Losing weight is one of the hardest steps for many people nowadays. But let me tell you, that’s not the case anymore now! Yes, here we will tell you the food items which can help you to shed pounds rapidly.

Whenever we listen about losing weight without exercise we imagine that we need to be deprived of food and remain starving. But, no! You don’t need to skip meals to lose weight. You just need to have meals that have food with property to burn out your body fat. Let’s find out how!?

Why should you lose weight?

It is extremely important for you to know the significant reason, why you need to lose weight. The inner motivation will make it easier for you to reach your goal. Here are a few reasons why you must lose weight:-

  • Body shape- A good body shape will make you look attractive and more influential. You will not be criticized for being overweight and will be appreciated. Not only that your own body, your elbows, and your knees will surely thank you. The lighter you are the easier will it be for you to handle yourself. It will help you to reduce joint pain. Your body movement will be improved to the great extent. 
  • Health Disease– Everyone knows that being overweight is the reason for many diseases like heart stroke, diabetes, cancer, etc. This can be a major reason for many people to lose weight. The immune system of your body will begin to work efficiently. Your immune system will be boosted which will result in fewer infections, fewer colds and also help you to lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • Good sleep– The overweight may block your airways as the fat may get deposited in the blood vessels as cholesterol. If your upper body is heavier, it may put weight on your lungs which can make it difficult for you to breathe during the night. Your hormones also get changed due to being overweight and this may give harmful signals to your respiratory system. 
  • Food which you eat– It has been scientifically proved that the people who eat a lot are more likely to eat without taste. Many times people interpret thirst as hunger. Most of the time you are just thirsty and need to drink water but you eat food. You should eat to live, not live to eat.

Food items which you should eat to lose weight?

  • Chia Seeds– Chia seeds are rich in fibre content. It has been said that the 2 tablespoons o chia seeds contain almost 40-50% of the fibre required by our body. You can have the chia seeds sprinkled on your desserts, smoothies, salads, etc. The best way to consume chia seeds is to have a glass of water with chia seeds and lemon. This drink is considered the biggest fat cutter.
  • Apples-Fruits are just like the sideway of losing weight. Apple has a high content of water and fibre in it. Eating an apple is good for your health as well and it can make you feel fulfilling. You can have apple juice or fruit chat. Or you can even directly have a few slices of apple. Apple cider vinegar is mostly recommended as it is considered a miracle fat cutter and super fast. You can have it with a glass of water every morning.
  • Eggs– Eggs are rich in protein and have low-fat content. Having eggs a day will satisfy most of the number of proteins required to buy your body. Having a protein-rich breakfast will make you feel fuller till the end of the day and you can stop yourself from eating bad and junk food.
  • Dark Chocolate– Many times people say that the chocolates may be the reason for their weight gain but that is not the case. Having dark chocolates will prevent you from eating junk food and will divert your mind to heavy food. But more amount of dark chocolate can lead to increase your body weight. Dark chocolates are just the sources of energy and make you feel full and healthier. Dark chocolates work more amazingly in losing weight than milk chocolates.
  • Soups– It is mostly recommended to drink a lot of water. So soups are the best solution to divert your taste buds. Soups full of vegetables are good for your health as they contain a lot of fibre. Soups will make you feel as if you have had a full meal. You can have soup in the evening which will make you eat less during the night as well.

There are many food items like oats, fatty fish, grains, vegetables, etc which will help you lose weight. You can decide the food items amount to the availability in your house and your hunger extent. You can even have a diet chart from a dietician.

How can I lose weight in 30 days without dieting?

Anyone can easily lose their weight within a span of merely 30 days by just following a few simple methods which are as follows :

  • Eating breakfast is a must- You should start your day with a good breakfast like eggs or bread which are rich in protein. This will make your dieting easier and you will not feel as if you are starving. Also if you eat enough at the start of the day your body will spend those calories in the daytime. You must have your breakfast, it will prevent you from overeating during the day.
  • Don’t eat at night- Our body metabolism usually works slower during the nighttime. It may happen that your body just stores the fat content instead of breaking it down completely. Also, our brain requires the most oxygen at night. If you have a heavy meal at night most of the oxygen will work on breaking down the food. This may result in poor sleep and stress.
  • Keep a check on your calories– You must know the number of calories you intake during the day. This will help you notice how much you eat and at what time your body requires the food. This will also help you to know exactly why you are not losing weight. You will notice the number of carbohydrates or fats you are consuming and later you can change it to proteins or vitamins by eating much healthier food.
  • Eat fulfilling food– You must eat the food item which has a high amount of fibre so that you feel as if you actually have had a meal. Instead of eating some heavy food item, you can shift to something lighter to trick your body. Many times we just feel like chewing more food instead of actually out body wanting to eat food. So must eat low calories and high volume food items like oats, fruits, etc.
  • Whole grains are best- Grains are the best as they contain high fibre. The whole-wheat pieces of bread and portions of whole-rye crackers, bran flakes, brown rice, popcorn, and pasta, are better than white bread, cakes, cookies, and pretzels and must be substituted. The whole grains are also easily available in everyone’s homes.
  • Change your surroundings– Your surrounding can also be the reason for your weight gain. You may have noticed that as soon as you see the food item you start to crave it and you may have stopped yourself but you finally end up eating. In that cases, you just need to change your surroundings. If it is your company that makes you eat more you should change your company for a short.
  • Protein diet is most important– Eating protein is a must. It has been noticed that people who do dieting are becoming week day by day. Protein in your daily diet is extremely important, it will give you energy and a feeling that you have had a portion of proper food and are not starving and losing energy.
  • Chew your food properly- Chewing your food will satisfy you that you had a meal. Many a time you just do not chew your food and you don’t even know the taste of the food which you had. In such a case there is no point in having a portion of food. You had a meal and you know even realize that you have had a meal. This is the biggest reason that you feel hungry even after eating.
  • You can have heavy food but in smaller proportions- It is not that you can to completely abandon eating good food. You can have the food but in small portions. And it is said that excess of everything is bad. You can eat the food 5 times a day if feel more hungry. When you start, you can have the food 5-6 times and later end up having it 3-4 times. Remember big changes take time.
  • Drinking waterDrinking water is the biggest secret of losing weight. Many times you are just thirsty but you end up having a portion of heavy food. You can test and trial yourself. Whenever you feel hungry you can just drink a glass of water. You will notice that you were just thirsty. This trick will also help you to eat lesser and small.
  • Stay away from mobile while eating– While eating foo you must switch off your gadgets and stay away from them. The reason is that it will help you to actually know the taste of the food and your mind will not be diverted and you can keep a proper check on your diet. Also, these gadgets emit harmful radiation which can go inside your body along with whatever you eat. This may result in major infections as well.
  • Sleep well and avoid stress-It has been proved that the stressed person tends to eat more. It can also happen that you don’t eat during the day and finally you eat at night which will disrupt your sleep to a large extent.
  • Avoid sugary drinks– The sugary drink contain a large amount of fat content in them. The fat content is also very difficult for your body to break down.
  • Serve unhealthy food on red-coloured plates– A long time back it was surveyed that serving the food on a red-coloured plate will make you eat lesser. This trick is an ancient trick and it works magic. The secret behind this is that the red colour is the signal to stop.
  • Cook your own meal-When you cook your own meal you will tend to eat less. It is because you have seen the meal for a large time and your body will be less tempted towards it. This will also help you to keep the calories that you intake and prevent you from overeating.
  • Fast once a weekFasting once a week can make you eat lesser. But if on the next day you tend to eat the double them you must not keep the fast. You can try this trick by fasting once a month, then twice a month, and then finally fast once a week. But it is like a habit you need to build this habit slowly and gradually.
  • Yoga and meditation- Meditation and yoga are the ways to know yourself more and more. Doing yoga can make you strong and more conscious about yourself. It can make your journey to having a good body shape much easier. Mostly body starts losing weight first from the abdomen region and lastly from your thighs. But doing yoga can help you lose weight from all of your body evenly.

All the above tips and tricks are best in their own way. You can try each of them and can get amazing results. But keep in mind that losing weight needs tough willpower. Food will tempt you and you will have cravings. Al remembers that the human body can be fooled easily.

You can start slowly as a habit. First, simply start by eating nutritious and healthy food. Then you can shift to proper tricks. Your body needs you and you must not starve to lose weight. If at any stage you feel that you are losing energy or you find major issues you must consult a dietician.

If you find following the tricks tougher you can just have the healthier food and check that your body is fitter. The appearance does not matter. Many people are healthier even if they seem fat.

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