have their own paces, and every person is different from one another, which in return sets a notion to some people that they are geniuses or average.

That was the case of Usagi Tsukino, also known as Sailor Moon. However, since life worked in such complex and unexpected ways, she went from being an average girl into a superhero.

Just when she thought she lost hope and believes that her life would be a constant drag and full of misfortunes, until she finally found hope and her true calling in her life but in order to be great in accomplishing her purpose in life, she will have to constantly learn and face more challenges in order to be better.

What is the top 1 anime in 2022?

  • Angel Beats

This next anime has also taken the anime industry by storm because this anime is also one of the popular classic animes that otakus love. This anime is called Angel Beats and this is an action-packed, melodrama, comedy, and romance anime.

The anime begins with a male character, Otonashi, who had awoken from unconsciousness only to find out that he is actually dead. Yuri, the female lead character, explains to Otonashi that they are currently in a place called the afterlife.

The two meet other students who are in the afterlife and had commenced the war with a girl named Tenshi. But along the way of joining Shinda Sekai Sensen or SSS to battle against Tenshi, Otonashi somehow started to grow fond of her. While Otonashi was trying to regain his memories and decipher Tenshi, he slowly understood the mysterious afterlife.

What is the most loved anime?

  • K-On!

For the next anime on the list, we introduce you to a fresh, lively, upbeat, and cute anime that revolves around a group of high school girls in a band. The band began when the main female character, Yui Hirasawa, was stuck in a dilemma of which club should she be joining for the school year. She stumbled upon a club called Light Music Club and she decided to apply for it. This club is for members who are able to play an instrument but since Yui could not, she decided to leave.

Unfortunately for the club, due to the lack of members, the Light Music club might disband. This is why the members of the band tried anything they could to convince Yui to stay such as offering her food but Yui is stubborn and was still unconvinced in joining the band since she really could not play an instrument.

So for the last resort of the band members, they decided to play a musical piece for Yui and this sparked her interest and passion in music which resulted in her joining the band.

This is only a lighthearted anime show but it is very refreshing in the sense that it is not entirely overwhelming and it gives off some kind of nostalgia to viewers in order to remind them of the joys of being in high school despite being one of the most challenging stages in education and in life.

This just shows the value of friendship as the band kept on practicing in their club, messing around, as well as showing how people could influence you into finding your own passions as well, so hold onto those people who bring out the best in you.

  • Hanasaku Iroha

As for the next anime, this is a mixture of a slice of life, melodrama, relaxing, and coming of age story when the main character, Ohana Matsumae, who resides in the bustling city of Tokyo with her single mother, was left to fend for herself when her carefree mother decides to leave her with her new boyfriend.

Ohana Matsumae was told to move to the rural side of Japan with her grandmother with a personality, who also owns an inn. Despite being left by her mother, Ohana remained strong and was driven to adapt to the rural lifestyle that her grandmother is accustomed to.

Throughout the journey of her adjustment to the new lifestyle, she faces challenges along the way while working as a maid in the inn but she manages to make new friends that she met while serving in the inn and her new school in the rural side of Japan.

Despite how the anime could be somewhat relaxing, it does not sugarcoat the realities of a young woman who is striving to work hard and fend for herself when no one can help her. This story sheds a light on independent women who are strong and are capable of making their own way in the world.

  • Mix Michiko To Hatchin

Now, who said underrated animes are not worth the watch? This last anime on the list is one of the animes falling in the underrated category but this anime does not disappoint.

This anime is set in South America, and a criminal, Michiko Malandro tries to break into prison with high security in order to search for a man that she met from her past. Still stuck in problems of finding the mystery man, she found a clue from a girl named Hana Morenos, a young girl who is trapped under the hold of the abusive family who adopted her.

The young girl daydreams of finally being liberated from the abuse of the people who kept her by a Prince Charming. What she did not expect was that her Prince Charming was a convict or criminal who rides on top of a stolen motorbike and is pretending as Hana Moreno’s mother.

The opposing duos rode under the South American sun to chase their dreams in the land of Diamanda–a brimful of poverty, betrayal, crime, and child exploitation.

The Takeaway

There are loads of worth-watching anime series but I would like to acknowledge these animes on the list because it is full of diversity in terms of the personalities of women and such as the softness or bruteness of a woman, does not make them less of a person or deserved to be disrespected.

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