Who is Ksoo?

Rapper KSOO, actual name Hakeem Robinson, from Jacksonville, Florida, is currently behind bars after being accused of killing rival rappers Adrian Gainer, aka Bibby, and Charles McCormick, or Lil Buck.

Police claim that after killing the two men, KSOO went on to write rap songs boasting about the killings. Rappers in Jacksonville are now frequently heard rhyming about “smoking a Bibby pack.”

MTO News has found that KSOO isn’t doing well behind bars. not with the other prisoners, but with the guards. Two prison officers are shown pushing the rapper in a video that we were able to obtain before scooping him up and body-slamming him.

The rapper Ksoo’s father will provide evidence against his son in the 23-year-forthcoming old’s first-degree murder trial in Jacksonville. According to First Coast News, 51-year-old Abdul Robinson Sr. has consented to assist the prosecution in the murder case involving his son Hakeem Robinson, also known as Ksoo. Hakeem was charged with first-degree murder in March for the January 2020 slaying of rapper Charles McCormick, also known as Lil Buck. In the McCormick case, Robinson Sr. volunteered to testify as a witness for the state.

In connection with the February 2019 slaying of Adrian Gainer, also known as Bibby, Ksoo was also charged with first-degree murder. Ksoo has entered a not-guilty plea to both counts of first-degree murder.

Robinson Sr. will also give evidence against Abdul Robinson Jr., his other son who is accused of second-degree murder. Robinson Sr. is also charged with three felonies, each of which has a potential sentence of 30 years in jail, and is accused of being an accessory after the fact to first-degree murder.

The gang ATK, or Ace’s Top Killers, is allegedly led by Robinson Sr., with his son Hakeem apparently participating as a member, according to the prosecution.

Robinson Sr. has been relocated, while Ksoo and his brother are still being held in the Duval County jail while they await trial.

Rappers in Jacksonville are creating music videos based on true homicides. Moms of victims and police are present.

Millions of people have heard the songs on YouTube and other streaming sites because of the catchy music and beats featured in the music videos. Rap music videos by local musicians, however, that portray actual Jacksonville killings are igniting a fire in the neighborhood.

The bereaved moms who are still awaiting arrests or prosecutions for the murders of their sons claim the lyrics go too far because the music videos portray heinous crimes.

While they wait for justice, music videos from two rival rap groups in Jacksonville have become increasingly popular around the nation with songs that commemorate the killings of their kids.

Since its initial release in March, “Who I Smoke” by Jacksonville rapper Yungeen Ace and others, which includes a sample from Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles,” has been seen more than 33 million times.

“Beatbox Remix/Bibby Flow,” a remix of Yungeen Ace’s song by rival rapper Julio Foolio, has amassed more than 9 million views.

Rappers have achieved national recognition thanks to music videos with lyrics about the killings of young men in Jacksonville, but the videos also compel the relatives of the victims to relive their loss.

Elizabeth Gainer described it as “like someone taking a healed wound and opening it back up and stabbing at it over and over again.”

One of the moms of a murder victim who was alluded to in a song claimed to have contacted YouTube to request that one of the videos be removed, but the business never got back to her.

“I hope and pray that the person or people rapping about that would realize that you also have a mother. Would you want your own mother to experience what other mothers do? “, said Melissa Jackson.

Gainer and Jackson’s boys were both slain, and their names are mentioned in the songs that millions of people have listened to.

Who are the other People Involved in the Videos?

The gang was out having a birthday party for a friend. Despite being shot eight times, Bullard managed to live, and today, he enjoys rising stardom, with over 3 million Instagram followers and a record deal. Lyrics of the song “Who I Smoke,” which features rappers thought to be ATK, make mention of at least three victims of recent shootings in Jacksonville.

Bibby, who I smoke. Teke, who I smoke. Who I smoke, Lil Nine,” Yungeen Ace exclaims in the chorus of the song. Rapper Julio Foolio’s 16-year-old pal Adrian Gainer, known as “Bibby,” was shot and killed in the Hilltop Village Apartments in 2019.

On February 25, 2019, Adrian Gainer Jr. was shot and died in the Hilltop Village Apartments. “He brought delight. He just laughed and danced,” Elizabeth Gainer remarked. “Nobody can hurt me more than killing my child,” the speaker said.

An arrest wasn’t made for another two years. Hakeem Robinson, also known by his rap name Ksoo, is the person currently accused of killing Adrian Gainer. He is connected to ATK.

Adrian Gainer is referred to in the lyrics of one of Ksoo’s music videos by the moniker “Bibby” as well.

Never play with Ksoo, N****. In the music video for “Ksoo B***h,” Ksoo raps, “Smoke Durk and Bibby to the face though.”

Robinson is currently incarcerated and faces second-degree murder charges in Gainer’s passing.

Gainer’s mother claimed that for years, rappers like Robinson and others had consistently made fun of her son’s passing in music videos and on social media.

Elizabeth Gainer remarked, “I’ve heard anything from where he was shot, I’ve heard what his dying words were.

Ksoo sings in the song, “Bibby had a closed casket, I wasn’t surprised.”

Robinson is accused of committing further murders as well.

In the 2020 shooting death of Charles McCormick, also known as rapper Lil Buck, he is also accused of second-degree murder. Abdul Robinson Sr., the father of Abdul Robinson Jr., is charged with accessory to murder following the fact, and second-degree murder is said to have occurred in conjunction with the shooting.

All three Robinsons are related to ATK, according to JSO.

What is the History of Violence Revolving ATK?

The spate of violence involving the ATK began in 2019 when rapper Willie Addison, also known as “Boss Goon,” another of Robinson Srkids was killed and five other people were injured in Spring Park. The rap music concert had just ended when the shooting took place at the Paradise Gentlemens Club on Baymeadows Road.

Damon Rothermel was shot and died while riding a bicycle on Emerson Street two weeks later. According to police, Rothermel was struck by a stray gunshot during a car-to-car gunfight. In relation to Rothermel’s passing, Dominique Barner, who had ties to ATK, and two other people were accused of murder.

Then, in the first few months of 2020, McCormick was assassinated in Arlington during a daytime ambush in a mall.

Additionally accused in connection with the slaying of McCormick is Barner. Hakeem Robinson allegedly wanted to kill McCormick because he wrote a song that “spoke [disparagingly] about Willie Addison,” according to Barner, who was secretly taped in jail.

ATK may be connected to more than a dozen murders and other crimes in Jacksonville that were committed in retaliation for perceived insults, according to JSO Chief of Investigations T.K. Waters.

“There are many things. Drugs might be to blame, or it might just be because I wrote a rap song about you and you didn’t like it. So one of your buddies or one of your colleagues tells you that you’re going back and doing something, and they’re going to start a shooting war,” Waters added.

According to News4Jax, Hakeem Robinson’s attorney, ATK is a legitimate company, not a dangerous gang.

Ksoo’s music by ATK is featured on Apple Music, but the ATK website is inactive and only displays “Opening Soon.”

Julio Foolio and KTA

The band KTA, whose most well-known member Julio Foolio has around a million Instagram followers, is also not averse to mentioning murder victims in music videos.

Julio Foolio, whose legal name is Charles Jones, according to his Spotify profile, states in “Beatbox Remix/Bibby Flow,” “Leeke got shot (well damn! ), Spazz face hot (on gang!)

Freddy Patterson, a 30-year-old father of 12 who was shot and died in November 2020, is one of the victims mentioned in a KTA song.

His mother, Shawnentina Benton, claimed that she had no idea who the rappers were or why they would be discussing the passing of her son.

“It is not funny that someone has passed away. It is not amusing. They have children and loved ones, Benton added.

The song lyrics for the KTA music video also mention Corbin Johnson.

“Corbin was abducted, and when his bones were discovered, he was dead. In one song, Julio Foolio asks, “(Where’s Corbin?) In 2018, Melissa Jackson, Johnson’s mother, filed a missing person’s report.

 “He was 18. He was still a little child, she said. His remains were discovered in a wooded location a year later. There have been no arrests made as of yet.

Corbin wouldn’t just go with anyone, so in my heart, I think it’s someone he knew, Jackson added. Julio Foolio sings, “Corbin got kidnapped, got his a** found,” in a song.

In his “When I See You” music video, which has received over 24 million views on YouTube, Julio Foolio also alludes to the passing of Yungeen Ace’s brother and two other people.

“Had dinner out for his birthday. Three of the four fatalities from gunfire were extremely serious. In the chorus, Julio Foolio says, “(Damn.) He kept dissin’ on me, now he’s smoking twenty-three.

In addition, the rapper mentions Hakeem Robinson by his rap moniker Ksoo and makes reference to his current detention.

“Man, Ksoo has been a fan. Don’t wish anyone jail time; I swear they should release the dude so he can get a headshot, raps Julio Foolio.

Johnson’s mother believes the music videos could aid the police despite the occasionally tragic lyrics.

“For my part, I want them to keep writing the songs because one day you’re going to say the wrong thing at the wrong time about the specifics of Corbin’s murder that you don’t know. So continue speaking, Jackson said.

JSO is Keeping Watch

JSO Chief T.K. Waters emphasized that while the lyrics in the music videos may reveal information regarding the murders, police cannot base their decisions only on them.

The best course of action, according to Waters, is to combine the material on those videos with some tangible proof and other elements that will assist tie everything together and strengthen the case.

JSO, according to Waters, is continuously keeping an eye on social media and every internet video.

“The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office does have a team that exclusively deals with this issue. They are only concerned with one subject,” Waters claimed.

JSO said that the number of killings in Jacksonville in the previous year had decreased despite the songs’ increasing popularity, which has been the subject of a YouTube documentary that has been viewed 3 million times and incorporates News4Jax’s coverage of the violence.

News4Jax statistics show that 131 murders were registered in 2019. In 2020, there were 141 murders. 89 killings have been reported as of October 18. The same period previous year, 116 killings were reported.

JSO asserted that it is beneficial to have several ATK members incarcerated.

Waters, who just declared his candidacy for Jacksonville sheriff, said, “I can state that they’ve slowed down and it would stand to reason that those young males that are in a place where they are awaiting trial, they can no longer damage individuals in our community.”

Gun violence in Jacksonville has claimed the lives of the sons of three women: Melissa Jackson, Shawnentina Benton, and Elizabeth Gainer.

Families are still waiting for Justice to be Served

Elizabeth Gainer is currently anticipating the trial and praying that her son will receive justice.

Poppy was cherished. deeply cherished So we’re here. Elizabeth Gainer declared, “I’m staying put. Until his sentencing, Hakeem Robinson will appear before me at every court appearance.

Jackson and Benton continue to ask God to make arrests.

Jackson stated, “I pardon them. “To me, holding onto grudges is like drinking poison and expecting someone else to perish. It simply isn’t worth it.

“Patience, waiting, and it’s been agony. Justice will be carried out, I’m not letting go, and neither is JSO, Benton declared.

The lyrics of the music video aren’t really confessions but like depictions of crimes. It’s also important to note that some rappers, including Yungeen Ace and Julio Foolio, aren’t even under investigation for crimes.

Since the song’s lyrics describing the murders aren’t currently punishable, the moms are hoping that if anyone knows anything, they will come forward and help the authorities get justice for their kids.

In order to hear from the rappers featured in the popular videos and their lawyers, News4Jax reached out to a number of them. Despite certain rappers having spoken with journalists covering hip-hop on a national level, none of them volunteered to be interviewed by News4Jax.

The lawyer for Robinson Sr. told News4Jax that the rappers express themselves via their music and that there is no evidence connecting the rap groups to the killings.

Is the continuing conflict between ATK and KTA about to come to an end?

In a recent interview, Jones was questioned about the possibility of their reconciliation.

It’s likely to occur sooner rather than later. You just never know what God has in store, do you? Jones remarked.

The Murder Trial of the Jacksonville Rapper was Delayed after his Father Testifies

A trial date for rapper Ksoo, real name Hakeem Robinson, who killed 16-year-old Adrian Gainer in 2019, was postponed on Tuesday.

Robinson’s counsel requested to have the trial delayed during a pretrial hearing, claiming new discovery evidence and the prosecution’s admission of Robinson’s father, Abdul Robinson Sr., as a witness. The judge allowed the motion since the state made no objections.

Leroy Whitaker, Abdul Robinson Jr., and Hakeem Robinson are also accused of killing Charles McCormick in 2020. A fourth man, Dominique Barner, is accused of committing the crime but was not charged. In court documents, the state has stated that Barner is assisting the prosecution in that case.

Abdul Robinson Sr. has made comments in connection with the killings of Charles McCormick and Damon Rothermel and is currently working with the authorities.

Hakeem Robinson has entered a not-guilty plea to both of the first-degree murder counts. The 19th of July will be his next pretrial hearing in BOTH of his murder cases.




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