Carbs can be the body’s primary source of energy. They are found in grains, legumes, pasta, bread, baked goods, among other foods. Let’s talk about all the benefits for your health if you cut carbs for a month. One should cut on carbs intake and instead eat foods containing primarily protein or fats, such as meat, fish, eggs, cheese, etc.

Of course, you cannot completely cut up carbs, but you can cut down its intake unless you want to become a malnourished person. A safe amount of carbs intake in a day is about 50 grams, translating to 1500 grams in a month. This reduction in carb intake will significantly affect your body, health, confidence, not forgetting your state of mind.

Many people start their day with cereal, which are in large quantities. That could be Weetabix with chocolate chips in it. Lunch break, maybe the person takes a bar of chocolate and tops-up with a fizzy drink.

During dinner, perhaps the person takes meat or chicken with potatoes and vegetables. If you notice, throughout the day, carbs intake is almost 75% of the total diet.

Large carbs intake has many adverse effects, including gaining lots of weight, resulting in chronic diseases such as diabetes. It could also lead to skin continually breaking out, which reduces one’s confidence and self-esteem, among other vices that come with it.

The first week of cutting down the carbs intake is pretty hard, and it takes your vision and goal to understand where you want to reach on matters concerning your body.

Therefore, the following are six benefits of cutting down carbs for a whole month:

  • Your Belly Gets Flatter

Your belly flattens out once you replace your carbs intake with high fiber foods. Replacing carbs with proteins or fats can help you feel more satisfied and eat fewer calories, which makes you experience rapid weight loss in the first week due to a quick drop in water weight.

High carbs intake causes bloating, which makes your belly look bigger than it is, and hence high-fiber foods regulate and promote a healthy diet. Therefore, it is recommended you start by having high-fiber foods that are natural to you, which could include a substitute for white bread for whole-grain.

Nuts being a great source of fiber and healthy fiber, you can have them in between meals when you feel hungry. Nuts can fight inflammation in the body and as well contribute a lot to the digestion of food.

  • You Reduce the Risk of Getting Diabetes

Carbs are made of simple sugars. Therefore lots of intake causes damage in your body in both the short and long term. Carbs that are quickly digestible when consumed result in increased insulin production by the pancreas, leading to insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.

Deficient carb diets may also increase levels of good cholesterol, which can help protect against heart disease. Therefore, cutting down carb intake for a month will contribute a lot to reduced risks of getting diabetes, hence maintaining stable blood sugar levels.

  • You Start Burning Fat

Reduced intake of carbs automatically reduces the number of calories consumed monthly. This, in return, forces your body to burn the stored fat that could have been used for energy rather than the sugar it takes from carbs.

It is therefore advisable; you exercise in the morning before having your breakfast. This helps your body to burn the stored fat instead of the food you’ve had earlier in the day.

  • You Feel Less Hungry

The more you eat, the more your body needs food. Therefore, your reduction in carbs intake for a month will create a routine in your body; hence, you end up feeling less hungry.

As we all know, nutrients such as fiber, proteins, and healthy fats fill your body very fast, and carbs lack all the three nutrients but fill your body very fast.

Therefore, a reduction in carbs intake will make you less hungry and active throughout the month. Consequently, it is advisable to start your day by taking a high-protein, high-fat food, which will make you feel less hungry, especially if your goal is to lose some weights.

  • Your Muscles Get Stronger

Carbs lack proteins, which are considered the building blocks of muscle that contribute to healthy hair, nails, and skin. Therefore, when you cut down on carbs intake and replace it with proteins and other nutrients, you give the body what it needs to grow without finding additional calories.

Therefore, you need to replace the carbs with nutrients such as proteins every time you get hungry. This will not only make you healthy but provide you stable energy as well.

  • You Feel More Energized

Cutting down on carbs for a month will ensure your body has a steady energy flow and avoid ups and downs that simple carbs cause. To ensure you feel more energized, take the lowest safe amount of carbohydrate, which is about 50grams daily, translating to about 1500 grams in a month.

Make sure you get that amount to remain energized. To attain the 50grams daily, you only need to take one cup of oatmeal and half a banana to reach that total.

Final Thoughts

Throughout this process of cutting down on carbs intake, much happens to both your body and mind. For example, when your belly flattens, it becomes envy for many people, which boosts your confidence and self-esteem. Here you can put any clothing of your choice that makes you feel good in it without thinking if your tummy is showing or not.

You are also free from chronic diseases such as diabetes, caused by high sugar intake found in carbs, hence a healthy living. Therefore, if you want to look good and boost your health, join me as I challenge myself to cut down carbs intake for a month. It is not simple but let us psyche one another and take this great challenge.

For a better body and stable mind, let us challenge ourselves because everything we experience and do in our day-to-day life comes from the food we eat. Find out why the keto diet is getting so much popular these days. Let us do this!

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