Surprisingly, the Hot or Not challenge on TikTok involving composite image filters has been on for a very long time. You will be surprised just how long we have had this challenge even though it just became very famous on the internet now.

Just a few months ago, the challenge started gaining strong fame in the world.

And just as it is becoming a fun challenge on the internet, TikTok users now are beginning to use the filters involved in this challenge to join in the worldwide challenge.

Many people get involved in this challenge and post on various platforms to show just how creative they are. If you are the kind of person that isn’t sure about how you look and you maybe you are not confident about your outlook, it is advised that you join in this challenge.

Before you follow in and go deeper into this trend on TikTok, you might find it better to know what it is all about.

There are some things that you have to know about this trend on TikTok called the Hot or Not composite images. We all know that there are people who love to follow trends on TikTok, if you are one of them, this is another trend that you can keep up with.

Some parts of this challenge might seem to be easy to complete but some of them are very difficult, you have to learn about it first by watching the videos posted on the app.

After watching the videos, the ones you don’t seem to understand, maybe they are a little complicated.

By reading about it and watching the videos, you get to learn a lot about what you are getting into through this challenge. Right now, the exciting challenge online that is on the lip of everyone is the Hot or Not composite image challenge.

This is a fun challenge, this is something that anyone could do, you can just join in and have fun too.

Maybe you don’t get it yet, let us take a good look at the Hot or Not composite image challenge to figure out what it is about.

Introduction To TikTok’s Hot Or Not Composite Image Challenge

Remember this isn’t a completely new trend on TikTok, it has been available on social media for a long time, we have mentioned that before.

This challenge has been going on and users on TikTok have been rating people on a scale of 1 to 10 trying to figure out if they are Hot or Not.

Let’s dig deeper to see what we can find

The Hot or Not composite image TikTok challenge is not just about rating videos on a scale, there are some touches made to it so it could be interesting.

Firstly, what is a composite image? People who don’t have much interest in photography might not know what a composite image entails.

We will explain how so you could get the whole picture. A composite image is an image made using two or more photos. This is what is done, a user on TikTok would have to combine the images that he or she plans on using for this challenge and then pits them together to form just one image.

What TikTok users do is utilize a grid that can carry 15 photos and this is how the person’s attractiveness is measured.

As mentioned before, on a scale of 1 to 10 is what is used to measure attractiveness most times and then other users share their thoughts on each person’s composite images.

To make things even more exciting than it already is, a sound is included in the video and it is being used by every user and participant of the challenge.

However, TikTok has made provision of a filter that could be used which will take your pictures. This same filter has the ability to tell you if you are hot or not, judging through your images.

Also, this same filter can be used to make videos, that is what most users do now on TikTok.

This is mostly all about the challenge that is causing the fuss on the internet, there is more though. In summary, the Hot or Not TikTok challenge is where users are allowed to compare their faces using a composite image sheet.

The image sheet has the feature of rating the faces on each portion, it rates out of 10.

The composite image would always have more than one face on it and then fix them all in one image and different parts. The thing is that to use this face image for TikTok Hot or Not challenge, you have to download and save it.

There is nothing to it, you can just go over to the internet, download it and then save it as your camera roll.

Doing this would give you the privilege to join many other users to enjoy this fun. If you want to be part of the TikTok impact arbitrarily rating the way you look, you too can be a part of the fun.

With this challenge, TikTok users are keen on finding out if they are hot or not with the help of composite images. The composite image in the hot or not trend is similar to when people used to find their celebrity doppelganger.

The thing is that with what we have been saying previously, you should know that this feature doesn’t help find look alike. With this feature, you figure out that your mileage might come indifferently.

Also, it is advisable to disregard this challenge at once unless you are one of those users who have very beautiful pictures.

Source: Pierre Tourigney / TikTok

The Trend Makes Use Of The Attractive Face Scale That Pertains To The Images On The Hot Or Not Website

The image that most of the TikTok users are comparing themselves with is the attractive force scale that was developed by a Flickr user named Pierre Tourigny.

Pierre came into the game and said that he was a person who just loved photography and also he was a statistics programmer who came from Gatineau Canada.

In 2006, Pierre was smart enough to share the scale on Flickr saying that he had developed the thirty composite images that were from a compilation of different photos got from the presently null website called Hot or Not.

On this website, what happens? People rate the attractiveness of others using a scale of 1 to 10 and a minimum score which is gotten from hundreds or even thousands of people ratings don’t take more than a few days to be ready. This is what he was talking about, this is not his exact quote.

Pierre went on to also say that he had acquired the images, arranged them according to their rank, and then utilized the SquirlzMorph software to somehow develop multi-morph composites of rank separation.

Every image has a blur because the image which it was gotten from is low resolution with variations in posture, hairstyles, and sometimes glasses.

He did this so he could utilize 36 control points for the morph.

Pierre in his last words said that the morph firstly tends to be prettier than where it comes from because most times, the face asymmetries and blemishes on the skin.

The second thing is that fat is never appealing to the eyes.

As much As We Urge You To Be A Part Of This Challenge, It Isn’t All That Necessary.

Some TikTok users might come on and see this hot or not challenge as all kinds of fun but some people are there who take it overboard and most times this becomes an issue.

The thing is that on TikTok before people went on to start using a grid of fake faces to compare their pictures, there was already a lot of complaining that the TikTok app was only spoiling their body shape. NBC News carried this particular incident on their reports.

At some point, TikTok was a real turn-off because it contained a lot of rubbish and bad body shape videos.

One time a very big and prominent user of the TikTok app said that the posts that are seen in the TikTok app could mess with you mentally. She said that there was no need to go through the stress

Also not too long ago, a real internet influencer and a big name in the entertainment industry said on Twitter that she admired the body she had until she went and started using TikTok.

With this being said, we could say that it is in your best interest to not take part in the ongoing hot or not challenge. More so, we have no idea how and what factors are used to consider what shapeshifting effect decided what particular face to morph yours together.

Honestly, the notion of the hot or not ns attractiveness scale checker is not useful and might cause you some mental issues.

Is The Hot Or Not Composite Image A Bad Thing?

As we all know, there are so many people who still find fault with the hot or not composite image challenge So much. They say that the trend has stirred up a lot of trouble and something like that should not be introduced or even brought into the app.

Most people feel like this because the whole concept of this challenge is based on judging your outlook which is something that kills your confidence immediately.

Judging you and saying something that isn’t encouraging about you with just the mere analyzing of a picture is not a fair judgment and most people might start thinking that everyone sees them that way.

So now, envision an instance where you can your friends go on and take this challenge, let’s say that they all fall under the hot category and then you are not, that might be a problem, and like I said before, it will destroy your small confidence.

This is just similar to taking the same exams with your friends and getting the results, you notice that they all passed and you are failing that course, it is disheartening.

In the world today, some people are disturbed and their mental position is extremely at a critical stage which sometimes brings problems to people around them and sometimes themselves.

Apart from having a carnal mindset, this challenge was brought and used for fun right from time.

This is supposed to be something you do with your friends and then you guys laugh at those that ought to be laughed at and just enjoy all the outcomes.

Although if for some reason you have the feeling that you cannot stand the results you get from the popular challenge online today. Here is what you have to do, take your phone, get out of whatever page you are seeing the challenge, and then click on some other challenge that is best for your mental health.

Using this system, you can continuously get positive experiences with TikTok and all that you create there.

How Can Anyone Be A Part Of This Hot Or Not Trend

Presently, through the help of this article, you know what happens in the hot or not composite image challenge. Well, let us show you how to get involved.

The thing about doing any of these challenges, or let’s say most of these challenges, you don’t require a skill that is complicated or rare to enjoy the fun.

Being a part of this doesn’t take anything off your blood, you just have to download the composite image sheet from the internet.

After the app has been downloaded, you just have to move on to the page on TikTok called the discover page where you select either the shapeshifting or shifting filter.

Whatever filter you decide to pick would help you well in this challenge and also the filters are what helps to match your face to a visible one of the composite image sheet.

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