About Madison Lecroy

Madison Lecroy was born in South Carolina inside a city known as Greenville. She was born on the 6th of October, 1990.

She attended a college in Carolina known as the Carolina College off hair design.

After attending the school for hair design she decided to follow her dreams to become a hair and makeup artist. She managed to open her salon in Charleston, South Carolina and so far, this has been working out for her.

Somehow she managed to switch and move between careers as she also became an actress. As an actress, she made her first movie as part of the cast in the series known as the southern charm she joined the show in season 6.

Season 6 was aired in 2019. Also, during the set, she got into a relationship with her colleague on the show called Austin Kroll.

They both were together until the global lockdown due to coronavirus in 2020. Although the breakup happened late in the year. The Christmas month.

Although this was the main breakup that split the two love birds for good, they had been breaking up and reconciling during the course of the relationship until the last one in 2020.

She came out in January 2021 to make the internet shake after people started bringing out rumors that she and Jay Cutler who used to be an MLB player had some romance going on.

The thing is that Jay had just gotten divorced not too long ago. We heard that the thing they had was nothing serious, but there were rumors that they had something.

All of these internet-breaking stories didn’t last long because just a few weeks later, she let the world know that Jay and his ex-wife are now both her enemies and they had a score to settle.

She released some of the text messages that went on between them confirming that the trio was having a feud.

This last is known for relationships. She also made her new FaceTime lover Alex Rodriguez popular. Alex was dating the superstar Jennifer Lopez at the time she released this story and proof of their relationship.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex were engaged and were thinking of getting married. Well, this development put a stop to that.

One major part of her life is the son she shares with her ex-husband Josh Hughes.

Before becoming her boss and opening up a hair salon of her own, she used to work at a hair salon that was located on King Street.

Now she is very popular and is known mainly for her business and her appearance in one of America’s top series. Although she joined them halfway into the series, she still made her mark.

Her makeup and hair salon in Charleston is known as Blush and Brushes. They mostly work on hair and give your hair the best color you could ever ask for. The salon today is also called The Blonde Whisperer by her fans.

Madison Lecroy’s Age

Right now there is 30 years old and looks very good for her age. As it has been stated before in the article, she was born on the 6th of October in 1990.

She also has an eighth years old son from her former marriage. She went to a college that specializes in hair design and she got the chance to study what she has always wanted to study her whole life. She is very popular on social media as she is known to have many popular friends.

Madison Net Worth

We don’t know how much she is worth at an exact price but we know that with business and all she has as assets, she is estimated to be worth more than 700k dollars.

Madison Height

She is a tall woman, although she isn’t too tall, her height is good. She is said to be 5ft and 4 inches tall.

Madison’s Family

We don’t know that much about her family though, we know that she was born and raised in the same city called Greenville.

She lived with her parents while she was growing up, they were there to guide her through most of her steps.

She is a white American with American citizenship. One time we saw a post that had her parents and her sin in it. She maintains a stable relationship with her family.

Madison Lecroy Marriage

Madison got married to Josh Hughes at a very young age, this was 2010, th8s makes her 20 at the time.

They both agreed to divorce just five years later which was in 2015. They both had a son together which they named Hudson.

After her husband, she has had a few other relationships as she should, she is currently engaged to her present boyfriend known as Brett Randle.

Madison and Brett got engaged in October 2021. This was on her birthday, just as she came back from dinner that day, Randle had surprised her by pulling out an engagement ring.

The couple met that same year on a trip for friends in Arizona. Just some months back was when the meeting occurred.

Madison On The Movie Southern Charm

Madison who was a hair designer and CEO of her hair salon became an actor and made a debut when she got employed to act as one of the casts in the series known as southern charm.

The acting added to her career boost and her popularity was enhanced after the appearance.

Not just this appearance, she also got into a relationship with someone on the set. A big movie star called Austen Kroll.

Their relationship made the headlines so many times and so this relationship made her a very popular social media personnel.

Their meeting seemed like something they could call fate. They both started on the set in the same year and the same season. This is where they met, they fell in love and they entered into a relationship.

The show Southern charm is American reality television that started in 2014, on the 3rd of march in 2014.

The series was mainly about seven socialites that lived in Charleston, South Carolina, and battling with their personal and professional lives.

This is the same town where Madison is known to be very popular, she got a part. Moreover, the film was mainly about the cultures of the south. They also used some of the local landmarks in the town as some of the places where the cast hung out.

Madison’s Workout And Her Diet Lifestyle

Madison became very strict with her diet and exercise mainly because of the pandemic and the virus that was spreading around.

She made sure that she ate healthily and was about to complete a series of workouts just so that she can be for and continue to boost her immune system. She said that keeping up with this was very hard, but it was something she had put her mind to do.

Who Did Madison Sleep With?

The ex-baseball player Jay Cutler. This was who she was accused of sleeping with.

She has attended the reunion of the TV show she was in and a clip was played of her and Jay. This clip caused her fans and the whole world to be in shock.

They said that they had confirmed the rumor and she had gone ahead to sleep with Jay while she was being all romantic with him.

During the reunion, she was called all sorts of names. They also called her a homewrecker because the man hadn’t gone out of his marriage at the time it was rumored that she had slept with him.

The series has so many episodes and through those episodes, we have been able to notice how far all the actors and roles they had taken we’re evolving through the course of the show.

The Whole Drama Between Madison And Jay

Craig who was on the show during the reunion said that Madison had flown thousands of miles all the way to Miami just so that she can be with Jay the MLB former player even though he was married.

Apart from the MLB player being married, she also was in a relationship with Austen Krill when she did it.

Madison’s Reply To The Whole Rumor

It was in a discussion where they had also been saying that she also slept with some other guy while she was in a relationship with Austen.

She said that she didn’t sleep with anyone and that she was only chatting with a guy, but she never saw or slept with him.

Who Is Madison Lecroy’s Ex-Husband?

John Hughes. He is said to be a very dedicated father to his son and makes sure he is there for him as much as he can.

Although most people know that Madison is a very dedicated mother to the son because she is more popular and posts media about it every time.

John who is also her partner and father to her son is also very interested in the son’s life and so far he has been able to show how caring he is as a father.

In 2020, he made a post on Facebook about his fatherhood experience, he expressed how much he loved his son and how happy he was to have a son.

He went on Facebook and made mention that being a father has had a hand in making him very inspirational, it has helped him mentally and he sees it as his biggest achievement so far.

He also talked about getting and giving back love to his son as he has learned so much from him during the course of being a father.

Hughes himself loves there outdoors and he has been spotted so many times doing things that could only be done outdoors.

He shares do many moments with his son outdoors as they ride bikes together, do obstacle races and even get to attend some sports games.

Hughes is a personal trainer and fitness instructor. This is what he has been doing to take care of himself and his family. It has worked for him so far.

He is a very interesting person and so this should not be hard for him to manage.

How Long Were Madison And Austen Together?

The duo was together for two or three years. Although they were breaking up and reconciling continuously during the relationship saga.

The major question here is what made them separate from each other finally?

Well according to Madison, his behavior during the pandemic and lockdown was unacceptable and she just couldn’t explain what was going on.

The first thing that happened was that Austen got tested positive for coronavirus after he had attended a party that went very wild one night. He left the house for this party while his girlfriend was at home and stuck taking care of her child.

The characters he exhibited were things like excessive drinking, he would just pass out after getting drunk and then wake up late in the afternoon. This was his main routine during the pandemic.

He just sat and did nothing all day, she said that she couldn’t keep looking at him as she did before. It made her lose respect and she didn’t want that kind of a relationship anymore.

They both confirmed it while they were both being interviewed and she said that any lady could have Austen in they liked because he is single just like she is.

Is Madison Engaged Currently?

Yes. She is currently engaged to her new boyfriend called Brett. She said that it was a surprise for her birthday and she was so happy when she found out. She hopes for some things from him though.

She mentioned in an interview that she hopes that Brett could be the one to support her and she said that she wishes that he would be more mature, unlike the guys she has had before. She also added that all she wants is a stable and happy man.

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