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Jenna Bandy is famously known around the world or mostly in the United States as a big social media personality as she is a huge star on Instagram. 

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She is such a big hit on social media because she is presently a basketball coach, and outside her career being part of her big success, she is also a big personality on different platforms.

On Instagram, she is known as Jennabandy21, with this profile she has gained more than one million followers.

People also know some things that she likes to do outside work and all of that, she enjoys taking a lot of pictures, she is kind of a photography freak.

Today our article is going to talk about a lot of things regarding Jenna Bandy. We have a lot of things that you have to learn about this wonderful woman.

Jenna Bandy’s Childhood

Our famous Instagram star Jenna Bandy was born on the 29th of September in year 1992, this makes her a 30 years old lady who has achieved so much for herself.

Her elder sister’s name is Gia and also has an older brother named Jett who played a major league baseball player for the University of Arizona where he played as a catcher.

Let’s move over to her parents, her mother’s name is Sheryl Bandy, and her father’s name is John Bandy. They did a wonderful job raising their kids from the way Jenna has turned out. Her educational status is good also, she was able to graduate from high school in her hometown, and then she went to the California State University located at Monterey Bay.

She graduated in the class of 2015, and she majored in communication and media studies. Think about it, don’t you think she is such a social media star today because of what she studied in school?

The Professional Aspect Of Jenna Bandy’s Life

As an active professional, Jenna Bandy is presently a basketball coach at 22 and also a social media phenomenon.

She has been able to become very popular over time on Instagram, people know her as Jennabandy21 because that is her Instagram name.

This lady is such an awesome person, people also love her because of her hobby, she loves taking pictures as well as she loves basketball, she doesn’t take pictures professionally but her fans love her work with the camera.

She is currently aspiring to become a sports reporter, she also has a Guinness world record, not only that, she coached her squad so well that they were able to break six Guinness world records. From the onset, we told you she was a phenomenal lady.

She didn’t stop there, she has done without hesitation to take the position of the main coach as basketball coach of the girl’s team at Calabasas high school. 

She was once accepted to play in the basketball beauties all-league team, in this league, she had the opportunity to go head-on with Deja Mattox.

For those of you who don’t know who Deja Mattox is, well, just like Jenna here, Deja Mattox is a ballplayer, she is also from America.

She had to struggle her way in, the public started taking note of her when she worked as a standard guard at Indiana State University.

She took advantage of the whole public eye thing and she has been able to get acting jobs and modeling jobs too. Also, she was on the made-for-television show that was held in 2017, the latest edition story.

Additionally, Deja being a model and an actress also plays ball and has been able to become the top scorer of all time in her high school history. She attended Maconaquah high school.

She became a professional basketball in the year 2016, this happened in Lithuania.

Jenna Brandy, when she was at the California University in Monterey Bay played for the girl’s team there. Although she played guard. This lady never stops, she also has a YouTube channel where she challenges strangers and sometimes stars to any basketball-related game.

Since she started the channel, she has brought people on the show for the challenge, and some famous people have appeared on the show too.

We are talking about famous people like the YouTube star known as RiceGum, famous basketball player Steph Curry, Josh Horton, Marcelas Howard, and Chris Staples.

This lady has so much fun with her YouTube channel because we have seen her challenge people she doesn’t even know and sometimes policemen are on the show too.

Jenna Brandy’s High School Days

In high school, Jenna Brandy was able to play well enough so they made her a varsity starter for four seasons which she played at Thousand Oaks high school.

She became a big girl by playing in high school with her friends, although she wasn’t a professional yet she was still always among the first choices in her team selection.

In one season, she was voted MVP, and she was also the most offensive player, in every game, she was able to score 12 points, get 7 rebounds, 3 assists, and 3 steals at least in every game she played as a high school student.

Jenna Brandy’s College Life, Details About Each Year She Spent

  • 2010-2011

In the year 2011 to be precise, she noticed the way big girls’ ball was played at California State University, she had 23 games to notice that.

The first time she ever saved her team was with her very first 3-pointer score, this point made her team win the game against Hawaii Pacific and it happened on 2010, November 16.

She also did something similar against Montana state, she scored a seven-high in the game, this happened four days after her last big win against Hawaii Pacific. In her game against Montana State, she contributed to three goals during the game.

Then came California State San Bernardino, she also did marvelous things in this game too as she made four rebounds. They say her rebounds were the best they had seen that season.

  • 2011 – 2012

Also, she has earned her minutes as a sophomore player on the team, she continued to set records in her career for most categories.

She continued her winning streak when she dealt with California State University L.A. On the 28th of January, she soared higher in the game as she made 10 points this particular game.

Another groundbreaking victory was against California state Stanislaus where she made eight rebounds in the game.

As she continued to do wonderful things, she was about to make her first collegiate start in the CCAA championship game, she also successfully played 20 minutes in at least seven games.

  • 2012 – 2013

As the years went by she continued to achieve the best in her collegiate season till today.

Also, she gained a knee injury during a game in San Francisco state which made her raise her shirt for that year, and then she crowned that year as an injury year.

It was the last month and the first day of that month in the year 2012.

She had appeared in three games for that season where she had been able to score 13 points against Sonoma state and she also did very well in the other games she had played.

  • 2013 – 2014

As for 2013, the year she had just recovered from a knee injury that had kept her down for some time. She was about to play all the games in the 201r season as a junior.

As you can see, Jenna made sure that she moved step by step, she didn’t move too fast in her career also.

After this season, she had a total of 152 points coupled with 22 3-point Field goals.

That season, our girl Jenna was on fire because, during the first game, she was able to score 12 points for her team after they had won the game against Dixie State. The game was held just as the season started in 2013, on November 9.

This brings us to the end of her career aspects

Relationship Life Of Jenna Brandy

Jenna Brandy presently isn’t seeing anyone, even if she was, it wouldn’t be anything serious because we would know at least through her social media profile.

Yeah, people are asking why she is single at her age, it is strange but she is very beautiful and talented, this shouldn’t be a problem for too long.


You have to admit that Jenna Brandy is an interesting young lady because she has a beautiful life and her social media shows just how wonderful she is, we can’t put a pen down on her exact net worth but she is doing well.

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