There are various benefits of exercise that you can get, from maintaining organ function to increasing stamina and endurance. Not only beneficial for physical health, but exercise is also good for your mental health.

Exercise is one of the most practical and simple ways to maintain a healthy body, but it is still often neglected. In fact, by exercising and being active regularly, your body can be fitter and your health will be maintained.

Various Benefits of exercise for Health

It’s never too late to exercise. Regardless of your age, regular physical activity and exercise are good for a healthier and stronger body. The following are the various benefits of exercise for the health of the body that you can get:

1. Prevent heart disease and stroke

Regular exercise every day or at least 3 times per week can strengthen the heart muscle, improve blood flow, increase good cholesterol (HDL), and lower levels of bad cholesterol (LDL).

This makes exercise an important step to prevent cardiovascular diseases, such as heart disease and stroke.

2. Control blood sugar levels

Exercise can keep blood sugar levels stable, especially in people with type 2 diabetes. Not only that, regular exercise can also prevent insulin resistance which can trigger diabetes.

3. Keep blood pressure stable

In healthy people, exercising regularly can prevent hypertension or high blood pressure. While in people with hypertension, exercise can lower blood pressure and keep it stable.

Some types of exercise suitable for lowering blood pressure are swimming, cycling, jogging, yoga, and leisurely walks. This physical activity can also make you less lonely, especially if you do it with your family or loved ones. 

4. Prevent and relieve back pain

Exercise is one of the steps that can be taken to prevent and relieve back pain. With regular exercise, the muscles of the body, such as the back, abdominal, and leg muscles, will become stronger and able to support the joints and spine better.

Various types of exercise that are good for back pain are yoga, swimming, cycling, walking, or pilates.

5. Maintain ideal body weight

Doing regular physical activity can reduce body fat tissue lose weight and keep it stable. This makes exercise important to do to prevent or treat obesity.

However, so that the benefits of this one sport can be felt to the maximum, you also need to maintain your ideal body weight by eating balanced nutritious foods according to your body’s needs.

6. Keep your body fit and strong when you get older

Not only good for young people, but exercise is also very good for the health of the elderly.

Various types of exercise, such as leisurely walking, cycling, swimming, and elderly gymnastics, have been shown to make the elderly more fit. In addition, exercise can also strengthen muscles, bones, and joints and prevent dementia or senile dementia.

7. Reduce the risk of osteoporosis

Various types of exercise, such as walking, soccer, basketball, or aerobics, can strengthen muscles, bones, and joints. Some research also shows that regular exercise plays a role in preventing bone loss or osteoporosis.

However, to keep bones and joints strong, you also need to get enough nutrients important for bone health, such as vitamin D and calcium. 

Benefits of Exercise for Mental Health

Daily exercise can not only improve your physical health, it can also improve your mental health. Some of the benefits of exercise for mental health:

1. Improve mood

Exercise can stimulate the production of chemicals in the brain, such as serotonin and endorphins, which can make you feel happier and more relaxed.

When you’re feeling stressed or in a bad mood after a stressful day, try exercising to improve your mood. To maximize the benefits of this sport, choose the type of exercise that you like.

2. Cultivate self-confidence

Regular exercise can maintain ideal body weight. This can make you more confident about your appearance and build self-esteem.

3. Overcoming stress

One of the benefits of good exercise for mental health is reducing stress and preventing depression. Regular exercise to reduced stress.

Meanwhile, levels of the hormones serotonin and dopamine that can improve mood will increase, so you feel more relaxed and happy. Exercise is also good for preventing and alleviating the symptoms of mental disorders, such as depression and anxiety disorders.

4. Make sleep more sound

Sleeping at night or often waking up in the middle of the night? Well, regular exercise can be a solution to overcome it. This activity can also help you fall asleep faster and more soundly.

However, to get the benefits of this one sport, you are advised to do sleep hygiene and not exercise before bedtime.

5. Restore physical arousal

Regular exercise increases physical arousal and Cenforce 100 and Super P Force, Sildigra 100, Prejac to improve erectile dysfunction.

In addition to the several benefits of exercise for mental health above, exercise can also be a positive and fun way to spend free time.

Amount of Exercise Time Required

In general, adults ages 19–64 are advised to exercise about 150 minutes per week or 30 minutes per day.

If during this time you are not used to exercising and are less active, try to do the exercise gradually. You can start with a simple and light exercise, such as a leisurely walk or going up and downstairs.

This type of activity can make the heart rate increase and make the body sweat a lot.

When the body has started to get used to it, you can increase the intensity and time of exercise according to your body’s ability. Regular exercise is good for people who are healthy and have certain medical conditions.

The type of exercise that suits their needs and physical abilities.

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