Vermont is a paradise of beautiful nature and awesome community vibes, but its housing market has been a wild ride for the last handful of years.  Not only have prices skyrocketed and then dropped, but they’ve also been bouncing between scarce and readily available from week to week.

So how do you make sure you’re getting a property at a good price?

This is everything to know before you purchase a home in Burlington and why it’s an awesome idea to do so.

Properties Are Still Steeply Priced

Although you may want to get a home for as cheap as possible, property prices have only fallen a small amount since the beginning of 2021.  The housing market is more stable now, meaning you won’t have to worry about a property flying off the market the moment it gets on it, but you do need to pay attention to prices, and the history of a property, before you buy. 

You Have to be Prepared for Winter

Most Burlington houses for sale have to deal with icy streets and sidewalks and multiple feet of snow at any time in the winter.  Snow is one of the best parts of this city, though, because it fills the entire area with a beautiful glow through the winter and hydrates the soil, so Burlington will be greener and more lively in the spring.

Make sure to have warm gloves, hats, coats, and anything else you’ll need to keep warm.  You should also make sure the property itself is well-sealed and able to handle winter weather.  

This is Vermont’s Largest City

Burlington is Vermont’s biggest city!  This is awesome if you want to feel like you’re living in a major city without dealing with millions of people living within ten miles of you.  Large cities mean you get all of the perks of multiple businesses, tons of entertainment, and countless job options, and Burlington’s size means you get all of that, plus a work-life balance.

Don’t Be Afraid to Research Properties

If you’re into a property, but you’re not sure if it’s the one, don’t be afraid to pull it up and heavily research it online.  Check for any unexpected house price drops, and look on Google Maps to see if the exterior has been changed or renovated in the last ten to twelve years.  

Don’t Jump On the First House. You See

You might feel tempted to jump on the very first home you find that you like, but take your time.  There are countless options out there, and although you might think you love the first one, it’s easy to change your mind if something better shows up.  If you still love that house after looking at others, it’s okay to go back and buy it: but don’t forget that you have options! 

Burlington is a Fantastic Place to Live! 

This city has everything from beautiful views to friendly locals and more fun than you could ever run out of.  If you’re ready to buy yourself a dream home, it’s a good idea to make sure it’s in Burlington.

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