Is there any casino bettor who has never seen a fruity slot game? Most classic slot machines use fruit symbols. In casinos, we can play on and on to receive fruits as a reward. Each fruit has a unique value. Hence, players can feel tempted to chase after the highest-paying fruit. This article will explain the origins of fruit symbols in slot machines and why they are common.

Background of Fruit Symbols in Slot Games

In the 19th century, slot machines dispensed numbers or poker card symbols. The first coin-paying slot machine appeared in 1887. The invention belonged to Charles Fay from San Francisco. His slot machine had five reels. Each reel had ten poker cards. The machine had fifty poker cards, excluding Jack of Hearts and Ten of Spades. 

In the early 1900s, the U.S. passed strict anti-gambling laws. The laws prohibited the use of coin-operated slot machines from the previous century. In San Francisco, in around 1909, the government banned 3,300 machines. Those who owned these slot machines evaded these laws by turning them into chewing gum dispensers. 

But from whom did they get this idea? O.D. Jennings, the CEO of Industry Novelty Company, introduced chewing gum dispensers. The non-patented invention inspired others to make their versions of slot machines. 

It was the norm until 1913 when Bell-Fruit Gum Company introduced the fruit symbols. The new fruity slot machines introduced a new reward system. If you won, you received candy with a fruity flavor representing the fruit you landed on the reels. Modern slots like use more fruit symbols than before. 

You can land on lemons, oranges, melons, plums, and cherries. Some use fruits with other symbols, including bars, stars, bells, and numbers. This early invention has evolved throughout the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. The fruit theme is among the most popular classic themes available today.

Why do Casinos Offer Fruity Slots?

Casinos do not have a specific reason for offering fruity slots. However, they provide slot-themed slots to represent classic games. If you want to try 3-reeled slots with a single payline, your first option will be fruit-themed. Here is a summary of the possible reasons casinos have for offering fruity slot games: 

  •  To pass down a tradition that began in the late 1800s.
  • Casinos use fruity slots as examples of early machines.
  • To trigger reward association thoughts in your brain.
  • Enable new players to practice with fruity slot dummies and have fun.
  • Allow you to make money from fruit symbols rather than real fruits.
  • Earn more profits because millions of people love playing slots.

The above are the possible reasons why casinos still offer fruit-themed slots. Fruit symbols will continue to crop up because it is a long-standing theme.

How Much Do Fruit Slot Machines Pay?

Those looking to play classic slot games encounter the fruit theme everywhere. It is as if the fruity theme will last forever. The answer varies when it comes to how much it can pay out. If your casino follows fair play rules, it does not determine winners or losers. Instead, it allows the Random Number Generator to create the algorithms. As with other slot machines, you will either lose or win when playing fruit slot games.

The amount you can win depends on sheer luck. If you get lucky, you will bank good bucks and land high-value fruit symbols. If you land low-paying symbols, you will get a small win. Furthermore, you can spin and win nothing. Losing is a reality with all slot machines. Casinos must audit their RNG often to ensure fair play. Ensure your casino uses a third party to audit its RNGs.

How to Beat Fruity Slot Machines?

A fruit slot machine dispenses symbols of the berries we eat daily. The main thing differentiating these slots from the other kinds is the fruit theme. They also have fewer paylines, reels, and rows. Given the circumstances, you do not need special tricks to beat slot machines. Instead, play these slots in the same way you do similar games.

Start by reading the paytable to understand unique things about your favorite fruit slot game. The table will show how much each fruit symbol will pay out, the RTP and variance of the game, and other rules. If a casino has free spins or cash bonuses, claim them to increase your odds of winning. However, read and understand the bonus rules, including the wagering requirements. It may be best to ignore if you cannot meet these requirements before the bonus expires. 

High-variance slots can give you fewer wins than low-variance options. Also, remember not to chase after the wins after exhausting your bankroll. Your main goal in playing fruity slots is to have fun, not waste your hard-earned money. Thus, set a daily budget and time limit to avoid gambling addiction and money wastage.

The Most Loved Fruity Slot Machines

If you wish to try playing fruit slot games, there are options you can pick first. The fruit-themed slots in this table are the best picks based on RTP, bonus features, and payouts.


Fruity Slot Name



Fruit Shop


5 reels, 15 paylines, and 4x multiplier

Imperial Fruits


100-win lines, expanding Wild, expanding Scatter, and 400X your bet maximum prize.

Extra Juicy

Pragmatic Play

3×5 grid, ten paylines, re-triggered multiplier, and an RTP of 96.52%.



An RTP of 96.7%, 25 paylines, and sticky wins bonus feature.

You can get many other fruit-themed slots from top software developers. For instance, Microgaming offers you Pub Fruity and Froot Loot. Yggdrasil has a great slot called Winter Berries and others. 

Casinos don’t have a specific reason for offering fruity slots. It is just that a fruity theme is a tradition they cannot resist. Besides, they make good profits when they present you with the best classic slots with a fruit theme. This is your chance if you have not tried slots with fruit symbols.



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