One of the most enjoyable things people can do is ride a bicycle. If you’re a regular cyclist, you probably pay close attention to performance and are passionate about improving like many other pleasures; it’s a good thing. Cycling releases endorphins like any other exercise, which makes you feel energized and crave more. Exercise can be compared to a drug in some ways.

Fitness, health, and happiness are all benefits of exercise. It can, however, be addictive, becoming all-consuming and, ultimately, dangerous. When something is good, there can be too much of it. Exercise addiction affects both the body and the mind.

Studies have shown that physical activity has a significant impact on overall health. In addition to reducing mortality, the goal is to mitigate debilitating illnesses or diseases. Heart disease and cancer risks are lower in people with a history of moderate exercise. In addition, the benefits of an active lifestyle extend our longevity and quality of life, resulting in a longer period of health-free living at the end of our lives and a shorter period when our health capacity is severely reduced before death.

Exercise is also beneficial to both mental health and mental functioning. A person’s cognitive function is generally maintained for a longer time if they exercise regularly. Regular exercise and healthy eating tend to sustain cognitive function over longer lifespans.

Cycling can be physically and psychologically challenging, just like any other exercise. It doesn’t take long for wonderful things to begin as soon as you start cycling on the road. The urge to get back on the saddle keeps increasing over time, as a large part of your life changes for the better. Without realizing it, it develops into an addiction.

Here are 33 signs proving that you are addicted to cycling:

  1. There is no doubt in your mind which direction the wind blew last weekend.
  2. The feeling of heavy legs makes you avoid beer.
  3. It has always been your dream to own a custom-made carbon bike.
  4. Most of your bikes are more expensive than your cars.
  5. You currently have your bike as the cover photo of all your social media pages instead of your partner.
  6. Your favorite topics of conversation are tubes, wheels, and bike components.
  7. Cycling is always part of your holiday plans.
  8. The amount of cycle gear you have is more than all your entire wardrobe combined.
  9. It is acceptable to wear lycra and arm warmers.
  10. Biceps and thighs show sharp tan lines.
  11. If you take the stairs takes less time than people in the lift to reach the tenth floor.
  12. Countless people have signed your petitions against “roadhogs”.
  13. A conversation about your heart rate can last for dozens of minutes.
  14. It is not a problem for you to open a muesli bar using just one hand.
  15. When working at a computer, you can sit in an aerodynamic position.
  16. In the middle of the night, you dream of speeding somewhere on your bike in the middle of the night.
  17. Checking your helmet buckle subconsciously when you get in a car is a natural response.
  18. Regarding disc brakes in professional cycling, you have a clear opinion.
  19. There’s a box full of obsolete parts that you will not throw away.
  20. People are remembered by their bikes, not by their names.
  21. By observing the tracks on your trail tracks, you can tell who has been riding there lately.
  22. Many people think you work at the local bike shop because you’re always there.
  23. Just below your shoulders, your suntan begins at your wrists.
  24. Within a five-mile radius of your home, you know the location of every pothole.
  25. Missing an exercise session makes you moody and irritable since you use it to change your mood.
  26. Even when you are driving a car, you think about every hill like a cyclist.
  27. T-shirts related to cycling are too many in your closet.
  28. A bike occupies a prominent place in your bedroom, despite your significant other’s protests.
  29. You don’t feel embarrassed about the nickname you gave your bike.
  30. There are tyres for every weather condition and season in your collection.
  31. The lack of two rides a week makes you feel cheated. It almost feels like the effort you put in the week before has gone to waste.
  32. In traffic jams, it can be frustrating to know you could cycle faster can be frustrating.
  33. A bike probably sits next to your desk, and your work computer has a screen-saver relating to bicycles.

Your bike will become increasingly significant as cycling becomes more regular in your life. Your bike knowledge will increase as you visit local bike shops and certain online retailers over a couple of weeks.

The cycling bug will soon spread thick and fast from here. In no time, you’ll have the cyclist’s tan where your hands, feet, bottom two-thirds of your legs, and the lower half of your arms become increasingly brown. Moreover, if you consider grease stains on your hands as a source of pride when you arrive at work, it’s safe to assume you’ve already claimed your rightful place in the cycling world.

You’ll be happier and healthier mentally, too, if you’re physically fitter, but getting outdoors will also positively impact your health. Despite the benefit of working out at the gym, nothing beats spending time outdoors.


Some skeptics reject the concept of addiction caused by habits rather than substances such as alcohol. According to them, unlike substances, behavior is modifiable, enjoyed by millions without causing problems, and, thus, cannot be labeled addictive.

Cycling fits well into a healthy lifestyle when viewed from a healthy perspective and in moderation. Addiction to any habit, including cycling, can be difficult to diagnose and recognize. It affects physical health; exercise addiction adversely influences other aspects of cyclist life, such as other passions, careers, and education.

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