People want to be fit, strong, and blooming inside-out. Let’s look at all the major health benefits that drinking cold water will do. With creativity and spark of genius, men and women through the decades devised ways to achieve this, from water yoga to “backward running.” Even drinking water was transformed to maximize the need for fitness. 

Better health is a glass of cold water away!

Protein shakes, energy drinks, and nutrition-packed thirst quenchers are now a part of our active culture. But what if you would discover after all this time that the clear cold water coming out of your faucet brings so many benefits? What if the liquid that sustains our lives can bring you so much more to your health? Learn about the benefits of drinking cold water in this blog!

More effective exercise

Exercise can be both fun and challenging, all in the name of better health and stronger bodies. But research shows that drinking cold water can improve and increase the positive effects of working out. Healthline Media, an online health information peer-reviewed by doctors, confirms this. Their website says that drinking cold water while exercising helps keep the body from overheating. Likewise, Active, an online sports magazine, says that hydration can sustain energy levels while working out.

Moreover, a 2012 study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition further proves how effective drinking cold water can be for an active person. It says that cold water can significantly slow down the increase in core body temperature.

So next time you attend your pilates class or have an intense gym session, don’t forget to bring your bottle of cold water!

Better athlete performance

The positive effects of drinking cold water do not end with workouts, however. If you are an athlete or a sporty person, this practice can get you closer to the prize!

A research published on PLOS One in 2014 entitled “Physical and Perceptual Cooling with Beverages to Increase Cycle Performance in a Tropical Climate” studied the effects of beverages with different temperatures to cyclists in tropical climates and humid environments.

Its conclusion: Coldwater and menthol-flavored ice slush are very effective beverages for endurance exercises and activities in hot areas.

Whether you are a fitness hobbyist or a professional triathlete, cold water is your friend!

best way to drink water in the morning

Promotes hydration

Bustle, an online magazine, quirkily quipped about the tendency of people today to forget drinking water. Yes, despite its importance and necessity in sustaining strong health, water is neglected by some as long as they are not thirsty. It triggers a spectrum of consequences, from bad breath to muscle spasms to fatal dehydration.

Research shows that cold water promotes drinking water in general. The National Center for Biotechnology Information has in its collection a 2013 study about the relationship between water temperature and voluntary drinking. The results show that drinking cool tap water around 16⁰C (60⁰F) can alleviate dehydration. It also positively affects sweating, especially in hot and humid areas.

A similar study sponsored by the United States Army shares the same tone: It says that people have a preference toward colder water (around 15⁰C or 59⁰F) than warm water (around 40⁰C or 104⁰F). But the truth is beyond mere taste. Quoting Columbia University, the company Reddy Ice says that the human stomach finds it easier to absorb water as cold as 4⁰C or 40⁰F compared to water at room temperature, lessening the risk of dehydration.

Thus, making your drinking water can actually motivate you to drink more, making you enjoy drinking while gaining its benefits!

But before drinking lots of cold water…

Like every diet, routine, and habit, it is advisable to take precautions and ask the advice of health professionals before proceeding. Drinking cold water can bring positive effects, and there is little scientific evidence that it can harm a normal healthy person.

The reputable Medical News Today further says that cold water does not cause sore throat and colds, adding up to the pile of famous medical myths. However, some women who are susceptible to headaches should do this in moderation.

A 2001 study recorded in the National Library of Medicine says that drinking cold water is related to migraines in a way somewhat similar to “brain freeze.”

There are medical conditions where cold water must be avoided. First, cough and flu patients should not drink cold water since it may irritate their already-unhealthy throat, according to Rwanda’s The New Times.

Moreover, people with achalasia must definitely not drink liquids with low temperatures. Achalasia is a rare disorder in the esophagus caused by nerve damage, preventing it from squeezing food to the stomach.

Drinking cold water may worsen their difficulty in swallowing and even cause chest pain, according to the Journal of Neurogastroenterology and Motility in 2012. On the other hand, their symptoms are relieved when they consume warm water.

For the rest of us, there are some pointers to remember. The company Reddy Ice, relaying what many health practitioners advise, noted that drinking so much cold water and beverages while having a meal can cause one’s body temperature to dangerously drop, so great care is necessary.

With all of these in mind…

… what are you waiting for? From better fitness to rich hydration, clean plain cold water can indeed improve your overall health. This is not a mere opinion: Several research papers and studies by credible scientific organizations reached the same conclusion.

Whether you live in a temperate climate or a tropical environment, whether you’re a child or a retiree, better health is truly a glass of cold water away!


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