Weight Loss is a significant goal of many people. If you are in your 40, it does not mean that you will live with that pounds of weight for the rest of your life. You can still think of getting rid of your extra pounds.

The difference is just that you need to change a few tricks. As you age your body releases more amount of hormones and you are mostly influenced by stress, not getting proper sleep, illness, etc. So, you need to shift to some more magical tricks to lose weight. You can still get the perfect body shape in your 40’s.

How do you lose belly fat after 40?

There are two kinds of fat deposits in your body. The first one is subcutaneous fat which is mostly deposited just underneath your skin. It is simple for you to get rid of this kind of fat. A fewer day of exercise or yoga is enough to get away from this fat.

The second kind of fat is visceral fat which is stored deep inside your body. This fat is the main reason for health diseases like heart issues, diabetes, etc. Most portion of your belly fat is visceral fat. As you age it becomes more difficult to cut off the visceral fat out of your body.

Tips and Tricks to lose weight in your 40’s

  • Stay away from wine– According to a survey it has been proved that the wine contains 120 calories per oz pour. This is not the only reason for not drinking wine. The other reason is that once you have a glass of wine you tempt for another one. And this goes on and on, you fail to control yourself. And end up consuming a lot of calories.
  • Sleep well– When you are sleeping your body releases human growth hormone and as you age this hormone is released in a much lesser amount. It is important to sleep well if you are on the track to losing weight. All your body mechanisms should work at the proper rate and proportion.
  • Stay away from stress- Being stress will cause a lot of hormonal changes in your body. Due to these changes, it has been proved that as women age they gain more and more hard fat deposits in their bodies. This may cause a great barrier in your goal to losing weight.
  • Yoga and Meditation– Yoga and mediation will help you to calm down your body. It is the method of connecting you to your body and your souls. Yoga helps to divert much of your attention to your body shape and size. Doing yoga will help you to get in proper shape. Many times people lose weight but their body shape gets worse.
  • Eat organic food– Eating organic food can prevent you from eating empty calories. This can also give you are fulfilled feeling at the end of the day. You feel healthy and energetic. Also at this age, our body can work well the food that contains toxins like insecticides and pesticides. Eating organic will make it easier for you to lose weight faster and easier. 
  • Extensive Training- Exercise is the proven way of weight loss and roadmap towards a healthy and happier lifestyle. At 40 your metabolism rate gets slow down and exercise is the only way to bring it back on track. If you have been exercising for a long while but you have no results. You can change the way you exercise and opt for exercising at a higher intensity. This will help you to lose weight faster and quicker.
  • Take food items that can enhance your metabolism– Metabolism may increase by exercising but it is also important to change your diet. You should make use of healthier oils in your food. Your body needs more calcium as your bones density is decreasing. You can shift to healthy drinks like protein shakes, full-fat dairy products, etc.
  • Swimming can be a good option– Swiming is a great workout technique when you are in your 40’s. While swing your heartbeat gets faster, your body requires more and more oxygen. So swimming can help your body to get more oxygen consumption. It has been proven in a survey that the women you opt for swimming have much lesser chances for heart diseases or heart strokes.
  • Eat protein– Protein-rich food is a must when you are in your 40’s. It is recommended to have a protein-rich breakfast in the morning. At this age, the muscle’s intensity keeps on decreasing and your body energy also decreases. Eating protein can give you enough energy to work throughout the day.
  • Detox your liver– Liver is the only organ that prevents the spread of toxins in your body. Pesticides and insecticides are harmful but generally, the liver removes all the toxins from your body. As you grow old the functioning of the liver is decreased and it can’t flush off all the toxins. Also, you must not consume alcohol.
  • Give priority to fruits and vegetables– Fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber content. Green leaf vegetables, pepper, spinach, broccoli are helpful for your body, and at the same, they help to reduce body weight. Fruits like apples, bananas, oranges, papaya can give you a fulfilling feeling. You must have any of the fruit at least once a day.
  • Go for thyroid examination– In your 40’s thyroid-related issues are most common. The excessive release of the thyroid can be the reason for your weight gain. You must go to the doctor and have a proper thyroid examination. This is mostly the case with those who have been trying to lose weight for a long but can’t do it successfully.
  • Try to sleep in a dark room– Sleeping in a brightly lit room can disturb your sleep. Melanion is the hormone that plays a main role in giving you a comfortable sleep. The release of this hormone is decreased in the presence of light. So you must opt for heavy light-blocking curtains.
  • Eliminate artificial sweeteners– Artificial sweeteners can cause excessive weight gain. You may not feel it as soon as you consume it but after a week or two, it shows its results. These are actually compressed fat that sticks in your body and is hard to get rid of.
  • Keep a check on your eating timings– Eating at the proper time is extremely important. If you at a creatin timing the body get prepared and is ready for the processing of the food. Also, you should eat at night if you are looking for losing weight. The main reason is that your sleep gets disturbed and your body can’t process the food properly while you are sleeping.
  • Make a habit of drinking green tea– As you age your body accumulates the fat which can burn down easily. Green tea can do it for you. Green tea can also speed the fat-burning capacity of the liver. Thus you must make it a habit to drink green tea at least once a day. 

What is the best diet for people who are over 40 and want to lose weight?

When you are in your 40’s keeping a check on your diet becomes necessary. Your stamina decreases and exercising a lot of exercising in the wrong way can lead to a serious issue. So, along with some exercise you need to keep a check on the number of calories you intake. As you age you must jump to low-carb veggies and use only healthy herbs and recipes. Here we have the list of food items that are low in calories and high in energy:-

  • Sugary food– Many people believe that sugary foods can cause weight can so they completely cut off sugar from their diet. It is a myth that sugar causes weight gain. You should opt for natural sugar like fruits, soda, etc. You should stay away from other sugary food like smoothies, cakes, ice creams, or candies. You can have them if you are tempting a lot but in small portions.
  • Whole grains– Whole grains are the best substitutes for heavy food. They are light and also give you a fulfilling feeling. You don’t feel like you are staving the whole day. You can also have wheat-based products, rice, pasta, cereals, etc.
  • Fruits– All fruits are best except for some like which have high-calorie content. You should eat berries like strawberries in a limit. Excessive berries cause weight gain.
  • Green and leafy vegetables– Green vegetables. like spinach, broccoli is good for your body and they also cause weight loss. You should consume a lesser amount of vegetables like potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, etc which have high calories number.
  • Dairy products- As you are aging dairy products become most important for you. The amount of calcium in your body is decreasing and it causes joint pain, decreases bone density, etc. You should have at least one glass of milk once a day and should consume all dairy products like curd, etc.
  • Meat– Eating meat is a must, this will uplift your diet with a large amount of energy. Red meat, steak, ham, sausage, bacon, chicken, and turkey should be consumed at least once a week. These will give you energy and also they are not heavy calories.
  • Eggs– You must have a protein-rich breakfast. This will help you to stay active throughout the day and give you the energy to work hard. You must have pastured or omega-3 whole eggs.
  • Dry fruits– You must keep dry fruits along with you wherever you go. This will prevent you from eating junk food and also keep you feel filling. Almonds, walnuts, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, etc work magic in weight loss. Many of these seeds are specially taken during the weight loss diet charts.
  • Healthy oils– As you are aging you must be particular about the oil which you are using. The unhealthy oils cause cholesterol and heart-related issues. Primarily extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, and avocado oil are extremely healthy oil. You must shift to more healthy oils if you want to stay fit and also lose weight rapidly. The commercial oils are so heavy and it is also tough for your body to process them. So your body may store the oils as it is and gradually it turns into fat.

Is it too late to get in shape at 40?

No, it’s never too late to start losing weight. Unless you are doing it correctly. Losing weight is a very slow and steady process. Never give up!!! is the secret to achieving your goal of losing bodyweight. The major factors which may affect your weight loss in your 40’s are:-

  • Age– Increasing age can make it tougher for you to get rid of the visceral fat stored in your body. Your body’s tendency of burning body fat also decreases with increasing age. At this age, you gain fat mostly around the abdominal region. The solution to this major issue is that you need to do healthier changes in your diet.
  • Metabolism– Your metabolism gets slow down as you age. You need to take the drinks which increase your body metabolism and should also do exercise to increase metabolism. The amount of hormone release in your body also decreases.
  • Premenopause– Many women experience premenopause which can cause a sudden weight gain, lesser muscle mass, and heavy abdomen area in women. The hormonal changes can also be the reason for early menopause and weight gain.

What weight should a 40 years old woman have?

An average 40 years old woman should weigh around 170 pounds. This may change according to your height. Height is the major factor according to which an ideal weight of a woman should be decided. You should also focus on your body shape along with weight loss. Here we have an ideal body weight chart according to height:-


Weight ( in pounds)















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