A shoot straight eager beaver!

The copper-bottomed Taurus is uncompromising when it comes to authenticity and hard work. They are men/women of their words. They always make no bone about anything and say what needs to be said. They continue to make headway in everything that they do, as they always keep their noses to the grind.

Taking a course on the Get Taurus website is a wonderful way to learn more about this clever and industrious sign. Reading books like Mari Silva’s “Taurus: The Ultimate Guide to an Amazing Zodiac Sign in Astrology” or listening to the “Taurus Daily” podcast can also enable you to discover more. You might as well find it helpful to explore some facts about Taurus zodiac sign and come up with your own options of what are the typical characteristics of this sign.

Taurus are real whip-smart eager beavers who value an honest buck, as they too are true-blue shoot straight honest to goodness Pete. The go-getter bulls are eloquently above and aboard when it comes to serious business and expressing what they want and need. They pet-hate empty pompous words and promises.

Eyes like a hawk!

Eagle-eyed, Taurus can see straight ahead a fuddy-duddy barefaced liar. They do not take kindly to crooks and hoodwinkers. They hold high regard for honesty, loyalty, dedication, and respect. Mighty and powerful as the bulls, they fight tooth and nail with what they want and deliver only the best.

On the ball with the tasks, blue-eyed Taurus always receives a well-deserved applaud and honor for their flawless and impeccable works and services and their stick to one’s guns attitude. Hence, they have awe-inspiring relationships with their colleagues, friends, and partners.

Stout-hearted bulls!

Strong-willed Taureans are startlingly impressive when it comes to hitching one’s wagon to a star or reaching their dreams, as genuine as they are, they value honesty. They take pride in their drama-free relationships, both personal and work-related. They shudder at beating around the bush. They don’t like complicated things, as they are straight-forward with their goals and intentions.

Bulls get considered as stubborn as a mule. Hence, the word bull-headed. They are immensely persuasive, determine, and assertive to get to the hook and get what they want. It is hard to change a Bull’s mind. Once they already set to do or get something, it’s as good as final and glued to the ends.

As smart as a whip!

They don’t get stuck in finding their way out because they know how to pull their socks in trying to make an effort to improve. Taureans are also smart cookies. They are movers and shakers. Bulls, as they are, retreat or surrender is never an option for them. They always strike when the iron is hot. They do not miss any opportunity. They don’t take a rain check.

When they made plans, they intend to do it. They don’t mess around. Bulls don’t put appointments and tasks on ice. They are always meticulously focused on every single thing they put their hands on. Nevertheless, they are willing to listen to other people’s opinions or look into different stances. However, they don’t change their tunes to make other people happy. As innately stiff-headed as they are, they will never have a change of heart unless it is something of immense value or advantage.

Get down to brass tacks!

As among the most hardworking signs in the family of Zodiac, the infallible Bull is always standing on their grounds while waiting to take flight. They are not afraid to roll their sleeves and move heaven and earth to get things done. They won’t even bat an eye at burning the midnight oil to cut the mustard. They won’t waste a second and will work night and day just to finish the job. They can stick their noses to the grindstone to make things happen.

Living the life they love!

Taureans are not all about works and insights. Guarded by the earth, they are passionate and love living the life they love. They take pleasure in sensualities, fun, and adventure. The zealous bull loves to indulge in lavish things, such as extravagant travels, massages, exciting random trips, and spending luxurious times in bed with the love of their life.

They also love to spend time in nature, in the mountains to keep their body and mind, well and present. So, they would usually go for a long walk or run.

Romantic and Generous Partners!

When it comes to matters of the heart, they always lay their cards on the table. They are all about truthfulness and sensibility. By nature, Taureans are resolute and uncompromising when it comes to their principles and decisions. However, they love with all their heart. Thus, don’t get surprised or feel offended when they might ask you a lot of questions on your first date.

The rock-ribbed bulls are innately interested and practical, as they are born kickass smart, but sensitive and sweet as a peach. They are up for building strong and lasting partnerships. They don’t like to play around and waste time. Hence, they are naturally inquiring, asking you about so many things, as they try to find out if you are both a match. When you start to date Taureans, you must be all-plain honest to them.

Lying doesn’t sit well with Taurus, as they are trustworthy partners, and thus, they expect the same. They might hold it against you when you lie to them. Even if you mean to make them happy, they won’t accept it. Taurus would much prefer to hear the truth like they don’t look good with their outfits than to listen to your fake flattering remarks.

Nonetheless, you’ll be lucky to have a Taurean as a lover because they are one of the most giving and sweetest anyone can have. They are generous, as long as they get reciprocated, may it be in bed, time, money, effort, and other things. You may find them nit-picky even when it comes to the bedroom, but they only want the best for you both. 

Taureans Greatest Hits and Fails!

One of Taureans greatest hits and considerably greatest gifts is their persistence and hard work. When they are going to set a goal, they will make it happen. It is as good as done. Regardless of the impediments that may come their way in achieving their objectives, they will always get things right on track. The dependable bull can be quite a bit difficult to be friends with, due to their fussy or discriminating nature. Taurus peeps are quite picky when it comes to allowing people in the circle. So, when they let you into their lives, safeguard it.

When they caught someone lying to them, it’s the end of your beautiful relationship or partnership, and they also hold grudges. They are direct, and so, they want everyone they let into their lives, be the same. They can be generous and sweet, but they can turn cold when they don’t get reciprocated.

Taureans don’t have a room for liars. Although known as hardworking folks, they tend to become lax and passive in life. They also have difficulties in dealing with other people’s outlooks or opinions because they are naturally strong-willed and smart. Their secret weapon is the will to do what they want to do. They have the willpower. They’ll turn the night into a day just to get things done. They are goal-getter.

Reasons to love a Taurus!

Taurus exemplifies honesty, passion, and perseverance. They are picky and meticulous when it comes to details, but they always try their best to compensate. They make sure that they satisfy their partners. They have deep-rooted values towards respect, resilience, love, dependability, and money. Taureans may be hard-headed at times, but they are probably the sweetest and most romantic lovers in the Zodiac. Most of all, they value forever and their promise.

They are also ideal to love because, with their strong-willed trait and can do it attitude, they always get by in life. They always end up getting what they want.

Famous Taurus Faces!

You are in for a surprise! Here are some of the famous Taurus faces and personalities that you will surely make you feel proud that you are a Taurean.

  • Queen Elizabeth II
  • William Shakespeare
  • Mark Zuckerberg
  • Adele
  • George Clooney
  • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
  • David Beckham
  • Channing Tatum
  • Henry Cavill
  • Rami Malek

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