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The brief Truth about Livia Brito is that she is an actress and model of Cuban nationality. She is said to have gained popularity after playing her major role on Televisia’s Telenovela.

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She was born on the 21st of July in 1986. She was born in Cuba. Her father was a major actor back then.

What nationality is Livia Brito?

Her father is the famous Rolando Brito Rodriguez. Her mother is Gestrudis Pestana. They both lived in Cuba when they had her and her siblings.

They didn’t stay in Cuba for too long after she was born though. In 2000, both her parents decided to move to Mexico, she was very young during this move. She was below 15 at the time.

Is Livia Brito Italian?

Just a year after their family had immigrated over to Mexico, her father started a business as a restaurant owner. They called the restaurant La Cubana. They were known for their exquisite Cuban Dishes.

In an act to help her family business grow, she became a waitress and served food in her father’s restaurant.

She later stopped working there and became a model so that she can pay her fees and walk herself through college where she studied business administration.

She was the model supporting Mexico in the competition known as Reina Mundial del Banano. This was the 2009 edition of the competition. Keep in mind that by then, she was already a citizen of Mexico. She took second place at that modeling competition and was given the awards of Miss photogenic.

Source: Wikipedia

She also later decided to get into Televisa’s Centro De Educacion Artistica. Most people say that she is naturally gifted with artistic talents because she comes from a family filled with artists.

Her father was one of the best actors while he was in Cuba. Her mother was a very talented ballet dancer.


Her whole career as an actress was made easy when she starred in Triunfo del Amor, a film that was produced by Salvador Mejia.

This movie was aired in 2010. Her role in the movie was Fernanda Sandoval Guiterrez.

She continued in her career as an actress, she also bagged another big role where she played Paloma Gonzalez. This was a supporting role but it was for a big movie known as Abismo De pasion. The movie was produced by Angeli Nesma Medina.

It went on and on as she also starred in a Lucio Suarez’s Telenovela called De Que Yep Quiero Te Quiero. This movie made her a protagonist for the first time since her acting career started.

The next role she got as the protagonist was her role in Muchacha Italiana Viene a casarse. This was one of Pedro Damian’s new Telenovela. She got the role alongside Jose Ron.

She also got the role of Maribel Guardia in a Mexican series called Por Siempre Joan Sebastian. She also got another role in Medicos Linea de vida.

Livia Brito Wiki, Age, Childhood, And Education

As we all know she was born on July 21st, 1986 in Cuba, her father used to be a very popular actor in Cuba where she spent her young age.

She was almost a teenager when her parents took the family and they all immigrated to Mexico where they started their new life.

After they moved to Mexico, the father decided to take up a new business as a restaurant owner. They owned the restaurant known as La Cubana. They were Cubans so they served Cuban foods.

Her father’s restaurant was where she got her first job as a waitress before she moved in to become a model. This is what she used to train herself to get her degree in business administration.

Livia’s Rise To Fame

As time went on, Livia was building her career and became very popular as she continued working. She became a common face in most films because she was being offered different roles almost on a daily.

Starting from the year 2014 to the year 2018, she was a star and a lead actress in most of the films that came out that year.

Her roles kept coming in, she had three major films during the space of these four years.

Livia Brito Net worth

Livia has been able to appear in numerous films during her time. She was estimated to be a millionaire in dollars.

Livia Brito Personal Life

A person as famous as this lady would hardly have something hidden. Although she might have something kept to herself, the media would always be on the lookout for people like her because they always want to know what famous people are up to.

There are some facts that we have about our famous actress and model ‘Livia Brito’.

As it stands, we have been able to gather the information that lets us know that Livia is in a committed relationship with El Caballero the musician.

It has been revealed that both of them have been together for a while now. They have both been in love since 2016.

Before she started dating Caballero, she must have had other relationships.

We know about a few. We know that she was dating Salvador Zerbroni in 2012 from April to June. After her relationship with Zerbroni ended she started dating Frank Molina. They were together until 2014 when their romance journey ended.

After this relationship, she was in love with Jose Ron. This love affair was there till 2016 which is when she met her current boyfriend.

Livia Brito Social Media

We will start with her Instagram account, she has been able to get herself 4.3 million followers on Instagram. She is also on Facebook and has been able to get herself 7.4 million followers there.

She isn’t too popular on Twitter as she is on the other platforms but she has more than half a million fans.

Livia Brito Physical Appearance

Livia used to be a model, she is a tall woman of 5 feet and 7 inches in height. She weighs almost 60kgs. She has black lustrous hair and had a very beautiful Hazel pair of eyes.

Timeline In Her Life

  • 1986

1986 was the year she was born. She was born on the 21st of July in Cuba country.

Back then in 1986 when she was born, her father was a very famous actor and he married a Ballet dance.

  • The 2000s

Her mother was Gertrudis Pestana, she was a ballet dancer. She and her family moved out of Cuba when she was very young. She stayed for about 13 to 14 years in her country and then her family moved out as immigrants to Mexico.

Just after settling down in Mexico City, her father decided to be smart and opened up a business to keep the money coming in.

This was a family business because Livia used to work as a waitress to support the family. The restaurant wasn’t just like the other restaurants in Mexico, this was a Cuban restaurant that had Cuban dishes served there.

As she became a lady of her own she decided to bec8me a model so that she can make some money to put herself through school.

The modeling career path worked out for her as she was about to get herself some awards and also got to the point of representing her country in a modeling competition.

She went to an art school after her modeling career path, she decided to attend this school because she saw that she was a born artist based on how talented both her parents were.

Her mother was one of the talented ballet dancers of her time and get father was a famous actor well known on TV.

  • 2010

In 2010, she was given a chance to make her first movie debut as an actress in a major film.

  • 2012

She didn’t just stop there though, she continued acting and she bagged another major role in another major movie. This also added to her popularity.

  • 2014 to 2018

The space of these four years was the biggest years of her acting career. She starred in three major films during these four years. They played a huge role in her fame pursuit also.

How Much Does Livia Have?

We can’t talk about the exact amount that she has. She has acquired different assets and has earned a lot of money from her acting and modeling roles. Her assets and the money she has all been estimated and she is said to be a millionaire in dollars. This makes her a big star.

Where Does Livia Live?

We don’t know her exact location right now but she probably lives in Mexico or Cuba. She has refused to release her exact location for reasons best known to her.

Does Brito Still Act?

Yeah. She is still a huge part of the Mexican film industry as she is still a part of so many films. She still does a lot and continues to give her movie updates to her fans. She continues to be talented as ever.

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