The 8 Benefits of A Roof Rack For Your Adventure Vehicle

Roof Racks allow you to utilize the vertical space on top of your vehicle. For instance, you don’t have to worry about where to put your bicycles when taking up mountain biking as a hobby. Using a roof rack, you can transport all your camping and sporting gear for your outdoor activity. All the outdoor pursuits you’ve always wanted to try are more accessible with a roof rack.

Besides increasing your vehicle’s storage space, a roof rack provides an easy and secure way to travel with your gear. You can even be flexible with the extra space you get–whether to carry equipment that gets dirty, and you can’t keep in your car’s interior or for your spare tires.

Here are some benefits of installing a roof rack on your vehicle when going on an adventure:

1. It’s Easy to Install

Installing a roof rack is pretty straightforward – the basic steps are to install the fit kit, attach the foot packs, and attach the crowbars. However, though the roof rack works on about 98% of vehicles, you’ll require specific parts to fit them to your car. For instance, any rain gutter-mounted roof rack will probably work if your vehicle has rain gutters. But you might have to change bar width and foot height.

On the other hand, your mission is already mainly accomplished if your car features roof rails and crossbars. The only accessory you’ll need is gear adapters. You have to get specific adapters that can clamp to your existing crossbars.

Installation typically takes just a few minutes and requires essential tools. At times, you won’t need tools at all. Some auto manufacturers, such as Subaru, sell accessories to make transporting your equipment hassle-free. After installation, load your gear according to the instructions included with the adapters.

Your vehicle may have a full rack, roof rails (no crossbars), or bare roof (no rack at all). You can quickly have your gear loaded for your next outdoor adventure, no matter what you’re starting with.

2. Maximizes Your Vehicle’s Carrying Ability

With a roof rack, you get to bring all your vehicle’s carrying ability by increasing its luggage-hauling capacity. A string roof rack not only works as an asset to the car but also adds function. You get to store a range of items you don’t have space for in your car trunk, including rooftop tents, jerry cans, storage boxes, high lifts, and more.

You can use a roof rack to travel with all your hobby gear in one place. It is perfect for carrying your sports equipment such as bicycles while leaving enough legroom inside the car. Roof racks like the land rover discovery roof rack let you utilize every bit of space in and out of your vehicle.

The roof rack is ideal for transporting gear that you need for the following sports:

  • Cycling
  • Mountain biking
  • Canoeing
  • Fishing
  • Hunting
  • Surfing
  • Kayaking
  • Golf

3. Helps Clear Space in Your Vehicle

Even the most spacious vehicles can face a shortage of storage when packing for long miles. Besides, squeezing all your language in the car could cause discomfort to you. A roof rack increases legroom, maximizing comfort.

For instance, storing your used sports gear, food, a gallon of backup fuel, and sweaty clothes in your vehicle. With a roof rack, you won’t have to endure the odor of these items during your trip. You can store all those gears on the top of your car and leave the interior with plenty of air. In addition, you’ll be able to take along extra passengers when you store these items on your roof instead of in your vehicle. You can use a roof rack to carry the following:

  • Tent or swag
  • Air mattresses
  • Clothing
  • Sleeping bags
  • Cooking gear
  • Camping chairs
  • Poles
  • Cargo carrier
  • Camping table

4. Your vehicle looks More Organized

Roof racks are a great way to enhance your vehicle’s appearance. Adding something sleek like a cargo box to a bare roof can give your ride a unique look. Another option is to add crossbars to enhance the appearance. The advantage is that you can remove the rack when it’s not used. Without roof racks, you would have to put items that can damage your vehicle inside it. For instance, the hooks from fishing gear will damage the vehicle’s interior by scratching and turning the fabric.

However, when loading your roof rack, put only bulky, long, or light items, and avoid the following:

  • Loose items that can move around (pack the items together in larger bags).
  • Heavy items can raise the center of gravity, making it less safe to drive.
  • Stacked items that raise the car’s height and add wing drive when you drive (this can decrease your vehicle’s fuel efficiency).
  • Wet or dirty items

5. Improves Your Comfort

To combat the exhaustion, achy bodies, and other challenges associated with a road trip, it’s essential to maximize comfort. How comfortable you are during your trip influences your road trip experience. Filling the car with bulky luggage will make all the car’s occupants’ journey unbearable. The vehicle occupants will have no choice but to cram themselves into a small space. This may limit blood circulation in the legs, resulting in blood clots. It will make it difficult to stretch their legs, and they may experience body pain.

6. Adds Versatility to Your Vehicle

Unless you have a double cabin or pick up, your vehicle will limit your storage options. And no matter how you try to squeeze them into the car, some things won’t fit within the limited space. However, your vehicle can handle even bigger loads with a roof rack, such as canoes and kayaks.

A roof rack can also let you add additional lighting to your vehicle. If you’re going camping at night, you will require adequate lighting to navigate. And your headlights will not be enough. You will be able to add lighting to your roof racks if you select the right system. Some roof rack manufacturers also provide lighting mounting options to let you add camp or auxiliary lighting.

 7. Keeps Your Luggage Secure

If you’re transporting gear, there’s a chance of being exposed to theft. A roof rack anti-theft lock could be a great idea in such cases. You can lock your gear on the rack system and continue your activities. The lock will deter thieves as nobody can loosen the anti-theft lock unless they have the key.

For maximum security, position the lock on your strap to be on top of the load as it’s harder for thieves to reach. The straps should be as tight as possible without crushing your luggage. In this way, thieves won’t be able to access loose items. 

8. Improved Safety for Your Vehicle

When navigating rough landscapes and going on adventures in the woods, you can protect yourself with a roof rack. If your language is in your boot, controlling your car might be difficult, especially on an uphill road. The extra weight from the load makes navigation difficult, causing your engine to overheat.

A strong roof rack will help you distribute the loads uniformly on the roof of your vehicle. With this, you can travel safely even if the terrain is rugged. Besides, squeezing bulky items may pose a health hazard while driving and damage parts of your car, such as the windscreen. However, while going off-roading, be careful not to exceed your car’s load capacity. Be mindful of the load on top and stick to accessible routes as much as possible. This is because weight affects your gas mileage as heavier vehicles require more energy to move.

In Conclusion

Going on road adventures doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable experience. You can maximize your vehicle’s functionality by installing accessories such as a roof rack. A roof rack will bring an exciting twist to your adventures. It can change how you take the road and set off on excursions. You get to bring those items you can’t fit in your trunk or bed.

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