In the hypercompetitive world of Hollywood, it is challenging to get as famous as the big showbiz stars. But actresses like Annie Parisse have etched their mark in their television roles, winning awards and the hearts of fans. They get to enjoy a celebrity life without the intense attention and scrutiny it brings.

In this article, you will know Annie Parisse and her life in a nutshell.

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Annie Parisse’s biography

Annie Parisse is just her screen name; she was born Anne Marie Cancelmi. Her original surname shows her father’s Italian roots, and her mother has Middle Eastern descent. Born on July 31, 1975, Annie Parisse grew up in a wealthy family. Her dad, Louis Cancelmi, is one of the executives at Alaska Airlines. Meanwhile, her mother, Annette, is a schoolteacher. Annie has two brothers: Louis Cancelmi (an actor) and Michael (a teacher).

During her early childhood, Annie Parisse’s family moved to Washington. She studied until high school in Mercer Island. But, when she turned 18, Annie decided to live on her own in the other side of the country, in New York. There, she studied theatre at Fordham University. She became a lead actress in the college’s major stage play productions.

At this point, she became recognized for her screen name, Anna Maria Parisse. She based this on her late great-grandmother’s name.

Annie Parisse started exploring television roles soon after. In 1998, she joined the decades-old drama series As The World Turns on CBS. Annie Parisse’s brief performance here caught the attention of Hollywood. Hence, she became nominated for an Emmy in 2001. Annie Parisse would appear in different episodes of As The World Turns until the following year.

At this time, Annie Parisse also took roles in various crime drama shows. She appeared on Big Apple and Law & Order. (She would later return in Law & Order with a premiere role.) Annie Parisse also acted in romantic comedy shows and films, aside from serious television series. The actress portrayed characters on Friends and How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days. In 2004, she appeared as a minor character in Disney’s National Treasure movie starring Nicholas Cage. She also had a similar role in the Monster-in-Law film released in 2005.

Her break in showbiz came when she became one of the main characters in Law & Order. She appeared in the series’ last two seasons until the finale episode of Law & Order on May 17, 2006.

Four years later, she appeared again in The Pacific, a series about World War II. Annie Parisse then appeared in other shows on CBS, Fox, HBO, and Netflix through the years. Her acting portfolio includes roles in The Following, Vinyl, and Person of Interest.

Although Anne Parisse performed roles on television and in movies, she still performed theatre roles. In 2007, she was among the lead cast of the Prelude to a Kiss, including The Internationalist stage plays. (She would get nominated for an award because of her performance here.) Then, she acted the protagonist role in Becky Shaw, a play awarded with the Pulitzer Prize. (She also received an award for Becky Shaw.) Three years later, in 2011, Annie Parisse performed in productions based on William Shakespeare’s plays.

Annie Parisse’s family

As mentioned earlier, Annie Parisse’s parents are Louis, an airlines executive, and Annette, an elementary teacher who worked in Pennsylvania and Washington. Her brothers’ names are Louis and Michael. Furthermore, Annie Parisse’s grandparents on her mother’s side are Harry and Mary. Her paternal grandfather works for the Pennsylvania Department of Justice and State Parole Board. Similarly, Annie Parisse’s uncle is a lawyer there.

Outside her acting career, Annie Parisse teaches acting and theatre at Fordham University.

Annie Parisse has two children, Emmett and Lydia (born in 2009 and 2014, respectively), with her former husband, Paul Sparks. They got married in 2000; unfortunately, they got divorced on December 20, 2018. Her family lives in Manhattan, New York.

Annie Parisse’s former husband

Paul Sparks, like Annie Parisse, is also an actor. He appeared in television series like House of Cards, Boardwalk Empire, and The Girlfriend Experience. Paul Sparks played roles as a writer, attorney, and gangster, to list a few. He also appeared in many films throughout the decade, like The Greatest Showman and Deception.

Paul Sparks was born on October 16, 1971, in Oklahoma. His father, Mike, is a football coach, while his mother, Ellis, is a teacher. Paul finished his secondary education in the state, and he initially studied chemistry at Oklahoma State University through a scholarship. But his passion for speech and acting prompted him to take fine arts in drama at New York University. He graduated there in 1995.

Despite his Type 1 Diabetes, Paul Sparks overcame life’s challenges and contributed to diabetes research organizations. He also became an award-winning artist in the following years. He had a lead role in the Boardwalk Empire series on HBO for five seasons. He also appeared in Waco and Mud. Furthermore, he performed in stage plays as well.

Because of his excellence on screen and on stage, Paul Sparks got nominated at the Drama Desk Awards, the Lucille Lortel Awards, the Emmy Awards, the Drama League Awards, and the Outer Critics Circle Awards. He won three awards: two from the Screen Actors Guild Awards (in 2010 and 2011 for Boardwalk Empire) and one from the Film Independent Spirit Awards (in 2013 for Mud).

Annie Parisse’s net worth

Some websites estimate that Annie Parisse has over a million dollars in net worth. She does not disclose her assets and properties. But given her career as an actress, we can assume that she is rich. She also lives in Manhattan, an expensive neighborhood for elites and wealthy people.

Annie Parisse’s jobs

Annie Parisse has been in numerous films, shows, and plays in her career since 1999. Here is a list of her projects and appearances:

  • In 1999, Annie Parisse debuted in the film On The Q.T. as Wendy. This movie shows the story of a poor violinist who meets a musician from New York City. Although it is not a restricted movie, On The Q.T. is filled with cursing and scenes inappropriate for children.
  • How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, a movie released in 2003, shows the story of an appealing man. He made a bet that he could attract women into a relationship within ten days. In this movie, Annie Parisse portrayed a character named Jeannie Ashcroft.
  • Pagans is a horror movie released in 2004. In this low-budget film about a fictional 90s band, Annie Parisse was Elise Ashton.
  • National Treasure got produced by Disney and released in 2004. The story follows the adventures of Benjamin Franklin Gates, a treasure hunter. His friend, Ian, went rogue as he wanted to steal the United States Declaration of Independence. Benjamin stole it instead, and with the help of an archivist, they used the Declaration to look for other clues towards the “national treasure” before Ian could. In this movie, Annie Parisse is an agent named Dawes.
  • Monster-in-Law, a 2005 movie, shows the story of Charlotte, who finally found the man she loves. But his mother terrorizes Charlotte to force her to give up. In this film, Annie Parisse is named Morgan.
  • Prime is about Rafi Gardet, a wealthy and recently divorced producer who hired a psychoanalytic therapist named Lisa Metzger. But Rafi ended up having a relationship with David, Lisa’s son and fourteen years younger than Rafi. This 2005 comedic movie shows their struggles. Annie Parisse appeared here as Katherine.
  • Blackbird is a tragic love story between two heroin addicts. In this movie, Annie Parisse is a character named Angie.
  • What Just Happened, released in 2008, is about Ben, a prestigious film producer. This funny movie shows his struggles as his movie production riffled with problems and conflicts. His family is also crumbling. In this film, Ben tries to normalize his life and fix the piles of issues before him. In this movie, Annie Parisse is a fierce actress working for Ben.
  • In Definitely, Maybe, a 2008 romantic comedy film, a dad named Will Hayes (portrayed by Ryan Reynolds) attempts to explain his impending divorce to his ten-year-old daughter. She asked him about his life before he married, and Will narrated to him about his relationships with three women. In this movie, Annie Parisse is named Anne.
  • Tickling Leo, released in 2009, is a story based on a family traumatized by the deportation of Hungarian Jews during the Second World War. Here, Annie Parisse is named Delphina Adams.
  • My Own Love Song is about a woman who no could no longer walk after a tragic accident. This movie is about her finding a new life with her friends in search of happiness. Annie Parisse is Nora in this film.
  • The Tested shows the lives of three people in a Black community. Its stark depiction of underprivileged lives makes it attractive among social scientists and people who appreciate realistic fields. In The Tested, Annie Parisse is Lisa Varone.
  • The Amazing Spider-Man is about Peter Parker, the famous Marvel superhero who got bit by a radioactive spider. In this movie, Annie Parisse was Martha Connors, the wife of Spider-Man’s nemesis. Unfortunately, many of her scenes got deleted.
  • Price Check, a 2012 movie, portrays the life of Pete Cozy, a problematic employee with heavy debts. His new boss would increase his stress and workload, and this movie is about his rise and difficulties. Here, Annie Parisse is the protagonist’s wife, Sara Cozy.
  • One for the Money is a 2012 thriller/comedy movie starred by Katherine Heigl. In this film, Annie Parisse is named Mary Stankovic.
  • The Wild Canaries film is an award-winning movie with multiple genres—comedy, love, and thriller. Annie Parisse is Eleanor in Wild Canaries.
  • And So It Goes portrays the life of a realtor whom everybody dislikes. His grandchild had to stay at his house. She will change the realtor’s life for the better. In this movie, Annie Parisse is Kate.
  • Anesthesia is a 2015 restricted movie about the lives of multiple people involved in the assault of a philosophy professor. Annie Parisse is Rachel in this movie.
  • In As the World Turns, Annie Parisse portrayed Julia Snyder from 1998 to 2003. This series started in 1956, and it had to end in 2010 because of a lack of sponsorships. It was the longest show in television history.
  • Big Apple shows the lives of New York City detectives uncovering syndicates and criminals. Annie Parisse appeared here as Geena.
  • Third Watch is a similar television series presenting the lives of police officers and firefighters in New York. Annie Parisse appeared in two episodes of the show as Tammy Sizemore.
  • Law & Order made Annie Parisse more famous in Hollywood. This series is also about detectives solving crimes and murder incidents. It also involves the lawyers and district attorneys of Manhattan. Typically, Law & Order depicts criminal incidents based on real cases.
  • The Friends show was among the most popular television series in American culture. It began in 1994, following the lives of a group of six friends. In the next ten years, the show presented their humorous friendship, lessons, and bonding. Annie Parisse took part in this show as Sarah.
  • NYPD 2069 is about a police officer who became brain-dead and frozen for 66 years. In this television movie, he learned what happened to his family and served justice to the man who wanted to kill him. The film also shows how society would be like in the future. Here, Annie Parisse is named Gina Zal.
  • Fringe is an award-winning television series that ran from 2008 to 2013. It shows the story of FBI agents who needed to stop a rogue scientist from performing dangerous experiments. Annie Parisse was Teresa Rusk in
  • The Pacific depicts the story of American soldiers in the Pacific island-hopping campaigns during the Second World War. Directed by Stephen Spielberg, this series is critically acclaimed. Annie Parisse was Lena Basilone in this series.

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