Why Ukrainian cuisine is one of the best for a student?

Ukraine, the second-largest European country, is known for its delectable cuisine, among many other things. Ukrainian cuisine reflects the vast history of cooking traditions of the Ukrainian people. Most of the ingredients used in cooking come from the rich dark soil, chernozem. What distinguishes Ukrainian cuisine from others is the complex heating process involved. Dishes are boiled or fried first and then stewed/baked.

The majority of the food is inspired by ancient peasant dishes. Ukrainian food is not just scrumptious but also healthy. It is widely loved by everyone, especially students across the globe. If for some reason, you still have not tried any dish from Ukraine, this is your sign to do it. Following are some of the reasons why students should not miss Ukrainian cuisine and why it is one of the best options for them.

Easy to cook

Students love a quick recipe. When you are a college student, you do not have enough time on your hands to cook time-consuming meals. That is why easy-to-cook recipes are most preferred by college students. Ukrainian cuisine has many such dishes which are easy to make and any beginner can try them. Borscht, Pierogi, and Potato pancakes (Deruny) are some of the dishes students can consider making.

Eating out is not always healthy and cheap, so cooking at your dorm or at home is a more suitable option for a student. Of course, cooking from scratch takes much time and energy but eating substantial meals is essential for students. So, while you are busy in the kitchen, let writing experts handle some of your college assignments. Read essay writing reviews and choose a service that helps students with writing tasks at reasonable prices.

No unhealthy ingredients

Ukrainian cuisine is full of nutrients as it contains antioxidants, proteins, vitamins, and omega-3 fatty acids among others. Students devouring traditional Ukrainian dishes should not worry about falling sick, which often happens when you have unhealthy food. This cuisine is also great for skin, heart, and digestive problems. It also helps in preventing cancer, asthma, and diabetes.

Students often geek out on junk food and then end up feeling unwell. It is important to eat healthily and live a healthy lifestyle. Following are some tips for students to maintain a nutritious diet.

  • Consume lots of fruits and fiber
  • Say no to oily and fatty foods
  • Avoid sugar and salt as much as you can
  • Include proteins and vegetables in your day-to-day meals

A must-have in your balanced diet

Many students are diet conscious and take their health seriously. Ukrainian food is just the right fit for them, as it is not spicy and contains vegetables and fruits in abundance. Seasonal dishes, whether in summer or winter, are nourishing and contribute towards maintaining your health and protecting your body from several common diseases. Students can also try these easy recipes that will not only taste heavenly but also maintain their balanced diet.

Final words

College students have a lot on their plate, from assignments to classes to exams. It is hard to imagine cooking with such a busy schedule. However, Ukrainian cuisine is easy to make, tastes delicious, and is healthy at the same time. It serves as the best option for students wanting to cook something quick and tasty in their free time while not comprising with their diet.


Carl Hill is an author, writer, and activist. He is a prominent name among dedicated professional content writers. Having authored a bestseller on studying cultures of different countries, Carl has extensive experience in the writing industry. Carl also loves food. He often travels to taste unexplored cultural cuisines.

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