Anime is a very interesting topic. It’s not just about cartoons or animation, but about the Anime culture and community. Geek and otaku culture is one of the biggest trends in our modern society. Animes contain a wide variety of genres, each one exploring different themes and topics.

Some of the most popular series in the world has a lot to teach us about life and how to live it. Anime is an industry of worldwide scope, and like most other forms of entertainment, some trends emerge over the years. This list rounds up the best series that had the biggest impact on their periods.

Anime can be guilty of being just another guilty pleasure, even the low-brow variety. But there are plenty of shows that are just downright wholesome and downright delightful.

Anime often gets a bad rap for being nothing but high-energy cartoons with varying levels of nudity and fanservice, but the truth is that it contains some of the most diverse storytelling in all of entertainment.

Anime is indeed a Japanese style of storytelling that combines dramatic action and gorgeous visuals to create stories that appeal to both children and adults. The word “anime” can also refer to the medium. In English, anime is more commonly referred to by its Japanese term, “anime” or as “Japanimation.” It is differentiated from other styles such as cartoons, which is a U.S. style of animation.

But not all anime characters are good-looking, pretty, or even remotely attractive. Some of them are traps — a unique category of handsome anime man that looks incredibly good at first glance but is an attractive woman.

Traps are a popular anime trope that features characters that are dressed opposite of their gender (Traps). A male character might wear make-up or have feminine mannerisms, while a female character could be muscular with a low voice.

Anime fans often enjoy watching takes on these characters, whether they are dressing them up in cosplay or creating fanfics about their adventures.

Hime Arikawa

(Appeared On Himegoto: Year (2014)

When your dad owes the yakuza big money, you become their slave. And that’s exactly what Himegoto’s heroine Hime Arikawa has to do every day at school. As her “payment”, she’s forced to cross-dress in a skimpy dress and high heels, turning her into a walking sex object for all her classmates to leer at. Hime suspected she was already in jeopardy as she squirmed her way towards the front door with a bag of goodies in one hand and a crutch in the other. Her family’s business had taken a major hit in the last year, so she offered what money she could to prevent her dream school from pulling her scholarship. However, even that seemingly generous sum still wasn’t enough when the student council discovered that Hime had been masquerading as a male.

The iDOLM@STER (Released in 2011)

While idols may not all be “idols,” a good idol is a role model for fans. In anime, they can be handled in a variety of ways — sometimes they’re the most adored thing on earth, sometimes just a talented role model, and sometimes making mistakes like any other human. Kikuchi is probably the most popular iDOLM@STER character. She has a mastery of the stage and makes audiences completely forget her masculine appearance. Her skill on stage, impressive looks, and ability to lead her team make her a fan favorite. She uses her beauty and good-natured charm in a “modest”, and “seemingly ingenious” way to achieve her goals. Despite this, she is still very feminine by nature.

Saika Totsuka

From These Common Film-Oregairu (Commenced 2013)

In Oregairu, Saika Totsuka is a character that acts unusually. He presents himself as manly, stating that he’s “one hundred percent male”, but his behavior clashes with that statement. He’s an innocent boy—often acting more like a girl than a boy—which confuses the show’s protagonist, Hachiman Hikigaya. Hachiman often assumes Saika is a girl until proven wrong at the end of Season 1. Saika uses the method of ‘mind control’ to achieve his goals. He disguises himself as a young girl and takes advantage of the trusting personalities of otakus.


Nagisa is not a trap. He’s an effeminate boy who dresses up in female clothing because his mother forced him to when he was younger. While it may make for some disturbing imagery, this backstory makes Nagisa incredibly sympathetic. When he does cross-dress in the series, it’s meant to be endearing and cute, rather than creepy.

Kuranosuke Koibuchi,

What More Than This Film: Princess Jellyfish

Kuranosuke Koibuchi is a rich guy who likes to dress up as a woman. Although he appears to be uninterested in politics, he’s far more intelligent than his family members. He is not afraid of expressing uncomfortable truths, even if it means risking his own life. Koibuchi constantly has desired to pursue a career in the fashion industry. He enjoys fashion so much that he cross-dresses and puts on make-up even when at home, which makes him the prime target of gossip in the neighborhood. However, this 4-episode anime brings viewers a unique perspective on gender roles and fashion.

Souta Takanashi

(2010) Film: Working

Souta Takanashi is an exceptional waiter at Wagnaria, efficient at taking orders and bringing food, but inept at interacting with customers. As a result, he finds himself in a variety of embarrassing circumstances. Though he seems to be quiet and does not stand out much, Souta is an all-star worker! Working!! Souta Takanashi is among the central protagonists. Souta has a secret: he’s a cross-dresser. He loves to wear the waitress uniform, and often changes into frilly clothes when no one is looking. His real face is that of a middle-aged man, but he dresses like a cute high school girl named Kotori whenever he’s alone. The way he talks and acts, however, betrays his true identity completely — he has little patience for those who are boring or obnoxious.

Honjō Kamatari,

Popular Movie: Rurouni Kenshin (Released 1996)

The story of “Rurouni Kenshin” follows the character of the same name, a wandering samurai who has turned his back on killing. His sword has been sharpened on both sides, which means that he will never be able to kill again. However, when criminals are not punished for their crimes, he chooses to step in and brandish his sword in the name of justice.

Kamatari is a very skilled swordsman with a natural talent for handling a katana. He is known to be a crossdresser and gently expresses his feminine side in most of his attention-grabbing costumes. His sense of fashion matches his graceful personality, but it’s all an act to hide the skills of a deadly samurai warrior. When he reveals his true identity, He gets really serious and almost frightening at times, with white armor and a helmet.

Chihiro Fujisaki,

Spoted In: Danganronpa (2013)

With delicate features and long, flowing light hair, this pink-haired beauty could pass for a girl. While Chihiro is known for being one of the more feminine-looking cross-dressers in anime, most have no problem recognizing his true gender.

While cross-dressing is traditionally used as a plot device to deepen past relationships with women, Chihiro’s identity as a male is never questioned throughout the story.

He was routinely bullied a lot because of his frailty. He tried to be manly but somehow failed even in his effort. One day, he decided to dress up in girl’s clothes to avoid being bullied. But it didn’t work out as expected. Not only did people still bully him, he eventually got the taste of his own medicine when he was bullied by people who were closet transvestites themselves.


Heard Of It!: Naruto (2004)

Haku is a character with one of the most beautiful storylines in the Naruto series. His mother, the only surviving member of her clan, isolated him to keep him safe. Refusing to let him experience the same fate as her, she trained Haku in the arts of ice-release ninjutsu to protect himself.

Because of this, Haku was deprived of human interaction for most of his youth. Hidden in the dark, Haku’s feminine appearance was able to deceive even his fellow shinobi. This cunning side of him allowed him to sneak into enemy camps without being detected, spy on his enemies, and plan accordingly. Naruto then came across this boy, who looked prettier than Sakura and complimented Haku on it. Haku got fatally injured after an epic firefight against Team 7. After that, he passed away.

Ruka Urushibara,

Very Common Movie: Steins; Gate (2011)

Ruka is a feminine-looking boy whose smooth skin and slender body make people think he’s a girl, but he has never thought of himself as being female because of his XY chromosomes. He may have a crush on Rintaro, but he can’t be sure if it’s just admiration.

Ruka likes to watch romantic dramas filled with love and passion, but none of them reflect his feelings toward Rintaro. What will happen to their love? There is a scene where Rintaro and Mayuri need to go back in time to save their friend, but this will mean that Rukako’s male personality will return. She agrees on two conditions for this: they have to go on a date together, and she gets to wear the D-Taper.

(Year-2012) Gasper Vladi, (The High School DxD)

Gasper Vladi is a dark horse who has fallen in love with Issei. Although he’s a boy, Gasper’s feminine appearance and demeanor make him a victim of bullying by the other boys at the academy. Despite his young age, he is intelligent and possesses incredible power, which eventually earns him a place in Issei’s harem.

Gasper would be a partially human or, a half-vampire Dhampir. He was imprisoned to keep his abilities under control, yet he’s equally as talented as any other character in the series. He’s always trying to improve, but his cheery nature and compassionate heart make him one of the most popular characters in the series.

Fate/Grand Order character Astolfo (2016)

Astolfo is the most feminine character in the anime, Fate/Apocrypha.

Astolfo’s beauty lies in his effeminate nature. As a trap character, he has long, brown hair that falls into soft curls at the tip. But for our trap, there is more to him than just his gender-bending appearance. He often dresses in cute girly clothes, but he also likes to wear more masculine outfits. Nevertheless, you may have overlooked the idea that he has been even more attractive in female attire. And how often does it happen that you can have both?

(The Film: You’re –Under- Arrest -1994) Aoi Futaba,

Aoi Futaba is the first transgender policewoman in the country. She’s currently partnered with Kachou who has no issues with her gender identity. Though more of a matter-of-fact type of officer, Aoi is intelligent and efficient on the field.

Though Aoi is a police officer at the beginning of the series, he’s assigned to apprehend a group of criminals after he cross-dresses to get closer to them. After completing that mission, Aoi realizes that the gender identity he had previously assumed is too restrictive for his spirit. Up until that point, he began clothing as a woman and identifying as a transgender person.

 Hideyoshi- Kinoshita

No person in the arena of anime has ever been able to enjoy the Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu’ which is a must-see for fans of humor, romanticism, and elementary school melodrama. Shoukanjuu is a universally acknowledged term.

The show revolves around an academy where the students are segregated by their grades. Class F is populated by students with poor grades, and the class has sub-par seating, desks, and computers. However, that doesn’t stop them from forming friendships and participating in extracurricular activities like cultural festivals.

The main character of the anime, Yoshii, is a naive boy with a flair for the dramatic. While he may possess a bit of an airhead, Yoshii is determined to prove his school’s worth to the world — and he’ll stop at nothing to achieve his goal. Hideyoshi Kinoshita is an adorable young man with a penchant for mischief. People tend to forget that Hideyoshi is a boy, which causes him to be confused with being a girl.

Especially when he posts pictures of himself in the bathroom and his face or body is blurred out (much like those pictures of girls on the internet). These photos sell for an outrageous amount on the internet and can even outsell those sales of Akihisa in women’s clothing. Despite his desire for everyone else to consider him a guy, he frequently appears to enjoy this aspect of his personality.

Felix Argyle

Felix is an extremely rare nekomata (aka “cat-eared”) trap — a common element in anime and manga where characters take on the appearance and personality of a cat, despite not being one. Nekomatas are often loved by fans for their upbeat and friendly personalities: although Felix may look like a sweet innocent little girl, he has the heart and spirit of a powerful warrior! While he may be clever, his social skills leave something to be desired. However, he is hardworking and earnest, which earns him the loyalty of his fellow knights.

Felix is the ultimate flirt. His flirting skills are so advanced that he can flirt with anyone, regardless of gender, by fluttering his eyelashes and throwing his long hair. Felix has his sense of self, and it extends beyond just his gender. He likes to joke around and refer to himself as Ferris-chan.

Aoi Hyoudou

If you haven’t seen ‘!’, it’s a lighthearted romance that’s sure to keep you entertained throughout its entire series. Throughout the series, you’ll get to know Aoi Hyoudou, a supporting character of the show. He’s an amiable guy who works at his aunt Satsuki’s cafe with the main character Misaki.

Aoi Hyoudou is mostly seen in his female persona, Aoi-chan. He has a very ambiguous aura, despite being a popular male idol. He has the demeanor of a small child who is naive. He’s known for his flirtatious ways and the way he teases others. He’s good friends with Ren, who’s known for being an airhead. If there’s one thing Aoi isn’t good at, it’s emotions. He’s irritable, sarcastic and unable of talking himself out of a situation. His only goal is to make sure he gets what he wants. But if you can look past all of this, you’ll find someone who secretly admires the people around him.

Kino, Kino no Tabi

“Kino no Tabi” is quite possibly one of the most beautiful anime I’ve ever seen, and it wasn’t at all what I was expecting. It sits on a pedestal among my other favorites because of its tone and general pacing. The main character, Kino — a teenage girl — travels the land with her Motorrad Hermes, encountering various people and cultures along the way.

Kino’s gender is a mystery. Her hands slip easily into the sleeves of her high-collared coat, and her face is never fully exposed. No one can say for sure if she’s a man or a woman — young or old — and we’re not meant to know. With this in mind, we’re free to project our ideas onto Kino. However, with her ability to use guns and the sheer firepower she carries, she can nimbly and skillfully take on multiple enemies.

Yukimura Kusunoki

Yukimura used to be the most feminine girl in her school but is now dressing up as a boy with her best friend Matsuda. She admires Kodaka’s freedom to do whatever he wants, and would also like to be given more freedom. Although she doesn’t tell anybody about her change of gender, Yukimura has changed during her time at high school after befriending Kodaka.

But the tragedy of this story is that she was born a girl and as such her parents needed a boy, and as such, they raised her to be one.

Kashima Yuu

Kashima Yuu appears to be a boy who fancies himself a prince. He is, however, in fact, a girl. This charming cross-dresser’s feminine beauty captures the hearts of many women around him, but he does not seem interested in romance. She is obsessed with Hori.

She has loved him ever since she first laid eyes on him in the anime series where he is the main character. However, because of his height, which is shorter than average, he encountered many problems, so he decided to quit being an actor.

Kenjiro Hato

The prominent character, Kenjirou Hato, is not an easy person to get along with. However, his unique charm and frankness make him a character you can’t help but like. Kenjiro Hato is the club’s last new member, and he’s made an impression on everyone in his short time here. The best way to describe his passion for Yaoi is that he’s incredibly dedicated to the genre — Hato has even been known to cross-dress on occasion!

This character’s androgynous appearance allows him to pass as a woman without arousing suspicion. When he is dressed as a female, his looks are especially attractive, making his feminine side particularly believable.


Appears in Hunter –x- Hunter

Neferpitou is a mysterious creature who resembles a cat. With a sweet and playful demeanor, he comes across as a regular, adorable kitty. However, there’s much more to his character than meets the eye — when the time calls for it, he can be cold and manipulative, much like his master.

On the other hand, his personality also completely changed when he was protecting Komugi from the Gon. In a way, he acted more like a mother than an assassin to her, even acting as a protector from a member of the supposed enemy.

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