What Are The Different Types Of Hi Vis Clothing?

The different types of Hi-vis clothing can be classified as per their uses at their workplaces. They can be divided into O-type garments, R-type garments, and P-type garments. The hi vis workwear can be classified into vests, jumpers, suits, pants, caps etc. depending on the exact need that one has.

O Type: In an “O” type garment it has the fabric with a low intensity of reflections. The requirement of such clothing is for less risk-prone areas. Only to develop clear visibility between the person and the background that may cause issues. It is used in warehouses and petro industries.

R Type: The R type of hi-vis clothing is in the construction and airline sectors. The uses are for the class 2 gear safety levels. Workers who need high visuality in the working area opt for R type.

P Types: For extreme danger-prone areas, the reflectivity or fabric luminance is high. The hi-vis clothing for P types is in the fire department, Police, and traffic control departments. The vests and jumpers have the benefit of using them in hazardous zones. The all-round reflective nature is beneficial for locating or tracking the person who is working on road.

What Are The Main Differences Between Green, Orange, And Yellow Hi Vis Clothing?

On-road or interior work, it can be in any industry or on the construction site, there are different hi visual clothing observed. The clothing they wear is based on their risk factors. So, are colors have importance as per the need and working risk.

The commonly observed color is green which has a natural color. It is seen in the construction sites and also in the industrial zones. Green with high visuals with reflective intensity ensures that the place is safe and first aid.

While has always been seen in high-risk zones. It can be in flooded areas or a fire. When workers wear orange color, it indicates the risk and hazards ahead, and their work is to provide relief in danger.

The intensity of risk associated with a certain workplace, and the probable safety measures all should be taken into account while you buy a hi vis workwear for yourself or for the company employees. That is the reason why the fluorescent yellow or fluorescent orange is used as the hi vis dress colors most of the times.

How To Select The Suitable Type Of Hi Vis Clothing?

Depending on the risk factors, the company provides them the safety garments. The clothing is manufactured with a specified combination of neon and polycotton.

Both the materials are mixed with a 50 percent ratio, respectively. The luminescence of the clothes develops reflectivity. Based on it, the garments are selected for the type of work.

Risk factors and productivity should be kept in mind. It will help the workers to work comfortably and effectively. If the company allows purchasing, the hi vis clothing should be with mandatory requirements.

Above all, when choosing the garment, it is essential to purchasing as per the weather or climatic condition. In winter, buying a jacket is useful, while in summer a jumper is suitable.

Always look for comfort and exact size. It will help to work comfortably in the work field.

Earlier it was known as EN471, the standard material ISO 20471:2013 is considered mandatory for hazards. The fluorescents, as well as the reflectivity both, are essential apart from the quality of the fabric. You should check if the workwear are water and weather resistant, pest-repellant and always buy from a brand that is known to give durable products.

The clothes are available as vests, jumpers, and jackets. It is divided between men and women. So, that it can help to provide comfort and work effectively.

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