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About Fennec Fox

The fennec fox is without a doubt the smallest fox in the world today, with its relatively large ears which has been measured to be six inches that turn out to be on loan for a larger relative.

Fennec Fox

Just as it has been mentioned above, the fennel fox is the smallest of all foxes that we can encounter in the world today.

Don’t let the name fox fool you, it isn’t an ugly animal, in fact, it is a very cute and charming animal, unlike most foxes.

The long ear feature of the Fennec fox always puts it at the top of the favorite lists for most people.

They are very small in size but they tend to survive and get used to their natural desert area.

The Fennec foxes are known mainly for their very large ears which ranges from four to six inches in length. Those ears are what most people use to know the Fennec foxes.

Their ears are good when they go out for hunting because it is so big that it is able to listen to prey under the ground.

Also, it doesn’t just work for food but it can also block the harsh heat in the desert.

They have the perfect body to live in the desert.

For example, the thick sandy-colored coats that help the fox maintain a normal temperature when it is cold. The thick coat also reflects the sunlight so it doesn’t stay and burn the creature.

The Fennec fox also has a furry foot that helps them travel without a burn on the hot ground of the desert.

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Keeps It Self Safe In A Hole That It Dugs

Humans hurt this animal a lot, the fennec fox is bunted for different things, one of the reasons why humans search and catch this animal is that the fur which they carry can be used to makes clothes for us humans.

Also, sometimes most people capture a fennec fox and then take it to sell as a pet.

Other bigger creatures like large birds or hyenas and some other animals could prey on this animal if it goes out of its hole.

The fennec fox usually states inside during the day because of these predators. It is a very small creature so many animals could take it as prey.

The fennec fox has the tendency to survive and move swiftly during nightfall so this is what keeps it alive most times. Staying in during the day and at night too fast to get caught.

The same furry Like coats that are used to reflect heat can also be used to keep it away from predators because it works as camouflage for them.

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Fennec Foxes Are Desert Or Semi-Desert Prone animals.

The fennec foxes are found mainly in the deserts so it is found mainly in deserts of Sahara and many places across northern Africa.

The fennec foxes are known to dig up to 3 feet in the ground during the day because it is trying to prevent itself from getting heat from the sun.

They are very solitary animals because they usually prefer to stay in areas where there are not up to 10 people seen in the location.

They love to build their cool dens under the ground in lonely communities and most times the holes are somehow connected to each other.

Like we have said before, fennel foxes are animals that move mainly at night.

During the day they are mostly found in the underground holes dug by them to avoid the heat of the day since they live in deserts.

What they do is that when it is nightfall, they just come out of their spot and then go out to look for food.

Fennec foxes are omnivores according to scientists, they enjoy eating different things diner at these kinds of places.

The predator now enjoys a certain kind of food, things like insects, rodents, snails, lizards, plants, fruits, eggs, and fruits.

Because they are desert animals, they have adapted to the fact that they can stay without water so when they eat plants, the water they need comes from them.

Source: Wikipedia

Offspring And Family

The fennec fox has breeding seasons and you would see that it occurs mainly during January and February.

Female fennec foxes give birth during the third and fourth months of the year. Unlike some animals and humans too, they are monogamous animals because they stick to one partner forever.

Newly born fennel foxes are known as litters and they have two or sometimes five kits after about 50 days when the gestation period is passed.

The female fennel foxes are stuck with these kits until they are pushed out to make a home of their own.

This is all after 60 to 70 days while the male fennel foxes go out to look for food trying to feed their family.

The females are ready for sex at the age of 10 months.

Just like all the animals in its group, fennel foxes communicate by barking, they also whimper and whine as well.

What do they don’t mark their territory so the other foxes avoid trying to come around and claim their territory? They just pee around the area, which means before marking, they always smell the area.

Desert Adaptations

Fennec foxes live in the desert, the sandy Sahara, and some other places in Northern Africa.

The night movement nature that they have is what helps them to survive mostly in the desert, before the physical features he has.

Their bat ears let them stand out and also helps them to eradicate the body heat and keeps their body cool.

They also possess very long and thick hair that protects them from the cold at night and from the sun heat during the day.

They use urine to mark, they are also very fierce during the annual mating season.

Fennec foxes are animals that can do well with anything to eat, although they prefer plants, rodents, eggs, reptiles, and insects.

Just like these animals that live in the desert, they can stay for a very long period without having to take water.

They are cream-colored animals with a tail head colored black at the tip. Their cute nature is what gives people the urge to use them as pets.

We don’t know much about wild fennec foxes.

Are Fennec Foxes Good As Pets?

Many people like these animals as pets but it is mostly because they can be cute. These animals are not good pets because they are usually nightcrawlers and they don’t like to cuddle as some pets do. Also, because they are from the wild and they are known to be predators while being preyed on too. What we are saying is that they get shocked and are ready to run when they get startled.

Are Fennec Foxes Harsh?

Yes, they could be very spiteful for some reasons, the males get spiteful when their territory is being penetrated and also during the annual mating period. Females are very harsh when they are seeing their little ones get in trouble.

Does The Fennec Fox Bite Harm You In Any Way?

Some people get the idea that cute animals such as the fennec fox don’t bite. Well, that is wrong, they will bite but it cannot cause any serious harm to people. You don’t need any serious medical attention when a fennec fox bites you, no fear for infections and all that although their bites could hurt badly but won’t give you any harsh scars, you just have to be ready for things like that if you own a fennec fox.


Saying something that wasn’t mentioned above, we will be talking about how fast the fennec fox could run and don’t let its small legs deceive you but they can run very fast.

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