Instagram as we all know is a place to show off through pictures and catchy captions. If your profile is lacking a bit likes, then you may also buy Instagram Likes from iDigic to Increase Engagement. While some people use this platform to show off their daily activities, or maybe advertise what they do. Some people use it to show off their bodies for some reason.

We are focusing mostly on the women on this social media platform, the women with amazing physiques. Everyone has their idea of a good physique, while some see a model-like body as the best way for a woman to be, some women take it upon themselves to work out in the gym and get a muscular shape. In this article, in no particular order, we will be talking about some of these women with muscular physiques.

  1. Guusje Van Geel (@guusje)

Guusje Van Geel was born in Netherland and has taken it upon herself to become a very strong woman. Her dream has gotten her a lot of social media fans with a smashing amount of 300,000 followers on Instagram. These are fans who see her as a role model and follow in her steps as she is known to upload fitness videos and pictures that motivate people to seriously work on themselves. Outside these videos, her body alone would keep your head in the game with her body structure plus the crazy abs. Some of her other hobbies outside working out are touring and encountering new things. She doesn’t just spend all her time in the gym doing nothing all day, PEScience has made her their brand ambassador. She is a youngster on the rise.

  1. Nataliya Kuznetsova (@nataliya.amazonka)

Nataliya Kuznetsova is a high-profile case, why I say this is, she might be the heaviest female professional bodybuilder which isn’t surprising because judging by her posts on Instagram, she is nothing less than 5’5 and might weigh more than 220 pounds. We have seen her pictures, this weight doesn’t comprise any fat. She is a Russian lady with more than 500k Instagram followers. Every muscle on this lady is buffed and she brags with it, she is probably the most buffed lady on the planet. She isn’t just jacked up in one part of her body, it starts from her shoulder downwards.

  1. Juliana Esteso (@jujubafit_)

Juliana Esteso is a Portuguese lady with 400k Instagram followers. These are people who adore her body and follow her coaching lectures. She has gained a lot of fame for herself, some of this fame is gotten from competing at the top level of the IFBB wellness competition. She is best known for her wonderful legs, we are not saying that her legs are all she works on but she definitely pays more attention to her legs. It has paid off a lot of times as she has gotten some prestigious awards for those legs.

  1. Stefi Cohen (@steficohen)

This is another high-profile person, she is an icon in the fitness game. She is a powerlifter, physical therapy doctor, and mentor to 1million people on Instagram. She looks strong but doesn’t portray the kind of strength she is known for. Here is what we mean, this lady has a total of 25 all-time world records. The award isn’t all, the last time she competed, she lifted 456 pounds competing for a world record, also, squatted 446 pounds, benched 226 pounds, and had a total of 1124 pounds In that competition. All of these achievements were world records. She also has a Ph.D. in physical therapy, people love to pay attention to her and enjoy her fitness tips because she gives details and makes sure to let her fans know about the effects of each exercise.

  1. Rachell Carter

Rachell carter isn’t famous for her fitness. Although, it doesn’t take a seer to notice that she takes fitness very seriously. Her pictures posted on Instagram gives her amazing shape away. She is mostly into cosplaying, she has dressed up as several fictional characters, and no matter which one she decides to disguise herself, it doesn’t hide her amazing physique.

  1. Dana Linn Bailey

Dana Linn Bailey is an old-timer when talking about physical fitness. She is the world’s first winner of the women’s physique Olympia which was in 2013. She has a warehouse gym ran by her and her life partner. Extremely famous with 2million followers on the gram. She is also an IFBB competitor, Dana has made a life for herself with the skills she has. She focuses mostly on her legs work out which gives her not just the amazing big legs but also an amazing core. ET Instagram page is filled with modeling pictures and workout videos.

  1. Carriejune Anne Bowlby

Carriejune Anne Bowlby is an Instagram phenomenon and those who follow her and know her history will know that she used to be slender, but now she is muscular and fit. She was able to achieve this by working consistently in the gym. She is being followed by over a million people on Instagram. Fans look up to her, big legs and perfect body shape.

  1. Bakhar Nabieva

Bakhar Nabieva is very famous, not only for her fitness but also looking at her you would see that she has the biggest legs you might have ever seen, with a tiny waist. Her body structure is one that her 2.8million Instagram fans would kill for.

  1. Donica Goodheart

Donica Goodheart is a military veterinarian and not just that, she is a competitor at the NPC figure. She is a prominent figure as she is part of the U.S army. The only thing here is she isn’t as famous as those on this list, but her arms and big traps are what people admire about her. Those who follow her on Instagram, know that she is a very impressive athlete and a high gym figure. She doesn’t need to be famous to get accolades for being strong and muscular.

  1. Linda Durbesson

This is a lady who has dedicated herself to working out and keeping herself fit. She is famous on Instagram for her wellness and health classes Which has gained her over 1 million followers. Her fans follow her workout tips because it has proven to be useful. This woman has such a large fan base because she is nice and gives out pointers that help women get the body shape they want.  

  1. Maddy Daniel

Maddy Daniel has gotten what she has always wanted from powerlifting, she is strong and has developed huge muscles which make her popular. This woman has gotten a lot of attention from lifting weights and posting gym sessions on Instagram. People follow and watch her every day because she is always lifting something heavy, showing her amazing strength. Her social media fans are growing by the second because of the strength she exhibits online.

  1. Jessica Buettner

Jessica Buettner is one of a kind, she is dedicated to the gym which makes her powerful, and not just that, she is also a dedicated pharmacist. On a sad note, she is a type 1 diabetic who keeps pushing non-stop. She is from Canada. Have you ever seen a diabetic patient deadlifting a PR of 545 pounds? I don’t think that is something we see every day. She is a very strong and dedicated lady and we bet she is stronger than most.

  1. Savannah Prez

Savannah Prez gets most of her public figure from her strong legs which makes her exceptional. She has proven to her fans on Instagram that leg days are the days she looks forward to, she doesn’t miss it for any reason. Her other body parts are also built up, we can say so because she has had some victories in the IFBB competition. She has a large fan base, these followers have been earned by her through the amazing physique she has and her everyday workout videos. Her resilience is top-notch.

  1. Renee Enos

Renee Enos is a curvy cosplayer who takes fitness very seriously. She has the body of an athlete but still maintains her curves while looking strong. She works mostly on her legs and shoulders obviously. Most people who go to her page are there for the costumes but regardless, she has a lot of fitness videos and pictures on her page which entails her gym sessions. She is very strong and famous.

  1. Cydney Gillon

Cydney Gillon isn’t one to mess with, she is amazing, a phenomenon in the women’s fitness world. She has earned several titles through her fitness extravaganza. She has three figure Olympia titles which is a great deal. The accomplishments she has gotten aren’t just to put her on the Instagram list but also the list of the world’s most muscular women. She is an amazing woman, most of her followers say that they love to just go through her page to see her amazing physique.

  1. Annie Thorisdottir

Developing muscles and CrossFit go hand in hand as one of them is a process that leads to the other. Annie Thorisdottir is no stranger to the CrossFit games as she has competed several times. Her abs are another thing that makes her famous as it is one of a kind, she is also very strong. She has gotten over 1.2 million followers that follow her everyday routine. However, she uses Instagram to connect with her fans.

  1. Shanique Grant

Shanique Grant has gained popularity through her fans as they adore her terrific physique. This lady won medals in the 2018 and 2019 Olympia competitions as an athlete. She was also a competitor in the IFBB competitions where she went pro and improved drastically during the time she was there. She has been blessed with over 300k followers on Instagram. These are fans that feel privileged that they can see this lady perform, they are glad that they get to see her daily routines and all that. She is like a legend to her fans.

  1. Julia Vins

Julia Vins is known popularly for her Barbie face which has helped her gain a huge fan base. Even though she is huge and has the physique of an athlete, her baby face is still stuck with her. “Muscle Barbie”. She has over 1 million dedicated followers on Instagram, her fans love her every routine, every post she makes is something for her fans to admire. She has gained a lot of love from that face.

  1. Lauren Taylor

Lauren Taylor is one of the biggest figure athletes in the books. This doesn’t even have to be stretched, slide to her Instagram page @laurentayllor and see for yourself the amazing physique she has. She has broad shoulders, the kind that every sportsman wishes to get. Lauren is a kind and dedicated fitness trainer, she likes to help people. She doesn’t have many followers on Instagram like the others on this list, but she is someone worth putting on this list. Her posts are mostly made up of her physique or training video that puts helps you on your fitness journey.

  1. Yuan Herong

Yuan Herong is by far the most likable person on Instagram in the fitness world. Get this, she is an extremely beautiful lady with muscles and shockingly, a doctor. She has been blessed with amazing talents. She was part of the medical team in the coronavirus case. She has over 400k followers on Instagram and she does little cosplay where she dresses up as different street fighters. How does a doctor find time for this? She is with no doubt a special person.


Of course, it is surprising to those who don’t follow the fitness world very well to see that there are women with amazing physiques like those listed above. The truth is this, several women are willing to push in the gum just to develop their idea of an amazing physique. All the women listed here today are unique and special in their way. Dedication is what put them in higher places.

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