Let’s talk about the origin of the Nemechek protocol a bit before rushing into details on the subject.

Firstly, Patrick Nemechek, DO, is the main creator of this protocol. It was developed back then to help children who have neurological and developmental problems.

Dr Nemechek has a reason to believe that various symptoms of cognitive disorders are caused by a compilation of brain injury and excess growth of bacterial in the small intestine.

Patients who have has the privilege to undergo the protocol have shared with the world that it has been able to clear out the signs of autism that the children had.

This protocol is built to decrease inflammation excess growth of bacterial by taking in olive oil and fish oil and the prebiotic inulin. For older patients, antibiotic Rifaximin is prescribed.

Before he created the protocol, Dr. Nemechek was into research, and at some point in his life, he and his wife Jean Nemechek who was an attorney both conducted research on HIV. Jean Nemechek was also a child advocate.

Dr. Nemechek is also an author as he has written his book that has a lot of details of the facts about the Nemechek protocol for Autism and developmental disorders. This book also had a handbook that was placed to help restore Neurological function.

Aim Of The Nemechek Protocol

Many reports from the use of the protocol showed that it was a success. Although the main aim of this protocol is to effectively treat the signs of autism.

Although, adults and children patients with other kinds of cognitive dysfunction or brain injury involving concussions, ADHD, and Lyme disease have been treated successfully through the use of this protocol. Dr. Nemechek is taking the protocol to work on signs of depression, anxiety, and Alzheimer’s.

How It Works

The Nemechek protocol includes the giving out of fish oil, more virgin olive oil, and the prebiotic inulin which is used for only younger patients. It is alternated when used for older patients, instead of using the inulin, for older patients, we use Rifaximin, a prescribed antibiotic.

Dr. Nemechek utilizes this to decrease gut inflammation, get back omega 3:6, equalize and help cellular restoration.

Dr. Nemechek admits that several children with neurological dysfunction and developmental hold are grieving from inflammatory harm that can cause a compilation of brain injury.

The inflammation may result in the accumulation of propionic acid which causes white cell dysfunction that can cause neurons not to prune perfectly. Developing developmental hold.

Undiagnosed small intestine bacterial overgrowth is among the kinds of this inflammatory damage. While Including inulin to their diet, Dr. Nemechek believes that a fermentation procedure happens that manufactures a substance that eradicates the propionic acid which takes the role of a sedative to the neurological system. This is followed by a cognitive awakening.

Dr. Nemechek created a website where there are explanations of how the inflammatory reaction of bacterial excessive can result in a developmental hold.

Too much inflammation as a result of leaky gut, microglia priming and omega 3:6 errors avoid the healthy microglia from shearing rapidly enough and cause developmental hold.

The main effect from the bacterial excessiveness results in numerous microglia move into the M1-phenotype and cause the brain to be less capable of fixing its problems on its own. Normally the brain should be able to fix physical issues like head bumping after a fall, emotional issues like fear, abuse, and neglect, and lastly inflammatory problems like surgery, infections, and vaccines.

A little amount of harm will stay there after every injury and every fresh injury leaves its mark even after the old injury in a procedure called the cumulative brain injury.

The unnatural neurological functioning from the cumulative brain injury can happen gradually as time goes on and vastly depends on the emphasis of the brain injury. Harm to different parts of the brain can cause different outward signs such as ADHD, chronic anxiety, or gait aberrations.

He also did well to share a video on YouTube summarizing the concept of the whole protocol.

Parents who have taken their children for treatment through this protocol often share testimonies about how their children are processing and doing normal things again. For children, the improvement might show up a little sooner than that of teenagers and young men.

Things To Look Out For

Dr. Nemechek has assigned a paten for the protocol. Given the protocol’s normal elements,  there is a small peril for later consequences.

For the chemical reactions to happen as you have planned, patients must stop other supplements while on the protocol., also,  probiotics and vitamins.

Patients may consider using prescribed medications but for optimal outcomes, make sure you blurt it out to Dr. Nemechek and how to flow in with your supplement input, medication, diet, and lifestyle while on the protocol.

What Is The Nemechek Protocol?

When talking about specialized nutrition plans that can be gotten as a way of treatment for neurological predicaments in children, one I, in particular, that is enhancing in fame and getting a lot of fans is the Nemechek protocol.

The Nemechek protocol has a goal, it has set its sights on restoring the brain by procuring autonomic dysfunction by strengthening the immune system. It operates to aid the body’s capabilities to get a hold of inflammation. The protocol has four main parts; repair, restore, reverse, and maintain.

The Nemechek protocol can be useful for several kinds of illness in patients of any age. Dr. Nemechek’s book is aimed at treating one specific disorder called autism and developmental dysfunctions that is of specific concern.

 Dr. Nemechek said that after his research, he figured out that autism is a bacterial excess in the gut which causes systemic inflammation in the body which then caused the change of immune cells in the brain.

The changed immune cells cause disordered brain pruning which results in developmental delay and brain wounds. Just some days after this protocol was found, he had some patients who were reportedly improving.

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