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About Elle Macpherson

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Eleanor Macpherson, is a very popular businesswoman, television host, actress, and also model.

She was born in 1964, on the 29th of March. She is from Australia.

Everyone has something that they are popular for. As for Elle, it was her five record cover appearances or the sports illustrated swimsuit problem.

This issue began in the 1980s. Her appearance here earned her the nickname she is currently stuck with, she is called the body.

This nickname was given to her by Time in 1989. She has done a lot for herself and so far she has used her career to build up a lot of businesses.

She is also the founder and creative director for most of her business ventures. Funny thing is that for some of them, she is also the primary model. Just like Rihanna being the primary model for her billion-dollar company. What is better than being popular and owning a business?

She also owns a lingerie line called Elle Macpherson Intimates. She also has another company called The Body. This is a sincere product company.

Also, for some time now, she has been the one hosting Britain and Ireland’s Next top model. She did this from 2010 to 2013. She is also the fashion star executive producer for NBC. She was their host for the first season also.

On top of all these business ventures, she also has been on some films as an actress.

She got to appear in some films as a supporting actress. In movies like The Mirror Has Two Faces where she played a supporting role as Julie Madison. This was in 1996.

She also appeared in Batman and Robin in 1997. This was also one of her supporting roles as an actress. She also appeared as a lead actress in some movies like the edge which was in 1997.

Apart from that, she got to be in films like south Kensington. She also came on the big TV series called friends. She got to host one of the episodes on friends called Saturday nightlife.

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Early Life

Macpherson and Elle wasn’t her real name because her parents initially gave birth to her and named her Eleanor Nancy Gow. She became a blessing when her parents gave birth to her in a small town called  Killara, New South Wales.

She was born in 1964 to an entrepreneur. Her father was a big sound engineer, his name was Peter Gow. Her father was once the president of an American Rugby team called the Cronulla Southern shark. Her mother was a nurse. She’s Frances Gow.

She and her family are of Scottish descent. Although her parents didn’t stay married all through her young age. She was 10 when they both decided to get separated and get a divorce.

She and two of her siblings moved in with her mother. Her mother later got married to another man who was her stepfather.

The name Macpherson came from a clerical mistake in school. Her name was changed from Gow to Macpherson. They made this mistake because her stepfather’s surname was Macpherson at the time.

When she took the name Macpherson, she was a whole new person. This is a girl that grew up in East Linfield. This was a suburb on the North shore of Sydney. She got to attend Killara high school, this was where she attended and got her school certificate from.

She decided to study law but it was for a brief time. She did this for just one year at the University of Sydney. Her sister, Miriam Frances Gow later changed her name to Mimi Macpherson was a businesswoman and environmentalist.

Personal Life

Macpherson Elle used to date Billy Joel. This was in the early 1980s. Billy Joel was a popular musician in the 80s.

He also came out and confessed that he wrote two songs because of the relationship he had with Elle. Two of his songs are called This Night and How It Goes.

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They also say that she also inspired some of his other tracks. One of them is Uptown Girl. One of her other relationships is with the French fashion photographer called Gilles Bensimon.

She met Gilles at a photoshoot which she did for herself and was going to post on the Elle magazine. Both of them hit things up and then later get married in 1986 and later got divorced after three years of marriage.

After that relationship, she got into another one with a financier called Arpad Busson in 1996. She and Arpad had a very healthy relationship that got her two sons. Their relationship started in 1996.

They all lived together for a while until she and Arpad decided to get separated and divorced in 2005. They lived together in London.

After the separation, she started dating the billionaire son called Jeffrey  Soffer. He was the son of Donald Soffer who was based in Florida. Their family’s business was mainly the hotel business. They started their relationship in 2009.

Both of them broke up in 2012. Just around the beginning of the year. Just around the end of that year, the couple came back together and reconcile with each other just after Jeffrey had gotten into an accident with his helicopter.

They were both so in love, they got married in 2013. They got married just two months after they got engaged. Their marriage was in Fiji. It was held at the Laucala resort.

The couple came out to tell the world that they were both going to get divorced in 2017, just four years of marriage. Macpherson lived in Florida still, even though it is the same state where Soffer lives.

Apart from the main language which is English, she also speaks some other languages like Italian and Spanish.

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Rise To Fame

At first, she enrolled in school to study law in school at Sydney University.

Although her law school and law career were brief, this was what made her become who she is today.

The reason why we say this is because she wanted to be able to buy law books, so she went and started modeling to get money to buy some of her law books.

She didn’t model in Sydney. She had to travel to the USA so that she can get enough money doing the modeling business and then fly back to Sydney for her Law school books.

She was successful in this adventure, she traveled to New York City which is where she got to sign a contract with click model management.

Her career in modeling started in 1982 when she got a television commercial for tab. Based on the way she handled herself on stage and the amazing physical appearance she had, she was called the girl next door figure in her country.

Also, in the 80s, she began to get her profile to improve because she managed to get her face on most of the covers of most of the magazines.

Talking about big magazines like Elle, Harper Bazaar, Marie Claire, Vogue, Time, Glamour, Allure, and a lot more.

Her profile kept on improving and her career remained at the top because she continued to appear on Elles.

She got featured in so many other covers and was the face of so many issues for six years unbeaten. She was very young at the time. She was just 21. This was when she got married for the first time to the French photographer. He was the creative director of Elle at the time.

In 1985, she also became big in France when she bagged the gig and became the face of a Luxury French Skincare company called Biotherm.

Also, she got to get more fame after she had been able to get more publicity through the Magazine swimsuit issue.

She got to appear on the cover of this magazine for five years. 1986 and the next two years, 1994, and 2006. During her modeling career, she walked the runway for so many popular clothing lines. For instance, she walked the runway for Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren, Nicole Miller, Calvin Klein, and some other designs.

After she appeared nude in the 1994 film called sirens, with this new development, she was a sexy model so everyone wanted to see that naked scene. Everyone was searching on the internet to see her naked.

She had found out that this nude thing made everyone interested in her life. She then did another nude appearance. She took a nude photo and appeared in playboy that same year.


Macpherson had built a name for herself not only in her country but in several countries around the world. She was dominating in the USA.

After she appeared on Time, she got the name from The Body. This name was used by her in so many business ventures that she had. Talking about business, she took after her sister and became one of the biggest models in the world. She owns a lot of brands that have earned her millions today.

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