Are Upright Bicycles Good, More Comfortable and Safer?

Walking is fun and all, also good for the health but we mostly use transportation in order to get from one place to another. It could be on water, land, or even in the air, we can travel to different places with the help of transportation. Transportations can make traveling time faster than walking on both feet and added to this, transportations do not only just transport people from one place to another, but it can also transport a huge number of people at the same time.

There are a variety of transportations, as what was mentioned earlier, it can be a transportation on land, water, or air and these categories are further sub-categorized. Some examples of land transportation are bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, cars, buses, and trucks. For water transportation, we have boats, rafts, ships, jet skis, submarines, and yachts. And lastly, for air transportation, we have jets, helicopters, and airplanes.

What are Bicycles?

In this article, we will be talking about land transportation, specifically the bicycle. Bicycles are one of the basic land transportation a person could own. It is very easy to maneuver, it is easy for a person to learn; even a child could learn how to ride a bicycle at an early age, and lastly, it is low maintenance. Bicycles can be used for just a daily ride by the park, fast travel to a friend’s house, or to go an errand. Besides the simple ways a person could do with their bicycles, riding a bicycle can actually be a sport. Sometimes, there are events such as a bike race, or in other cases, some people would go mountain bike riding through the steep land formations. Quite an adventure, don’t you think?

Just a small trivia before we proceed, did you know that on average, there are about a hundred million bicycles being manufactured every single year? And apparently, there are about a billion bicycles being used all around the world. Now, how insane is that? That is a ton of bicycles! This is why it is no wonder that bicycles are one of the best pastimes and exercises by a lot of people around the world because not only that their bicycles could take them to places, but this is also a cardio exercise which reduces the risk of heart diseases as well as strokes.

What is the History of Bicycles?

Have you ever wondered how such a mode of transportation came into existence in the first place? How did these two-wheeled vehicles with handlebars, pedals, and seat that is shaped like a saddle even get their characteristics and features in the first place?

Originally, bicycles have been in existence for the past 600 years in which the bicycles about 6 centuries ago were quite different from the modern bicycles that we ride and see in the present. Bicycles have evolved so much and transformed to the current appearances and characteristics it has today.

There were some historians who speculated on some of Leonardo Da Vinci’s sketches back in the year 1940 and they speculated that these sketches were discovered back in the 16th century. However, some historians claimed that the designs were never realized or transformed into a model that is functioning which makes the existence of said Da Vinci sketches false.

Another theory regarding bicycles originated back in ancient times wherein it was said that the first functioning bicycle was made back in the year 1860s by Pierre and Ernest Michaux, which are the father and son duo hailing from France and they apparently used to make carriages, a mode of transportation wherein horses are used to mobilize the carriage, the one that carries the passenger/s. The father and son duo did invent bicycles with cranks and a pedal back in the year 1861, but there is still no proof or evidence to support that they were indeed the first people to invent the bicycle.

So after all of these theories and speculations, who exactly invented the first functioning bike? Practically speaking, and also supported by other evidence, the first bicycle created was invented by Baron Karl von Drais a German man. Drais named the two-wheeled vehicle Laufmaschine or translated to “The Running Machine” since the vehicle has two wheels held together by a central bar.

A bicycle is a balance bike made out of wood with a lever, which is the main tool for maneuvering the vehicle instead of the pedals. Back in the old times, the first bike could cover approximately 13 kilometers in distance in only an hour, which is actually exceptional for such simple machinery back in the day, and added to that is the weight of it which was about 22 kilograms.

What are the Different Types of Bicycles?

If you think that there is only a single type of bicycle to ever exist, well you are incorrect because there are a variety of bikes in existence. This makes shopping for a bike more enjoyable and you will be able to assess what is it that you want in a bike in order for it to work perfectly well for you once you have purchased it.

Before choosing a bike, always know that you must know what you really like in a bike, how it function, and what kind of cycling style you want. In this segment, you will be looking at some examples of bicycles in order for you to choose from for your first or next bike purchase.

  1. Road bike
  2. Mountain bike
  3. Touring bike
  4. Folding bike
  5. Cruiser
  6. Fixed gear
  7. Recumbent bike
  8. Utility bike
  9. BMX
  10. Upright bike

You can further assess these types of bikes by researching more about them in order to get in-depth knowledge about each bike type.

What are Upright Bicycles?

Upright bikes are kind of the craze nowadays which is why this gets its own spotlight. If you do not know what an upright bike is, this segment will help you gain knowledge of another fascinating bike type. An upright bike is a bicycle that was designed just like a standard road bike which from the name itself, you have to sit upright and hold onto its handlebars as you ride it.

What are the Benefits of an Upright Bike?

Upright bikes are known for their other names such as dutch bikes, city bikes, or hybrids. Upright bikes are also versatile since it resembles a standard bike. It is in fact more versatile than a recumbent bike. For example, the bike could either sit on the bike seat as they pedal, or they can choose to stand while moving the pedals at the same time. An upright bike’s function would allow you to disperse the focus of your workout on your legs and also target specific muscles due to the upright bike’s functionality.

Another benefit of an upright bike is that this type of bike is less expensive than other bike types and it does not take up so much space. Many models of the upright bike can actually be folded and can be tucked neatly into a small space until you can use it again. Another benefit that an upright bike owner could have is that it s a perfect vehicle for commuting.

What are the Cons or Disadvantages of an Upright Bike?

The con for upright bikes is that the seats could get uncomfortable if the biker decides to ride for longer periods. It is also not that beneficial for those who are elderly and has chronic back pain or any other issues with the back. Upright bikes also have a higher center of gravity than other bikes which makes them feel less stable to control for other people. But to some people, if they really want to upgrade their bicycle game, they can always choose the upright bike for better results. Lastly, another con of the upright bike is that some of its models or types can actually be a bit more pricey than its basic models.

Are Upright Bikes More Comfortable than other Bike Models?

We all know that when it comes to buying something that we can use on a daily basis is that we must also consider its comfortability besides its functionality and price. Because what if we regret having to buy equipment but it does not give us comfort? For example, if you were buying gym equipment, you have been using it for quite some time and yet you feel uncomfortable with how you grip it, with its feel, then you start regretting your choices. The comfortability of a product is one of the essences being functioning for us. The price could also reflect it, too. Which is this segment wants to shed on an upright bike’s comfortability if it is really worth its price.

And to answer the question, it is true that upright bikes are indeed more comfortable than other bike models. Why is that? That is because an upright bike is shaped to have a more relaxed geometry and its riding style is also comfortable which is why a lot of people prefer buying upright bikes instead of other bike models.

Are Upright Bikes Safer to Ride than other Bike Models?

Lastly, if you really are considering buying a bike, you have to ensure how safe it is for you to use. You do not want to have an injury the first time that you are using it. Safety is one of the most important things to consider which is why you need to assess your needs as well as get in-depth with the bike models you are considering purchasing.

Now, to answer that question, if upright bikes are safer than any other bike models, well, the answer is that all bike models are made to function in accordance with your safety. Safety is not guaranteed if you do not take care of your bike, if you are a reckless driver, or if you lack the skills of basic biking, which is why you can never be so sure if an upright bike or any other bike models are safer than the other. You can always check the bike out if they have worn-out materials, or if some parts of it are loose which makes maneuvering it much harder.

Another factor that could make you feel safer when riding a bike besides the bike itself and your skills, is if you wear protective gear in order to protect yourself. Try wearing a helmet, elbow and knee pads, and other protective gear that could lessen or prevent you from any damages that you could experience on the road.

Lastly, another factor that could ensure your safety when riding a bicycle regardless of the model, is when you are aware of your surroundings. Do not be a reckless bicycle driver. Do not be under the influence of any alcoholic beverage or drug when riding your bicycles. Make sure that you are in the perfect shape and you have the basic skills when riding the bike. Also make sure to rid your bike along the side of the road.

Do not go in the middle where the vehicles are especially trucks and buses because if you get on their blind side, there are higher chances that they could run you over the side of the road. Always go on the right side, follow basic traffic rules, do not overtake, and be mindful of the other vehicles that are beside you. Also, another important reminder is that do not go speeding on crowded roads or slippery roads because you could hit someone or someone’s vehicle and you will have to pay for it, and you also do not want to got slipping on the road because you decided to gliding on wet roads.

That is a wrap! Make sure to consider some things before purchasing your bike and to always remember to keep yourself safe at all times.

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