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Looking at American politics and social media banter, you might see the leading political commentators and journalists. One of them is Aaron Rupar. He is currently an independent journalist. But last month, he was still Vox Media’s policy and politics section associate editor.

Who is Aaron Rupar?

In this career, he reports and comments on the politics and government of the United States of America.

Aaron Rupar’s Biography

Aaron Rupar was born on October 4, 1983. Growing up in the United States, Aaron grew up interested in writing and discussing political issues. Although his height is unavailable online, he seems like a tall white man. You can quickly view his social media accounts by searching them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Aaron Ruppar’s life features academic credentials and job experiences. In 2002, he studied Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Government coupled with Philosophy at Hamline Univesity. Historically known as the first university in Minnesota state, it is known for its practical mode of education. The university has catered to liberal arts since 1854, and Aaron must have benefitted from its program.

After finishing his bachelor’s degree at Hamline University, Aaron Ruppar decided to continue his studies. He pursued a Master’s Degree in Philosophy at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, in 2007. Studying here must have widened his wisdom. After all, this university is renowned for its premier research programs. Many professors and mentors here also won international awards and recognition.

During his studies at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, Aaron Ruppar worked as a teaching assistant. He led lectures and discussed ethics, morality, logical thinking, politics, and pressing philosophical issues. It was an avenue for him to earn extra cash while gaining the experience that he needs for his future career. In retrospect, it did. Telling the masses about the political climate and what it means would be his job as a journalist.

He finished his philosophy studies in 2010 in Minnesota. Then, Aaron Ruppar landed his first job at Minnesota Premier Publications. This establishment releases The Southwest Journal and the Minnesota Good Age into circulation. Here, Aaron wrote business articles and reported on local crimes. Aside from these, Aaron made feature pieces and engaged in photojournalism. He worked as a staff writer there for a year until December 2011.

He soon got accepted as a staff writer at Voice Media Group. This organization, founded in 2012, was still starting when Aaron applied. He must have enjoyed working at this expanding digital publication famous across the United States.

Every day, Aaron wrote at least four articles about politics, economics, and local affairs. He also took charge of the graphical design and photos of his pieces. Then, Aaron published them in the Voice online magazine. He worked there for two years, seeing the fledgling publication reach millions of Americans per month.

Then, Aaron Rupar worked at Fox 9. It is the local news station in the state, based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Here, he worked as an editor, website writer, producer, and social media staff. Aaron gave article assignments to the staff writers while writing stories himself. He also prepared the video for the television anchors and producers. Aside from these, Aaron Rupar watched over Fox 9’s Facebook account, the largest of its kind among media companies in Minnesota. He stayed at this job for six months.

Afterward, Aaron Rupar served as a digital coordinator for the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party in Minnesota. There, he created media, graphics, digital promotions, and videos for the campaign. Aaron also provided insight as a social media analyst and strategist.

Working for the state’s Democratic campaign paved his way to more political influence. Aaron Rupar worked for the ThinkProgress digital magazine as its associate editor. ThinkProgress is the publication of the Center for American Progress, a left-wing group that supports the Democratic Party. This organization has helped the party’s politicians in addressing social and financial matters. As the associate editor of ThinkProgress, Aaron wrote articles and edited the pieces written by the staff. He also managed the publication’s coverage.

Following his career at ThinkProgress, he moved to Vox Media. For over two years, Aaron Rupar worked as the associate editor of Vox’s political section. He worked at the nation’s capital, Washington, DC. But as of October 2021, he left Vox Media to work as an independent journalist.

His career is ripe with possibilities given his high positions in the companies where he worked. Aaron Rupar is also famous on social media for his spicy commentaries against Republican politicians and former President Donald Trump.

Aaron Rupar’s Jobs

His biography and working experience show us that Aaron Rupar excels in writing blogs, opinion articles, news stories, and feature pieces. He is also a proficient journalist who can make political connections and contacts. As a manager, he has proven his abilities in planning events, handling staff, and strategizing.

His university education gives him insight into politics, philosophy, ethics, and contemporary world issues. Aaron Rupar can speak in public (as he often does), teach lessons (especially regarding philosophy), relate to the public, narrate stories, and lead teams.

Aside from these industry skills, Aaron Rupar also mastered using Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. He also knows how to use Photoshop and Facebook Analytics. Furthermore, his LinkedIn page states that Aaron knows basic HTML and C++ programming languages.

Aaron Rupar’s wife

At present, Aaron Rupar is married. However, his family life is private, considering that his career is controversial. Imagine the security risks it would entail for Aaron’s household. Nonetheless, he actively posts images with his wife and their lovely daughter named Mia. She is still a toddler, and their posts with her give netizens joy.

His parents, siblings, and relatives live in the United States of America. Their names and contact details are unavailable online. They serve as his inspiration in moving forward in his career. His photos with them also show that they have a healthy and fruitful relationship.

Aaron Rupar’s wiki

Because of Aaron’s online fame, websites are showing his information and career details. This article, for example, shows you so much context behind Aaron Rupar’s life. Yet, he does not have an official Wikipedia page.

Aaron Rupar’s net worth

Aaron Rupar, despite his activeness on social media, keeps his finances and properties private. He does not release his net worth and assets. But we can at least try to estimate it.

In the United States, an average journalist can earn at least $42,602 every year. Typically, he conducts research, writes articles, composes stories, and shares his ideas with the world. A journalist also interviews witnesses, follows story leads and takes photos and videos. Aaron Rupar has these roles as a vital part of his career.

Associate editors have a higher mean salary. Statistics show that, on average, they receive around $54,200 yearly in the United States. Aside from doing the jobs of journalists (when necessary), associate editors edit articles, follow style guidelines, check shreds of evidence, perform copyrighting, and manage search engine optimization. They also equip the writers through feedback, correction, and workshops. Furthermore, associate editors lead the publication and its workflow direction. Aaron Rupar must have earned this amount (and even more) as one of the editors of Vox, a reputable media company.

Aaron Rupar’s controversy

Aaron Rupar is a left-wing political commentator and journalist. Given the tense and raging political climate in the United States, he attracts controversy and criticisms from conservative media. Fox News, as expected, reported on how his surname Rupar got included on the Urban Dictionary website.

In 2021, Aaron Rupar reported about massage parlor shootings in Georgia. He shared the statement of the area’s sheriff’s office in a way that made the spokesman look apathetic to the victims. The spokesman also seemed to excuse the perpetrator. Worse, Chinese media ridiculed America using this clip.

Because of this, someone added Rupar as a verb in the Urban Dictionary, an online collection of popular slang and vernacular. It means intentionally deceiving people by putting statements out of context.

Aaron Rupar’s articles

Aaron Rupar temporarily banned from Twitter

As a journalist and associate editor at Vox, Aaron Rupar has written over 650 articles through the years. In this part of the article about him, you will take a glimpse at his career.

These pieces show not just the left-wing context of American politics but also his part in shaping the narrative in the country. Here are the summaries of his Vox pieces:

  • His last article on September 20 presents his interview with a statistics expert about Biden’s concerning approval polls. In this article, the expert compared Biden’s statistics to Trump’s during his presidency. He also pointed at the Afghanistan withdrawal, inflation, and the divisive partisan culture of America as the causes.
  • Sidney Powell, Donald Trump’s lawyer during the campaign, has been controversial during the past months. She insists that Trump was the winner of the last presidential election. But her lawyers admit that her arguments are unreasonable. At present, Powell is facing lawsuits from Dominion, the company that develops voting machines and software.
  • Aaron Rupar pointed out that Fox News is biased toward Biden. For example, they complained that it took Biden 49 days into his presidency without having a press conference. But when he did host one, Fox News still grumbled.
  • The Republican politicians in Ohio state compete on who will become closest to former President Donald Trump. Given his influence and fame among the Republicans, Trump’s endorsement may become a winning point for politicians.
  • President Trump’s Covid-19 response became reignited when Deborah Birx, his administration’s pandemic coordinator, spoke about the casualties then. She said that the fatalities of Covid-19 (which reached half a million people) were preventable.
  • Aaron Rupar pointed out that Trump’s relatives and administration staff find refuge at the Fox News network. For example, Kayleigh McEnany, Trump’s press secretary, would become a show host. Lara Trump, the former president’s campaign advisor, also became a contributor to the network. She is Eric Trump’s wife.
  • Aaron Rupar claimed that Republicans and conservatives are against free elections. In this article posted on June 9, he reported on Barack Obama’s worries about the United States’ democracy. He cited the incident on January 6, 2021, as proof of this corruption. Obama also compared it to the Russian elections, where the masses almost unanimously voted for Vladimir Putin.
  • He criticized the Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson’s “misinformation” about the January 6 Capitol riot. In an episode of his Fox News night show, Tucker Carlson said that the Federal Bureau of Investigation has something to do with the incident. Republican politicians echoed this angle about the riot as well.
  • Aaron Rupar aims to convince his readers not to believe the PR campaign of Bill Barr, Donald Trump’s former attorney general. Recently, Bill Barr said that he confronted Trump about the election fraud issue. Barr stood by his belief that there is no evidence of large-scale cheating. It angered Trump so much, especially when he had a few weeks left in his presidency.
  • Aaron Rupar commented on Tucker Carlson’s claim that the National Security Agency spies on him. In June, Carlson said that the administration wants to snoop into his digital footprint to remove his show on the network. Republicans used this claim to describe the federal government as abusive and corrupt. When the National Security Agency released its statement, it also used this as proof that the spy agency is indeed guilty.
  • Aaron Rupar also criticized how President Donald Trump remembered Ashli Babbitt, a veteran who got shot during the US Capitol riot. In an interview, Trump described Ashli Babbitt as an incredible and innocent military woman. The former president even described the protests on January 6, 2021, as a love festival between the protesters and the police.
  • Aaron Rupar also pointed out that Tennessee state (tightly controlled by Republicans) has one of the lowest vaccination statistics. As of July, when he wrote this article, only 38% of the population there has been inoculated twice.



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