I speak to myself!

Is it easy to develop self-awareness? Psychology is a very complicated thing, here is a testimony on the subject.

Nobody needs to know that

No one needs to know that. Not even my husband, not even my sister. Do they tell you? Do you want to tell others about it.

To me only. I’m still here to listen to me.

Come and confide in me, any time

Other than that, what else do you have

Is it easy to develop self-awareness?

It’s about talking to my friend. I should not have. I told him of my weakness and I feel trapped in it now. It’s personal to me and the others don’t have to know that. Not even her.

I have nothing to gain from telling my moods …

So I think I’ve learned it by now. It’s like I think I’ll get credit for them by talking to them. But there I believe even stronger than it is the opposite.

I think I just lost a lot. They will no longer want to talk to me, because I think I have confessed to my weaknesses.

Anyway, that’s what I believe now. We can talk about our physical problems but it is taboo to talk about our mental problems. Our moods.

OK, I learned the same thing with my sister. Now you see there that you can tell me about your moods and it will always stay between us. Not even anyone in my family. Not even my son. No one, no one.

Give me the right to the pleasures of life

I feel that I have a hard time giving myself the right to the pleasures of life.

I feel that I feel guilty for giving myself the right to the pleasure of life

But I know that during part of my life, I allowed myself these pleasures from 40 to 60 years, fortunately.

Thank you too, from 2012 to 2019, I gave myself this pleasure.

And Monday and today, I feel that I have come a long way and that the future will be easier.

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