Why Cycling is a Good Hobby?

We all pursue different hobbies to pass time and to build our skills that could be useful in the future. We most commonly pursue art such as painting, sculpting, drawing, and illustrating or with music such as playing the piano, learning how to play the violin, how to pluck the guitar strings, or how to play the saxophone. There are other hobbies that are not that common such as fishing, planting, and many more. The hobbies are endless!

But in this article, we will not be talking about every single hobby there is, only a specific one and one that is loved by many – cycling. Cycling is one of the most popular hobbies loved by people all around the world and it is not going anywhere. The reason why cycling is such a loved hobby is because it gives people a thrill and an adventure. But in some instances, cycling can only be stationery but it is still fun.

In this article, you will get to know what are the other benefits and the reasons why cycling is such a fantastic hobby.

Benefits of Cycling  

  1. Cycling gives people a sense of thrill and adventure. With cycling, you are able to witness other sites and you can ride through even the smallest paths. This is such an adventure!
  2. Cycling is a great way of transporting. We all know the struggle of waiting in congested roads due to the loads of big vehicles crowding the road. Another issue is the bus and the train wherein it can get crowded and there will be no way to squish oneself in. but with cycling, a person could get to their location quite fast because they can sieve through or overtake in the road. Just remember to be safe to avoid any road and traffic incidents.
  3. Cycling is a great anti-aging. We are all guilty for spending our money on skin treatments and facials to avoid aging but of course, there is no shame in that is just that we barely try to look for other alternatives that could also help us with the aging problem and that is regularly cycling. UV radiation is known to cause such skin problems such as blemishes, wrinkles or fine lines, or worse, skin cancer. But according to some researchers in Stanford University, a person can reduce the signs of aging by doing their regular cycling. In general, exercising can be helpful to improve our skin’s quality because it induces our skin to flush out any harmful toxins by sweating. Exercising also induces the production of collagen in our body thus making our skin supple and lessens the risk of developing fine lines. When a person does their regular cycling session, their body is able to regulate more oxygen in the blood which helps the skin cells to flush the toxins out. Which is why cycling is recommended to people in order to remove any toxins in the blood.
  4. Cycling is a great way to lose body fat. This is another reason why cycling is an excellent hobby for a person to incorporate in their life because cycling is great way to break down any stored fats in the body. It is said to break down about more than a thousand calories. Working out can be unexciting because most workouts are high impact but fortunately for cycling, it is a low impact workout which is enjoyable as well as giving you an excuse to go on adventure. Instead of jogging and running, try cycling for a change of workout routine. Another benefit you can reap in cycling instead of burning fats, cycling can speed up the metabolism of a person if they form a habit of cycling.
  5. Cycling can also be a great way for you to reduce fuel. We all know that when using other vehicles for transportation, each vehicle consumes a huge amount of fuel in order to function and go from one place to another. Fuel is also one of the resources that we have that could possibly run out in the mere future, other than that, using too much fuel can emit toxic smoke or cause pollution in the air which all in all is a bust and could put our health and natural resources at risk. But with cycling, not only that you can cut out the usage of fuel, but you are also not causing any pollution to the atmosphere, and it also cuts your expenses because you do not have to spend a lot of money to fuel your bicycle when you are the only fuel it needs. Besides, cycling, despite the simplicity of it, it can still take you to many places you desire to go but with more sustainability and will help you improve your health. So, remember the next time you try to take your car, why not opt for your bicycle when it is a great sunny day outside.
  6. Another benefit that you could reap from cycling regularly, is that cycling is an excellent way to boost a person’s mood. Not only that cycling has a great impact on the physical health of a person but it can also help with improving the person’s psychological wellbeing. Although psychological wellness is still associated with the bodily chemistry, cycling is in general a great way to improve a person’s health. If you try cycling for about 30 minutes, you are able to boost your mood whilst flushing out the toxins in your body and regulate your body chemistry. And when you regulate your body chemistry, the four major hormones that are responsible for our moods will be balanced out.
  7. A lot of people suffer from circulatory problems probably because of their diet, or in general their lifestyle. Some people do not take the time to get moving even if it is just a walk or some people would not mind eating junk foods all the time and they could not control these urges. The lack of discipline that some people have, puts them at a risk of destroying their health. But with the help of cycling regularly, a person can bring their heart rate back to a normal rhythm. This activity will help prevent the risk of having heart strokes, aneurysms, or irregular heartbeat. Overall, cycling can help with improving a person’s cardiovascular health which means that the heart has better control of its rate which guarantees a longer and healthier life. Which is why it is recommended to people to start cycling.
  8. Besides any health related benefits that a person could reap from cycling, they can also help save the Earth. But in what way? We all know that we live in the planet called, Earth. It is our home and we breathe and thrive in it but after some time, the earth has become more polluted and has undergone a global phenomenon called global warming due to the emissions of gas that ruins the ozone layer. And these emissions, unfortunately, came from our activities. It was previously mentioned before that biking reduces or cuts off the expenses in fuel and we all know that burning fuel in order for our machineries that we uses on a daily basis can destroy the quality of the planet and cause pollution. If we choose to ride our bicycles more often or opt for them instead of riding other vehicles for transportation, we could gradually decrease air population and somehow help our planet to recover from the damage we have caused for the past several years. With these small steps of trying to recover our planet, we can make a huge impact.
  9. Another health benefit that a person could gain when they cycle regularly is that they can strengthen their immunity. We all know that we need our immunity to combat against a variety of diseases and illnesses. If we have a weak immune system, we will get infected easily by viruses and bacteria and other diseases, and it will take a longer time for us to recover if we are weak. So, in order for us to strengthen our immunity, we can start with eating more healthily, sleep early, and exercise regularly. A great way to exercise is cycling. Cycling can help a person develop stronger immunity cells which helps them protect themselves from getting diseases so easily.
  10. People who cycle regularly actually has a healthier mind than those who do not cycle on a regular basis. As we all know, cycling induces a conglomeration of muscles to function accordingly all at the same time, and our brain, being one of the most powerful muscles that we have, when cycling, it activates the brain more due to the rigorous activity of controlling the muscles as well as keeping awareness of the surroundings. Cycling is great way to trigger a person’s mind to open up newer nerve endings thus giving them a chance to develop on their work and creativity skills. Once you start cycling regularly, you will notice how much improvement your management has gotten.
  11. What you do not know about cycling is that it is very loved activity by many people. There are also groups and clubs of cyclers all across the globe or every corner in your area. If you start getting the hang of cycling, there is a possibility for you to meet other cyclers as well and it will be great chance for you to make new friends with the same interest. Sometimes, you can go cycling alone or you can also go cycling in a pack, it is completely up to your preferences. Usually, cycling in a pack encourages you to push through your limits in cycling such as going to different places that are far away or are hidden gems. You can literally make a lot of memories if you cycle regularly especially with the friends that you made by cycling.
  12. Another social benefit that cycling regularly could give you is that it helps you have better relationships. Cycling regularly can help you feel calm and satisfied with yourself as well as the people you surround yourself with. Most of the time, we ruin our friendships because we are in a bad mood or due to the unwillingness to put more effort into being happy with those people around us. But with cycling, it naturally improves your relationship with friends as well as yourself since it balances out the major hormones that are in charge of our moods.
  13. Another benefit that a person could get when it comes to cycling on a regular basis is that it can help them work efficiently. Cycling even if it is just for half an hour could already have significant impact on your energy. If you noticed, you get this surge of new energy in you once you are done with your cycling. Always take note that cycling does not only help you with physical benefits but it also helps improving your mental state. In this case, cycling helps improve your capacity do work.
  14. Another physical health benefit of cycling is that it can help strengthen the person’s lungs. We already know that cycling or basically other exercises especially cardio can help improve the condition of the cardiovascular system which is why it is no surprise that cycling is also beneficial when it comes to improving a person’s respiratory system. Not only that but if you continue to keep yourself in closed doors when it comes to commuting, you are inhaling more toxic gases than you thought. Air fresheners are extremely toxic than the air we breathe outside.
  15. It was previously mentioned before that cycling is a great way for us to pass time since it is a hobby. Most of the time, we spend our days cooped up in the house while rapped around our blanket, constantly scrolling through our time when we are bored. But with cycling, not only that is beneficial for our health, but it is a great way to entertain ourselves. We should sometimes take the time to live in the moment as we paddle through the road, watching the passersby, seeing the surroundings, while listening to music.
  16. Another health benefit of biking is that it helps a person with insomnia. Insomnia is one of the most common problems of a person brought about by a lot of factors such as stress and intrusive thoughts that is why we struggle to fall asleep but with the help of cycling, a person will be able to calm themselves down in order to get to sleep. This is proven by a study that states the volunteers who are insomniacs, have fallen asleep quite easier after cycling about 20 to 30 minutes a day. This just goes to show how beneficial cycling is even to people who struggle to fall asleep. So, the next time you experience another sleepless night, try cycling hour half an hour, it will help you fall asleep.
  17. Another benefit that you can reap from cycling is that reduces the risk of a person to develop cancer. Cancer is one of the deadliest illnesses there is and it is terrifying but if you are someone who always cycle, your body becomes stronger and be active against cancerous cells. A study stated that women who cycle on a regular basis have a 34% less change of developing breast cancer. Which is why for the countless time, try cycling because it will save your life.
  18. As for the next benefit, cycling can actually improve a person’s posture. We are all guilty of slouching most of the day or get ourselves in very awkward positions which gradually shapes our body and worsens our posture. Bad posture if you do not realize it can greatly impact your wellbeing. You would feel smaller or have less confidence in yourself, you are at risk of chronic bone or muscle pain, and it could be irreversible, so while there is still time, why not try cycling in order to improve your posture.
  19. Cycling will help you eat without worries. Now, how is that even possible? Well, since cycling is known for being one of the best workouts or exercises to ever exist due to its ability to reduce the person’s calorie level to a huge amount, this somehow puts an ease to cyclers regarding their diet. If you ate a lot or someone who is a huge foodie, go ahead, eat the food! Just remember to cycle the foods down when you want to break the down to avoid gaining weight while reducing the toxins in your body.
  20. Lastly, in correlation to the previous item, you can skip the extreme dieting once you start with your cycling session. Cycling has got your back when it comes to reducing any unwanted calories in your body so stop worrying about what you eat. Still, you need to eat healthily of course, because your body will be needing the nutrients.



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