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About Taryn Dakha

Taryn Dakha is very popular today because of her connection with the big actor known as Romany. It has been said a lot of times that whatever connection you get with any superstar or celebrity would always give you fame.

Even if you had a little fame before, the moment you get associated with these celebrities, you get to enjoy the fame to the fullest. Taryn Dakha is just like every other person that gets themselves associated with big names like Romany.

She is a 40 years old model from Canada, she used to be an ice skater, she was the best at what she did. She was seen as a professional because of the many championships she won while ice skating.

She is also an actress in Canada right now, she is in the public eye today because she was once married to the actor Romany Malco. He is an American professional actor.

Her former husband Romany has been on a lot of movies, he has gotten numerous movies and series roles as he has made his huge contribution to the world through Hollywood.

He was one of the main cast in the movie think like a man which starred big stars like Kevin Hart and Taraji P Henson.

Early Period Of Taryn Dakha

She was born to her parents as a gift in 1980, July 17th. They lived in Vancouver, Canada which is where she was born also.

She grew up with her family who was all Canadians, she has Canadian nationality obviously, this isn’t something they can deprive her of.

She has managed to keep her personal and old life hidden so far, we don’t have enough information about her first family which is her parents and her siblings.

The only guess we have been able to make is that she seems to be very intelligent and seems to have a lot of things in her life figured out. She went to a Canadian school which is where she finished her primary education.

It is also said that she went to a university in New York, she graduated from the school in New York, and so she is a college graduate. As a young lady, she moved sports and always had her eye out for Modelling.

Physical Appearance

Taryn’s physical appearance is top-notch, she looks very beautiful even at her age. She has managed to keep her model physique, tall, slim, and amazingly flat tummy.

She has smooth skin also with beautiful brown eyes that would get any man attracted. As it is, she is 5 feet and 6 inches tall.

Net Worth

As we have said, she has been able to build a career in modeling, ice skating, and acting. She is also very popular and so these businesses are good for her.

Since we don’t know a lot about her, we don’t know much about her earnings and her estimate. We just know that she should be estimated to be a millionaire in dollars.

Taryn Dakha Personal Life

The beautiful model was once in a long-term committed relationship with one of the biggest actors in the game. Romany Malco used to be her better half. They met in 2007 and became a serious thing ever since.

According to what we know, the two love birds met at an event and then hit it off. This would be a perfect match because Romany is an handsome famous man and she wasn’t too famous but beautiful and in show business.

The love birds were dating for some months until they decided to get married to each other.

There were a lot of questions because they had only met each other months ago. Guessing the love they felt was very strong for them to decide to walk down the aisle.

Just as you would expect, they both had a wonderful wedding in a beautiful place, they were both rich and famous so nothing was out of place.

Their marriage was finalized in 2008, on the 3rd of September. They were both happily married. The early stages of their marriage were good, according to both of them.

They both don’t have any child together, their marriage yielded no fruit from her womb. They were together for eight years and eventually separated and officially got divorced in 2016.

Romany said that the cause of the divorce was that Taryn was having some extramarital relationships.

Taryn And Romany’s Divorce

You know we talked about the love they shared and everything they enjoyed at the beginning of their marriage. They understood each other and they shared deep feelings with each other.

Well, even after this, the relationship couldn’t stay official as they couldn’t stay together. Just after some years of commitment and sharing vows, they got separated and they both went in different directions.

We heard what Romany said about extramarital affairs but we don’t know how to confirm any of this. The major reason for this separation isn’t known yet as it hasn’t been disclosed to the public by the couple.

Aside from finding out things about the couple being separated, the media didn’t get to see Taryn after the divorce for as long time.

She decided to stay away from a lot of things after the divorce was finalized. We later heard from her after she got married in 2021.

We don’t know much about her newfound love but we know that she has decided to keep her family away from the media. There were pictures of her showcasing her pregnancy and her husband in the background.

About Taryn’s Ex-Husband Malco

Malcolm was a Brooklyn born and raised. He and his family’s hometowns were Trinidad and Tobago.

At a very young age, Malco was taken to school in Texas, Baytown where he schooled at Ross. Sterling high school.

The young man had a very interesting life because he also served as a Marine Corp from 1987 to 1991.

He also had a career in music where he wrote a lot of songs alongside his rap group. He also got some achievements from this.

He eventually started acting even as a musician. In 2007, he met a beautiful lady at an event where they were filming a movie that they both starred in known as Love Guru.

He was a major cast while Taryn who was the beautiful lady was a double putting her body in place of Jessica Alba. They both hit it off on the set and started dating some months later. They ended up getting married in 2008.

Later in 2015, Malco decided that he wanted to live in Puerto Rico because he enjoyed living on the beach. He said the beach there made him feel like he was in a wonderful dream.

He was acting a movie there when he decided to make this huge change. He told the world his decision in an interview with ABC network.

Marco and Taryn didn’t have any child together so he has been childless ever since, until 2021 at the age of 52 when he got his son named Brave.

He said that he saw himself doing the right thing as he decided to stay this long to have his first child. Although he was known to have stepchildren because his wife had children before getting married to him.

Taryn Dakha Current Marriage

Taryn Dakha currently has a new husband whom she got married to after she got divorced from her marriage with Romany. Her spouse has been kept away from the public by her because she has decided to put her personal life on the internet.

All information about her liver has been kept to herself and away from the internet. According to her, she is living a good life with her current husband who is treating her right as they live together in their happy home.

Although she kept her private life in the box, she had pictures of herself and her husband as she was pregnant on the internet. This is to show the world how happy she is to be pregnant and will soon be having a baby.

The couple is currently parents as their child has also been kept private as part of the family.

She is currently enjoying her personal and professional life because she has decided to keep her life private and away from any rumors.

Summary Of Taryn Dakha’s Life

All we have said about Taryn is revolves around the things we are going to be talking about here.

She has been able to keep her citizenship as a Canadian because she grew up with her family as Canadian. She is very private with her personal life and even though she got married to an American she maintained her Canadian Citizenship.

She and her colleague who she usually acts as a double for seeming to have an unexpected resemblance. We are talking about the very famous Jessica Alba. They are also very good friends and seem to hang out with each other a lot outside work.

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