Now I want to think about this afternoon with my grandson, where I hear myself talking and which I thought I was talking about too much.

And why this need to speak so much?

So does my boyfriend. My step sister also has it. But here I am aware of it and I really don’t like it. I have a deep thought that tells me that it must be tiring for my grandson to hear me speak. If he could tell me. I believe … I believe so much that yes, that I speak too much.

Why do I need to talk so much? It’s stronger than me. It’s like there’s just me who exists, just me who has a problem. I feel a problem and it looks like I need to talk about it. It’s stronger than me, I need to talk about it. It’s as strong as the need for sugar I had. No matter what addiction you have. I feel addicted to my problem, I am addicted to my addiction, how afraid I am to be afraid!

I’ve been feeling like this for so long.

But to talk about it so openly is the first time. I hear Marcel speaking who speaks so much (but not about him). I say one sentence and he says 10. I tried to let my grandson speak and I started to speak again. I heard myself, I was very aware that I was talking too much. But it was stronger than me. Like in a group that I can’t talk about, although now I can talk a little more. I think my friend has a problem similar to mine.

Yes when I am alone with a person, I become like my old friends. I invade the whole space of “me, my, my”. I always come back to me. Behind that, my intention is to speak yes, but to listen to the other also who would like to speak. My intention is to speak in general; may have just needed to talk about me.

Why just discuss my problem, my situation, my knowledge?

Why do I need to feed on myself, yes is that a good way to say it? I need to feed on myself. Richard my friend needed to take care of his business, decorate his apartment, go shopping for his clothes. I always need to talk about my situations, my ideas, my choice of conversations, my opinions, my needs. As much as Marcel never talks about him, I always talk about myself. It’s stronger than me. I am not interested in others. Every Robert child is like that.

psychology, always need to talk

My intention is to free myself from this need.

I wonder why I feel so thirsty for myself. Where does this need to talk so much about me come from? Why is it so strong? I put my questions in the energy, I know that I will receive answers. In the meantime, I’m going to get ready to sleep.

I went to bed and started to think and I had to get up and; for my grandson, following my beliefs, thinking of you, I live in fear and it causes me anxiety. (which is to think about the future).

At the same time, what you asked me, distracted my thoughts to use these teachings for myself. It comes to me in spite of myself: in which direction is it going? I have beliefs about money. From what I know of him, this is how he can live without the entry of insured money. No matter how hard I try to think about it, but it takes revenue to pay for it. And from what I see and what I hear, there cannot be a lot of income coming in right now. And at the level of his relationships, according to my beliefs, that can’t get him anywhere. But he’s an adult and he seems very comfortable in that. Is this the reality he shows?

Going according to my beliefs, for me it is going nowhere and that leads me to be afraid, even very afraid. I want to look elsewhere because if I look at it, it makes me feel anxious. The future does not make me see anything reassuring. But you may be in a better position to see a more promising future in these two areas of your life.

The same thing when I watch my sister go.

That leads me to say that I am better not to look at you according to my beliefs and to let you go according to your beliefs. It may be you who are best placed to move towards a happy and fulfilling life. Your visions are different from mine and the important thing is that you make your dreams come true. Anyway, seen from this angle, there is nothing I can do for you. Because our beliefs are like the opposite. I have to accept the idea that your views are very different from mine even on the opposite, but that says that it is not you who are right. I cannot teach you lessons, I cannot impose my beliefs on you, I cannot prove to you that I am right.

This morning before lunch …

Looks like it reassures me to tell others what I’m doing. The requests I make to get out of my mental difficulties. I feel the need to talk about it as if to prove to myself that I’m right to do that. Like I never could tell my parents and they would have agreed with me, but it never happened. When I talked about it, they were always against my ideas; that made them insecure. I wasn’t going according to their beliefs. This need has never been felt, fulfilled with them. Looks like I’m still looking to fill it up by not telling others about it.

Hey! I am that parent now to whom I speak and who is certain that I am right to do so, that I am doing the right things. I’m the right person to talk to and I’m sure I’m doing the right things. How I found the right lessons to heal myself completely! So I couldn’t tell anyone. I couldn’t need anyone’s approval. I’m talking about it and I’m the only good person who can say that what I’m doing is right for me. So, I couldn’t need anyone else’s approvals.

I can move on and then take the time to listen to others, to let them say what will do them good to say. No I no longer need it because I am able to listen to myself, believe myself, interact with myself and be very satisfied with it. To fill me with my attention, my understanding. I no longer feel the need to talk about it because now writing it fills me up, brings me a lot of satisfaction.

Thank you, my God, thank you Lord Jesus, thank you Holy Spirit. Thank you my Angels, and my Archangels and all my Saints who are there to help me. Thank you for responding to my requests. Thank you for being there for me.

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