Have you already written your scholarship essay on sports? You may have applied logical structure, and it seems that every thought floats smoothly from one idea to another; the word limit is achieved, but something is still missing. Many students fail to create an outstanding scholarship essay because of a lack of uniqueness, especially if they have chosen a sports topic.

Unfortunately, sports thematic is tempted to be overused, and finding a unique topic to discuss may be challenging. Here are pretty common topics that students frequently use in their essays:

  • Telling about how you have overcome a trauma.
  • Discussing how it’s hard to set bonds in a team.
  • Writing about a defeat or a big victory.
  • Sharing experience about overcoming distinctiveness.
  • Telling the story of how you have refused to quit.

In the sports world, there are similar lessons every athlete faces during a sports career. Strength for overcoming difficulties and striving for better results are the qualities a person should have to succeed in sports. So, how to turn all these things into a winning scholarship essay? Here are some practical recommendations you can use right away.

Tips on How to Turn Your Sports Scholarship Essay into Exceptional One

  1. Ask for help. Many admission essays on sports themes are alike, and it may be challenging for students to write an exceptional one. That’s why it will be a good idea to ask those who have been experts in writing admission essays for many years. Various services provide application essay writing help like https://essayshark.com/ and others. An expert writer knows everything about the admission process and how to meet the committee’s expectations. If you get stuck, you will have all the tools to make the text shine, get more inspiring ideas, discuss peculiarities, and find out information about the admission process in a particular college.
  1. Read and analyze winning application essays. Search for winning essays and highlight moments the committee probably accepted as a good approach. Read not only texts about sports, as you can tie nearly any topic to your writing. Find out how the authors confess mental health problems, the physical pressure of sports, going through a severe operation and overcoming a fear of death, experiencing issues with their body image, dramatical change of sports career to another one, striving for social approval, lack of self-confidence, etc. Write down the ideas every time you feel the “click” moment that you have felt the same or experienced a similar situation.
  1. Reflect on your particular experience. Every person has a complex of experiences. The reactions and attitudes to those experiences form our personalities. Forget about telling a long story depicting all details of the experience itself. Show your own reflection and yourself in those experiences instead.

Invite your reader to join you on the court and experience your feelings during sparring with a strong opponent. Or visit a changing room with you after a tough match or misunderstanding episode. Depict the environment like a storyteller so the reader can see the exposition, smells, and light. You can even input a dialogue if it looks good on the text. Watch free sports streaming services like BBC iPlayer, BuffStream, and other services that share all peculiarities of the life of athletes.

  1. Think about your values, strong sides, and vulnerabilities. When students think about application essays, they usually forget that this type of essay is highly personal. It would be best if you didn’t fall into retelling a story about who/when/what. You should reflect on your unique traits and life viewpoints concerning your prospective discipline and course. What will change if you will go into arts? Or maybe try a scientific field? What values (both positive and negative) may help you succeed in other studies? Your morals and principles are the basis of who you are and what you do.

Here are qualities that colleges and universities seek in the admission essays:

  • Striving for self-determination and self-awareness
  • Aiming in a particular direction and making a plan to succeed
  • Showing a constant thirst for knowledge and experience
  • Accepting your own weaknesses and sensitivity as your strong sides
  • Acquiring a sense of the necessity of teamwork and building relationships within the community
  • Striving too hard-working is a universal tool to succeed at any work
  • Showing trustworthiness in actions you do and while interacting with others.

Explore some personal interviews with players and athletes. Underline how they comment on their injuries, what they think makes them strong, how they react to defeats, and why they prefer to work in a team or solo.

  1. Turn your ordinary experience into a significant one. No, you don’t need to tell about unicorns or provide false credits. Be sincere and honest when writing the essay. All you need is to show your personal growth and your character.

With a little approach, you can easily turn a simple story about playing football upside down. Everything you need is to look at your experience from a different perspective. Ask yourself:

  • How have you come to be the person you are now?
  • What has influenced your choices?
  • What barriers have you come up with?
  • Who were those people standing by your side during your growth path?
  • What personal qualities do you want to improve?

Maybe you have broken your stereotype that dancing is for girls only or that an athlete with trauma can’t continue to perform well. Or perhaps you have learned to ski, and this experience gave you the strength to apply to a high-ranking college.

Wrapping Up

In general, athletes are the same human beings as others. Throughout their sports career, they build relationships with family, team, and friends and enjoy other activities like solving puzzles and playing musical instruments. Many athletes switch their sports careers into extremely opposite areas like programming or arts.

Such qualities as constant striving for perfection, hard-working skills, and strong interpersonal skills make athletes great workers in any profession. All you need is not to be shy to express your viewpoints and share your unique experience with the readers.

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