Your SEO product description is a great way of introducing yourself to the public. It’s also never been more relevant as Google has just completed one of its busiest years in over a decade. 

The search giant issued a head-spinning 13 significant updates over the last year. That makes now a great time to go back and revisit the SEO work you’ve produced. can help you with your SEO work.

Your SEO product description should be at the top of the list because it does so much for consumer outreach. Here are some specific benefits that it brings if done right. 

It Establishes Your Voice 

The product description is your first chance to establish a brand voice. At its heart, it should communicate value to the people reading it, but the tone you take is important. 

Be careful not to come across as sales-y. Ask yourself whether the copy communicates how you want your customers to think of themselves.

Connects You To Keywords

Product description writing will help you understand the keywords and keyword phrases that people use to make buying decisions. If there is a turn of phrase that you can target when putting together the description without negatively affecting the message, use it.

This helps make a better product description. It also helps you tailor future content based on what your customers are actually searching for. 

Identifies Customer Personality Types

As you write product description copy, you cannot help but learn more about what your customer’s goals are. What pain points or needs do they have that are leading to the first search for a product like yours? 

In essence, you become them for a short while. When you do so, you’re able to better communicate the value proposition. 

Simplifies Sales Approach

A good SEO description helps you simplify your sales approach. That’s because, through SEO writing, you are hitting on the core emotions reflected in the buyer. 

You don’t have to take the hard sales approach. Instead, you’re connecting to the needs that they’re already expressing through their search inquiries. 

Encourages Action

Every description you create is a step toward moving your visitors into a marketing funnel. It’s about encouraging your guests to take action.

When you base copy on the idea that you’re empowering them to do so, it helps achieve those results. All you need is to connect to one need that resonates for the individual. Do that, and you can get them to click, sign up for more information, or make a purchase.

Your SEO Product Description Matters More Than You Realize

You may not have a lot of room to work with your SEO product description, but you have enough. That’s provided that you’re approaching it from the right point of view with the buyer’s emotions at the forefront. 

Don’t think because it’s a small amount of copy that it deserves only a small amount of your attention. There is a lot of research and consideration that should go into those 100 or 150 words.

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